Laser Technology Division

The mandate of Laser Technology Division (LTD) is to pursue research and developmental work in the area of advanced solid state lasers and its applications. The division is engaged in different kind of solid state lasers which can generate high energy to high power, operate in CW mode to ultra-short pulses and can provide narrow linewidth for specialized applications. The developed technology is engineered and rugged lasers are fabricated which can operate in industrial environment.

The division is involved in various state of the art activities (i) Material processing for refurbishment of nuclear reactors, (ii) Development of flash lamp and diode pumped solid state lasers, (iii) Fiber lasers, (iv) Laser additive manufacturing, (v) High energy laser (100 J) in nsec pulse duration for plasma physics, (vi) Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detector (vii) Specialized optical coating and (viii) State of the art polishing and characterization facility.

To cover the mandate of the division, structure of the division is as following:

Team Members

For more details, please contact:

Shri, Rajesh Arya
Head, Laser Technology Division
Phone: +91-731-2442680(Off)
Email: rajarya (at)
Content Manager: Dr. Chandra Pal Singh
Email: cpsingh (at) Last updated: September 2021
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