Laser Plasma Division

The Laser Plasma Section is engaged in a variety of R&D activities related to laser-plasma interaction with special emphasis on research relevant to laser plasma interaction at ultrahigh intensities using short pulse CPA based Ti:sapphire lasers. Various research activities of the section are listed below. More information about them can be obtained from the links:

Dr. J. A. Chakera, Scientific Officer-H (Senior Professor, Homi Bhabha National Institute) is the Head, Laser Plasma Section. The Section consists of the following two major laboratories:
  • High Energy Density Physics Laboratory (Head: Mr. Y. B. S. R. Prasad)
  • Laser Electron Acceleration Laboratory (Head: Dr. Anand Moorti)

A total of 33 scientists, assistants and technicians work in the section Mrs. Cecilia William Arick, Clerk and Mr. Mannalal Madhavrao, Office helper provides support to the Laser Plasma Section. Click here for the "List of Publications" of the section.

Scientific and Technical Staff of Laser Plasma Section

For more details contact:

Dr J. A. Chakera
Scientific Offcer-H & Head, Laser Plasma Division,
Ph.: +91-731-244-2002
Fax: +91-731-244-2000

Last updated: October 2017
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