Fibre Sensors & Optical Spectroscopy Section

Fibre Sensors & Optical Spectroscopy Section (FSOSS) is involved in the design, development and applications of high beam quality, high repetition rate (5-20 kHz) visible and UV coherent radiation sources. The radiation sources are based on in-house developed Copper Vapour Lasers (CVLs), their nonlinear second harmonic and sum frequency conversion and CVL pumped wavelength tunable dye lasers. These visible/UV high repetition rate, nanosecond, sources are being utilized for the development of optical fibre gratings and for isotope selective high resolution spectroscopic studies particularly on the element Lithium. The instrumentation related to lasers, fibre sensors and isotope separation are being developed in-house.

FSOSS has indigenously established fibre Bragg grating (FBG) inscription facility. FBGs fabricated by this facility are being utilized in various applications such as temperature sensing, strain sensing and refractive index sensing. Field deployable Raman scattering based optical fibre distributed temperature sensors (OFDTS) are also being developed. These single point and distributed temperature sensors are suitable for temperature monitoring in high EMI, nuclear radiation and chemically hazardous environments. As per users’ demand, customised fibre sensors are being provided to Indian Industries and National Institutes under the aegis of ‘RRCAT Incubation Centre’.

The current R&D activities of FSOSS are:

  1. Development of high beam quality Copper Vapour Lasers (CVLs)
  2. Nonlinear UV frequency conversion of CVL
  3. Development of fibre grating fabrication facility
    1. Fibre Bragg grating (FBG) inscription setup
    2. Long period fibre grating (LPFG) inscription setup
  4. Development of fibre optic sensors
    1. FBG based single point temperature sensors
    2. FBG based quasi distributed temperature sensors
    3. FBG based strain sensors
    4. FBG based refractive index sensor
    5. Raman optical fibre distributed temperature sensor (ROFDTS)
  5. Instrumentation for optical fibre sensors
  6. Deployment of fibre optic sensors for various field applications
  7. Customized FBG/ROFDTS/technological support through ‘RRCAT Incubation Centre’
  8. CVL pumped dye lasers
  9. Isotope selective spectroscopy with high repetition rate lasers
  10. Team members
  11. Publications

Dr. Om Prakash
Head, Fibre Sensors & Optical Spectroscopy Section
Phone: +91-731-244-2472 Email: oprakash (at)

Content Manager: Dr. Manoj Kumar Saxena
Email: manojsaxena (at)
Last updated: December 2021
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