Laser Electronics Section

Laser Electronics Section is involved in design and development of power supplies for solid state lasers and instrumentation based on the lasers. The power supplies have been developed for flash-lamp pumped pulsed as well as arc-lamp pumped continuous-wave (CW) and modulated-CW Nd:YAG lasers with adjustable laser output parameters for different material processing applications and installed at different units of DAE and various sites of NPCIL.

The instrumentation including laser-tool motion controllers for various applications at reactor sites, precision multi-axes motion controller for sag measurement system, fast electronics for streak camera and micro channel plates, electrometers and XBPM for Indus beam lines, fluorescence detection system, time delay units for synchronization of lasers and TEC based temperature controllers for lasers have been developed.

The major achievements include development and installation of power supplies and laser-tool motion controllers for laser cutting of bellow-lip weld joints during En-masse coolant channel replacement (EMCCR) of KAPS-1 and KAPS-2 nuclear power plants (NPPs), triangular blocks of yoke assembly at RAPS-3,pressure tube stubs at RAPS-4 and MAPS, SG tubes at KGS-3, irradiated fuel sub-assemblies at IGCAR, damaged fuel rods lying at the bottom of SFSB, Dhruva as well as laser welding of SCRF cavities for accelerators, fuel pins at IFFF, BARC and Brachy therapy probe assemblies at RPhD BARC. In addition, Precision multi-axes motion controller for sag measurement system of Calandria tubes at KAPS, electrometers and XBPM systems for Indus beam lines (BL-7, BL-10 and BL-12), time delay units for synchronization of copper vapour lasers (CVLs) and diode pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers for RIS experiments at LPTD, BARC, streak camera electronics at ALOD and fluorescence detection system for laser cooling experiments at LPAS have been developed, installed and are being used satisfactorily.

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Shri Piyush Saxena
Head, Laser Electronics Section
Phone: +91-731-2442401
Email : psaxena (at)
Last updated: September 2023
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