RRCAT Newsletter - Issue 1 of 2019

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 Accelerator Programme:
A.1: A New 20 kW power converters for quadrupole magnets in Indus-2
A.2: Development of mass spectroscopy analyser dipole magnets for BARC
A.3: Development of pulsed demagnetizer system for high energy rare earth magnets
A.4: Design, simulation and installation of the power and the pickup couplers for 5-cell, β=0.92 SCRF cavity
A.5: Performance studies of 1 MW CW klystron under pulsed operating condition using a long pulse converter modulator
A.6: Deposition of Ti-Zr-V based thin films using different sputtering gases (Ar and Kr) and their characterization
A.7: Studies on structural and optical gap tunability in α-(GaxCr1-x)2O3 solid solutions
A.8: Data reduction procedure for correction of geometrical factors in the analysis of specular x-ray reflectivity of small samples

 Laser Programme:
L.1: LASMART-Laser based Apparatus for Sag Measurement Application of Reactor Tubes
L.2: Optical viewing system for end-shield leak detection at MAPS-1 reactor
L.3: Improvement of oxidation resistance of P91 grade steel by laser shock peening
L.4: Demonstration of radioisotope generation using laser acceleratred proton and deuteron beams
L.5: Simple technique for estimation of groove density of gratings and inter-grating groove errors
L.6: Er, Nd co-doped Y2O3 transparent ceramics: up-conversion and downshifting luminescence emitter
L.7: Silver nanoparticle assisted etching process for nanostructuring of silicon wafers
L.8: Probing nanocomposites and nano/hetero structures using Raman and atomic force microscopy

I.1: Design and development of USB device blocking software
I.2: Maintenance of CNC water jet cutting machine
I.3: Copper deposition of buncher cavity and RF power coupler
I.4: Upgradation of effluent treatment plant for zero discharge of rinse water
I.5: Installation and commissioning of advanced laboratory furnace

 Theme Articles:
T.1: Implementation of transverse multi-bunch feedback system in Indus-2
T.2: Imaging crystal growth process and investigating optical properties and defects structure of crystals
T.3: Studies on generation and manipulation of laser cooled atoms

Publications from RRCAT during July 2018 December 2018

N.1: Trade Apprenticeship Scheme at RRCAT
N.2: Transfer of technologies
N.3: Patents
N.4: HBNI Scholar's Day celebrated at RRCAT
N.5: DAE-BRNS Theme meeting on Ultrafast Science (UFS-2018)
N.6: DAE-BRNS Workshop on Laser Additive Manufacturing and Allied Technologies (LAMAT-2k18)
N.7: DAE-BRNS National Laser Symposium (NLS-27)
N.8: HBNI organized a mini-marathon "Beat the Plastic Pollution" at RRCAT
N.9: Talk on breast cancer awareness
N.10: RRCAT Seminars during July-December 2018
N.11: Awards and Honours

N.12: New Recruits

N.13: Superannuations

N.14: आरआरकेट में राजभाषा गतिविधियाँ : जुलाई से दिसंबर 2018

Career and Research Opportunities at RRCAT

RRCAT Newsletter - Issue 1 of 2019

  • Dr. Mangesh B. Borage

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  • Dr. Aparna Chakrabarti
  • Shri S.S. Tomar
  • Dr. Anand Moorti
  • Dr. Sunil Verma
  • Dr. B.N. Upadhyaya
  • Dr. Amalendu Sharma
  • Shri J.K. Pattnaik
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