Accelerator Controls & Beam Diagnostics Division
Indus Control Room This Division is involved in design, development, commissioning, maintenance and upgradation of various particle accelerator projects of the department.

The division also successfully implemented control system for Microtron Injector, various transfer lines and Indus-1 and Indus-2 storage rings. Such Control Systems are generally distributed over a large area, have large I/O count and diverse type requirement of high stability, high accuracy and working in noisy environment, high throughput rate and maintaining isolation between these sub systems. These systems have diverse function requirements.
Accelerator Control System involves control and monitoring of various subsystems for accelerator like RF, Vacuum, MPS, etc.

Realization of such systems demands work on various areas/domain e. g. data acquision, instrumentation, testing & synchronization, data logging, presentation, machine interlocks, etc. The division has done developments and has considerable expertise in VME bus based hardware, embedded systems and instruments, field bus controllers, software applications on RTOS, Labview, EPICS, WinCCOA, Java and Visual C++, database and web applications have been done.

This Division is involved in the design, development and maintenance of beam diagnostic devices in Indus accelerators at RRCAT. The division has designed two diagnostic beamlines in Indus-2 for machine studies. The division is also involved in the design, installation, testing, commissioning, operation & maintenance of LCW plants for cooling the machine components of Indus accelerators & various other accelerator development laboratories in RRCAT.

Beam Diagnotics and Coolant System Division
Beam Diagnotics and Coolant System Division
Beam Diagnotics and Coolant System Division

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Last updated: January 2024
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