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  From the Director's Desk
  From the Editor's Desk

 Accelerator Programme:

A.1: Status report on operation of Indus accelerators
A.2: Brief report on Indus beamline utilization
A.3: Development, installation and commissioning of horizontal pinger magnet system in Indus-2
A.4: Control system augmentation for beam orbit correction coil power supplies in microtron
A.5: Commissioning of higher order suppressor system at soft x-ray reflectivity beamline BL-03 of Indus-2
A.6: Development of multilayer mirror for soft gamma-ray spectroscopy
A.7: Determination of band gap bowing parameterfor β - (A1xGax)2O3 alloys

 Laser Programme:


L.1: Development of monolithic 1 kW single transverse mode Yb-doped CW fiber laser
L.2: Development of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy setup
L.3: Magnetic trapping of Rb atoms on an atom-chip
L.4: Zinc oxide based triboelectric nanogenerator for vibration energy harvesting
L.5: Laser energy meter using flexible polymer films
L.6: Large area, densely packed monolayer films of Au nanoparticles of different shapes

 Infrastructure and Services:


I.1: Nickel hydroxide derived from spent electroless nickel bath as a potential electrode material for supercapacitors
I.2: Construction of ISO Class-4 cleanroom in RRCAT

 Theme Articles:

T.1: Pinger magnet system in Indus-2
T.2: Laser power supplies and controllers for laser based nuclear field applications
T.3: Non-evaporable getter coating for UHV application in accelerators at RRCAT
T.4: Studies on electromagnetically induced transparency in 87Rb atoms


Publications from RRCAT during July 2021 to December 2021

 Events and Happenings:

N.1: Online workshop on “Creating Lab-to-Land Ecosystem: Challenges & Opportunities”
N.2: Incubation Centre-RRCAT extends utilization of FBG inscription facility to Indian industries
N.3: Design and development of 650 MHz, 40 kW solid state RF amplifier and its shipment to Fermilab, USA
N.4: Trade Apprenticeship Scheme at RRCAT
N.5: Industrial safety in RRCAT
N.6: Fire safety at RRCAT
N.7: Clean and green campus activities at RRCAT
N.8: Activities of RRCAT Staff Club
N.9: Vigilance Awareness Week - 2021 celebrated at RRCAT
N.10: Accomplishments of AECS, Indore
N.11: Activities of internal complaints committee
N.12: Public outreach activities as part of “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav” at RRCAT
N.13: Awards and Honours
New Recruits
N.15: Superanuuations
N.16: राराप्रप्रौके में राजभाषा गतिविधियाँ: जुलाई 2021- दिसम्बर 2021

Career and Research Opportunities at RRCAT

RRCAT Newsletter - Issue 1 of 2022

Editorial Board:

  • Dr. Arup Banerjee
  • Dr. B. N. Upadhyaya
  • Dr. Akhilesh Jain
  • Dr. S.S. Tomar
  • Shri S. Raghavendra
  • Dr. V. K. Dixit
  • Dr. B.N. Upadhyaya
  • Dr. Rishi Pal Yadav
  • Dr. Khageswar Sahu
  • Dr. Riyasat Hussain
  • Dr. Archana Sagdeo
  • Shri J. K. Pattnaik
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