Devices developed at L&FMD

  • Several SHG elements and Electro-optic modulators have been fabricated and tested.
  • KDP Type-I SHG element has been fabricated for auto-correlation application.
  • SHG elements fabricated from KTP exhibit conversion efficiency of 60% (without accounting the Fresnel loss).
  • Lasing (1064 nm) has been demonstrated using Nd:YVO4 and Nd:GdVO4 single crystal.
  • Pyroelectricity based laser energy meter has been fabricated using lithium tantalate crystals.
  • IR windows (2 and 4 mm thick) have been fabricated using NaCl crystals.
  • Carbon aerogel (CA) Supercapacitor cell prototype.
  • Graphite supported large CA electrode

1. Electro-optic (EO) modulator:

KDP EO modulator element;
Size: 90 x 82 x 19 mm3;
Half wave voltage: 9.1 kV (632 nm)
DKDP EO modulator; Aperture: 20 mm; Half wave voltage: 3.9 kV (632 nm)
CLN EO element Measurement set up

2. Type-II Second harmonic elements and cell:

KDP Type-II SHG cells; Crystal: KDP;
Aperture: 50 mm Length: 25 mm
KDP SHG type-II element; Size: 55 x 55 x 30 mm3
KTP SHG element Demonstration of SHG

3. KDP Type-I SHG element for auto-correlator to measure ultra-short laser pulse width:

KDP Type-I SHG element Auto-correlator developed by Laser Technology Division, RRCAT using the element

4. Laser elements:

Laser elements (Nd:YVO4 and Nd:GdVO4) Er doped YVO4 laser element
Laser output power at 1064 nm for Nd doped YVO4 Laser output power at 1064 nm for Nd doped GdVO4
Measurement Beam profile Beam profile

5. IR window (NaCl):

Fabricated NaCl IR window; dia: 20 mm comparative transmission characteristic of the fabricated & commercially procured window

6. Laser energy meter:

Prototype laser energy sensors using in-house grown LT single crystals Signal response(V) vs Laser energy (mJ)

7. Photo-refractive element:

Photo-refractive element Measurement
Normalized square root of diffraction efficiency of SLN:Fe,Zn crystal probed with a weak HeNe laser beam measured at different power densities. Light induced change in the refractive index of the SLN:Fe,Zn crystal

8. Scintillator:

Eu:SBO element X-ray induced light emission

9. Carbon aerogel (CA) Supercapacitor cell:

Super capacitor cell prototype CV plot of CA & RuO2-CA

10. Graphite supported large CA electrode:

Graphite supported large CA electrode
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