Accelerator Magnet Technology Division
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The Accelerator Magnet Technology Division is involved in research and development related to various accelerators at Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology.

Since the inception of centre, a large number of magnets have been designed, developed and successfully deployed for various applications that include Indus-1, Indus-2 and other projects at our centre and as well as other research laboratories. Considerable expertise has been developed in the field of electromagnets and pulsed magnets.

Magnets required for Booster and Indus-1 were developed in-house. For Indus-2, relatively large numbers of magnets were required. Fabrication of magnet core of the Indus-2 magnets was carried out in industry with the support of our expertise whereas excitation coils for these magnets were carried out at our laboratory.

The details of the activities are as follows:

Magnets related to Indus facilities

Magnets related to other projects at RRCAT Magnets for Labs other than RRCAT Measurement Facilities Infrastructure List of publications

For more details, please contact:

Sh. Shesh Nath Singh
Head, Accelerator Magnet Technology Division
Phone: +91-731-248-8596
Fax: +91-731-248-8740
Email: snsingh (at)

Content Manager: Shri K. Sreeramulu
Email: sreeram (at)
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