SCRF Cavity Characterization and Cryogenics Section

This section is involved in the research and development of SuperConducting Radio Frequency (SCRF) cavities for High Energy Proton Linear Accelerator and Cryogenic Engineering.
Infrastructure has been set up for the processing, cleaning and testing of the SRF cavities at 2 Kelvin temperature. Cryogenic infrastructure has been setup with liquid Helium plants, liquid Nitrogen plants and large helium storage facility with calibration facility for low temperature sensors up to 2K etc.

Helium was liquefied for the first time in the country with an indigenously developed helium liquefier. Single stage & two-stage Cryocooler have been developed indigenously capable of producing 30K, 10K and 4K temperature respectively. Several of these Cryocoolers are being used by users at RRCAT, BARC and UGC-DAE CSR, Indore. The labs working under SCRF Cavity Characterization and Cryogenics Section are:

  • Cryo-Engineering Design Lab
  • Superconducting Cavity Processing & Assembly Lab.
Major activities of the section are as below:
  1. Infrastructure facilities for processing and testing of SCRF Cavities
  2. Processing and testing of SCRF Cavities
  3. Indigenous developments and Cryogenic infrastructure

For more details, please contact

Sh. S. Raghavendra
Head, SCRF Cavity Characterization and Cryogenics Section
Email: raghu (at)

Content Manager: Dr. Rajvir Singh Doohan
Email: doohan (at)
Last Updated: September 2022
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