Laser Plasma Division

The Laser Plasma division is engaged in a variety of R&D activities related to laser-plasma interaction with special emphasis on research relevant to laser plasma interaction at ultrahigh intensities using short pulse CPA based Ti:sapphire lasers. Various research activities of the division are listed below. More information about them can be obtained from the links:

Dr. J. A. Chakera, Scientific Officer-H (Senior Professor, Homi Bhabha National Institute) is the Head, Laser Plasma Division. The Division consists of the following laboratories and section:
  • Advanced Plasma Acceleration Section (Head: Dr. Anand Moorti)

  • Laser Electron Acceleration Laboratory (Head: Dr. Anand Moorti)

  • High Harmonics Laboratory (Head: Dr. J. A. Chakera)

A total of 22 scientists, assistants and technicians work in the division.

List of Publications

Scientific and Technical Staff of Laser Plasma Division

For more details contact:

Dr J. A. Chakera
Scientific Offcer-H & Head, Laser Plasma Division,
Ph.: +91-731-244-2002
Fax: +91-731-244-2000

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