RRCAT Newsletter - Issue 2 of 2018

  From the Director's Desk
  From the Convener's Desk

 Accelerator Programme:
A.1: Installation and commissioning of the sixth RF cavity in Indus-2
A.2: Commissioning of Linac-B1 at ARPF and testing of Linac-B2 for 9 kW, 7.85 MeV operation at RRCAT
A.3: Development of 50, V, 700 A hot swappable DC power supplies with active redundancy for solid state RF amplifiers
A.4: Disaster recovery setup for Layer-1 of Indus control system
A.5: Data acquisition system for the booster beam current pulse profile
A.6: Coupling of H- ion source with LFBT and ion beam characterization
A.7: Processing and 2 K testing of first five-cell high beta 650 MHz superconducting RF cavity
A.8: Development of ARM SoC based new dual processor VME CPU board
A.9: Compositional analysis of boron carbide thin films by resonant soft x-ray reflectivity
A.10: Effect of defects states within the band gap in reduced BaTiO3
A.11: Development of high resolution multilayer mirror for soft x-rays

 Laser Programme:
L.1: Development of a cost effective maskless photolithography system
L.2: Laser surface texturing produces antibacterial surface on 304L stainless steel
L.3: Development of laser additive manufacturing system using powder bed fusion
L.4: Inspection software for x-ray gamma auto radiograph of FBTR fuel pin
L.5: Laser cutting of stuck north end of S-7 coolant channel of KAPS-2 reactor
L.6: Development of a 7J/ 10ns Nd:YAG laser oscillator-amplifier system
L.7: Characterization of higher diffraction order contribution in a flat field grating spectrograph using high harmonic radiation
L.8: Photocatalytic degradation of dye solutions using Au-ZnO nanocomposites
L.9: Feasibility of speckle variance OCT for imaging cutaneous microvasculature regeneration

I.1: Civil design and construction of RRCAT Convention Centre

 Theme Articles:
T.1: Photonic nanojet: generation, manipulation and applications
T.2: Recent developments in the activities of ultra-high vacuum technologies at RRCAT
T.3: Advanced harmonically tuned radio frequency power amplifiers

Publications from RRCAT during January 2018 to June 2018

N.1: Celebration of RRCAT Foundation Day
N.2: National Science Day celebration
N.3: Fourth Orientation Course, OCAL-2018
N.4: YSRP-2018 at RRCAT
N.5: European patent on SCRF cavity tuner
N.6: M. Tech students’ fest – “Anugoonj 2k18”
N.7: RRCAT adjudged first rank among all DAE units for its cleanliness initiatives during 'Swachhta Pakhwada'
N.8: Women’s Day celebration
N.9: Celebration of Fire Service Week
N.10: InPAC-2018 at RRCAT
N.12: RRCAT Seminars during January-June 2018
N.13: Awards and Honours
N.14: New Recruits
N.15: Superannuations
N.16: आरआरकेट में राजभाषा गतिविधियों संबंधी रिपोर्ट – जनवरी से जून 2018

Career and Research Opportunities at RRCAT

RRCAT Newsletter - Issue 2 of 2018

  • Dr. Mangesh B. Borage

Editorial Board:
  • Dr. Aparna Chakrabarti
  • Shri S.S. Tomar
  • Dr. Anand Moorti
  • Dr. Sunil Verma
  • Dr. B.N. Upadhyaya
  • Dr. Amalendu Sharma
  • Shri J.K. Pattnaik
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