RRCAT Newsletter - Issue 1 of 2005

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 Laser Programme:
  L.1: Statistical pattern recognition based diagnostic algorithms for autofluorescence Diagnosis of oral cancer
  L.2: Development of 60 Watt kinetically-enhanced copper vapor laser
  L.3: Depth resolved fluorescence measurement in layered turbid medium by polarized fluorescence spectroscopy
  L.4: X-ray bolometer for studies of laser produced plasmas
  L.5: Intense x-ray emission from moderate-current low-energy laser- triggered vacuum discharge
  L.6: Development of fiber optic based optical coherence tomography setup for in-vitro and in-vivo imaging of iological tissues
  L.7: Interaction dynamic of RBC in optical tweezers: prospects for microfluidic Actuations and diagnosis of malaria
  L.8: Rotation of transparent, non-birefringent objects by transfer of optical spin angular momentum
  L.9: All-optical switching with metalloporphyrins
  L.10: Laser surface treatment enhances localized corrosion resistance of austenitic Stainless steel
  L.11: Laser alloying produces corrosion-resistant surface for HNO3 environment
  L.12: Laser welding of laser-cut stainless steel sheet
  L.13: Laser welding (LW) of dissimilar metals : Austenitic and Ferritic stainless steels
  L.14: Laser Rapid Manufacturing
  L.15: Quest for magnetic materials for newer technology
  L.16: Development of lithium niobate crystal elements
  L.17: Data acquisition software for frequency resolved optical gating
  L.18: Up gradation and Second harmonic conversion of 0.1 TW, 25ps Nd: phosphate Glass laser chain for dual operation at 0.527 mm and 1.054mm wavelength

 Theme Article 1
  T.1: Efficient macroscopic separation of C-13 isotope using high average power TEA CO2 laser

 Theme Article 2
  T.2: Technological developments for the UHV system of Indus-2

 Accelerator Programme:
  A.1: Soft and deep X-ray lithography (SDXRL) beamline on Indus-2
  A.2: Growth of CuO and FeO nanorods
  A.3: Development of front-end components for Indus-2 beam lines
  A.4: Large area ionization chamber for intensity monitoring in hard X-ray beam lines in Indus-2
  A.5: Development of ECR proton source
  A.6: Fabrication of injection septum magnets for Indus-2

 Infrastructure Facilities

 List of Publications

 List of Publications

 Indo-Italian discussion meeting
 One-day discussion meeting "Photonics: Processes, Materials and Devices"
 Graduation function of the fourth batch of CAT Training School
 CAT Foundation Day Celebrations

RRCAT Newsletter - Issue 1 of 2005

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