High Energy Lasers and Optics Section

High Energy Lasers and Optics Section is primarily involved in R&D activities related to design, development and applications of High-Energy High-Power (HEHP) lasers, development of specialized optical components with high laser induced damage threshold coatings, optical metrology and characterization etc. The various activities of different laboratories of the section are :

  1. Design & development of Nd:glass based HEHP lasers working in both long pulse (ns duration) as well as short pulse (fs duration) regime, large aperture Nd:Glass disc amplifiers, development of Nd doped phosphate glass , long arclength flash lamps, large aperture Pockels cell for these lasers.

  2. Design, development and characterization of specialized optical components to cater various needs of High energy laser systems & various other Lasers and Synchrotron Radiation Sources.

  3. Design, optimization and characterization of specialized optical coatings for lasers, laser applications and Synchrotron Radiation Sources.
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For more details, please contact:
Shri N.S. Benerji
Head, High Energy Lasers and Optics Section
Phone: +91-731-248-8463 (O)
Fax: +91-731-248-8430 (O)
Email: nsb (at) rrcat.gov.in

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