Pulsed High Power Microwave Division

Pulsed High Power Microwave Division has been entrusted with the responsibilities of design, development, testing and commissioning of high power pulsed RF/Microwave systems for various national and international accelerator projects. Tests stations for the indigenous development of microwave tubes like pulsed S-Band Klystrons, pulsed S-Band Magnetrons and High Voltage Thyratrons were designed, developed and commissioned. Most of the essential parts of the microwave systems including the stabilized generators, solid state driver amplifiers, pulsed modulators for klystrons and magnetrons, waveguide components etc have been designed and developed indigenously. The team is also entrusted with the responsibility of characterization of the various accelerating structures and SCRF cavities for electron and proton accelerator projects. Division has also provided 3D Electromagnetic computational tools for design and development work to various divisions/sections in RRCAT.

The major contributions to the accelerator program are listed below:
  1. 5MW microwave system for 20MeV Microtron pre-injector for INDUS machines
  2. High power microwave system for 10 MeV LINAC
  3. Contributions towards 8/12 MeV Microtron for nuclear physics research
  4. Solid state pulse modulators, waveguide components for CERN LINAC 4 projects.
  5. High power microwave test stations for 5MW klystrons and 2 & 3 MW S Band magnetrons and 40kV hydrogen thyratrons developed indigenously.
  6. Development of RF system for characterization of super conducting RF cavities, at RRCAT VTS.
Research and development activities:
  1. S-Band Solid State amplifier development activities
  2. Solid State Modulator development activities
  3. Super Conducting RF (SCRF) Cavities test and qualification
  4. High power WR 234/WR2300/WR1500/WR 650 Waveguide transmissions line components.

For more details, please contact:

Sh. Purushottam Shrivastava
Head, Pulsed High Power Microwave Division
Phone :+91-731-248-8026
Fax :+91-731-248-8000
Email: purushri (at) rrcat.gov.in

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