RRCAT Medical Centre

RRCAT Medical Centre

RRCAT Medical Centre provides Health Care facilities under the Contributory Health Service Scheme (CHSS) of DAE. RRCAT Medical Centre caters to the medical needs of the RRCAT staff members and their dependents. All the RRCAT employees (and their family members) are covered by the Contributory Health Service Scheme (CHSS) at a nominal monthly contribution. Medical Centre provides primary and emergency health care services to CHSS beneficiaries, while for secondary/ tertiary care, patients are referred to empaneled hospitals.

Facilities at RRCAT Medical Centre:

  • E.C.G. MACHINE to identify any cardiac emergency.
  • NEBULISER for prompt relief in case of patients with respiratory problems.
  • Checking FBS/PPBS with the help of GLUCOMETER for adequate control of blood sugar as and when required.
  • In addition to out-patient care there are facilities for day care beds for emergency management and observation of patients.
  • Vaccination program for immunization of children (Every Saturday).
  • FIRST-AID facilities to non CHSS cases during emergency.


Physiotherapy Centre

Physiotherapy Centre at RRCAT provides treatment and rehabilitation services to CHSS beneficiaries with musculoskeletal ailments as per advice from RMC doctors. Various modalities are used .eg: Exercise (active and passive) therapy, electrotherapy with various instruments, wax therapy etc.

Doctors at RRCAT Medical Centre

Medical Officer Designation Email ID Phone No. when on duty0800 to1600 hrs. Mobile No. for contacting beyond office hours (EMERGENCY ONLY)
Dr. Zahid Beg Mirza In-charge, RRCAT Medical Centre, SOF zbmirza@rrcat.gov.in 2488222 9826667989
Dr. (Smt.) S. Bhavani In-charge, RRCAT Medical Centre, SOE bhavani@rrcat.gov.in 2487222
Dr. Rahul Verma In-charge, RRCAT Medical Centre, SOD
rahulv@rrcat.gov.in 2487042 9713168569
Dr. (Smt.) Savita Kumawat SOC


Dr. (Smt.) Manisha Chauhan SOC manishac@rrcat.gov.in 2487057 7581082005

Staff at RRCAT Medical Centre

Name Designation
Dr. Subhashini Chapala Physiotherapist , SAD
Smt. Margaret Mathai Nurse/D
Smt. Jhansi Prasad Polu Nurse/D
Smt. Suchita Lakra Nurse/C
Smt. W. Justin Mary Nurse/B
Shri Kuldeep Kumar Nurse/B
Shri Umesh Kumar Lokhande Pharma/F
Shri Chandra Mohan Pharma/E
Shri Bhagwan Das Sahu Pharma/D

Other Information
  • Dispensary Hours:
    • Monday to Saturday and Gazetted Holidays : 0800 to 1600 hrs.
    • OPD Timings : 0800 to 1300 hrs. and 1400 to 1530 hrs.
    • Closed on Sundays
  • Vaccination program: Every Saturday 1100 to 1300 hrs.

Important Phone Numbers of RRCAT Medical Centre and Ambulance services

Function/ Location Contact Phone No.
Registration Counter 2487029
Pharmacist 2487054
Dressing Room 2487043
Physiotherapy Centre 2487044
Ambulance (during working hours) 2487029, 2487043
Ambulance (beyond working hours) 2487454, 2488666
First Aid Centre, Indus-I Building 2488148
Dr.Zahid Beg Mirza, In-Charge, RRCAT Medical Centre 2488222
Dr. (Smt.) S. Bhavani, In-Charge, RRCAT Medical Centre 2487222
Dr. Rahul Verma, In-Charge, RRCAT Medical Centre 2487042


Empanelled Hospitals

CHSS Beneficiaies can visit the approved Empanelled Hospital only after obtaining referral letter from the RRCAT Medical Centre Doctors. However, during holidays and non-working hours of RMC, in cases of emergencies, the patient can be taken to the empanelled hospitals directly without a referral letter and the same should be collected the next working day.

Authorized Medical Attendants

Contributory Health Services Scheme (CHSS)

CHSS Forms

CHSS Office Memorandums, Circulars

COVID-19 related Notices & Circulars

For more details, please contact:

Dr. Zahid Beg Mirza
In-Charge, Medical Centre, RRCAT
P.O.: CAT, Indore - 452 013
Phone: +91-731-248-8222
Email: zbmirza (at) rrcat.gov.in
Last updated: July 2021
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