SCRF Cavity Characterization and Cryogenics Section

Infrastructure Facilities for processing and testing of SRF Cavities

RRCAT has taken up a program on R&D activities of 1 GeV, high intensity superconducting proton linac for Indian Facility for Spallation Research (IFSR). The most serious limitation of normal conducting cavities is the thermal load for high duty cycle operation. Above a certain thermal load, it is not possible to remove the heat from the cavity walls without losing performance or reliability. Development of SRF cavities is an important accelerator technology to provide efficient, high current and high gradient accelerating structure for nearly all major high duty proton/ H- accelerator projects around the world. Infrastructure facilities have been established in the areas of chemical processing, cleaning, assembly and testing of SRF cavities. A dedicated building has been constructed to house the SRF cavity infrastructure facilities and clean rooms for processing and testing of cavities. Major facilities setup at RRCAT include:

  • Materials Characterization Facility
    • Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer
    • Universal testing machine, Hardness tester, etc.

  • SCRF Cavity Inspection Facility
    • 3-D Laser scanning Confocal Microscope
    • Optical Inspection facility

  • SCRF Cavity Processing Facility
    • Electro Polishing Bench
    • Centrifugal Barrel Polishing Machine            
    • Annealing Furnace                            
    • High Pressure Rinsing facility
    • Ultra-pure Water Generation plant
    • Low temperature baking oven
    • Pilot ISO-Class 5 clean room facility

  • SCRF Testing Facility
    • Vertical Test Facility     
    • Horizontal Test Facility
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