Indus Operation Division
Indus Operation Division

Indus Operation Division Activities

Activities of Indus Operation Division (IOD):
  • Round-the-clock operation of Indus synchrotron radiation sources, Indus-1 & Indus-2
  • Training and qualification of personnel for operation of Indus facility
  • Radiation Safety Systems
  • Health physics unit
  • Precision survey and alignment for accelerator components and machines including other large scale measurement requirements of the centre
  • Auxiliary systems like pneumatic system, Air-washer system, building management etc.

Indus Operation Division is a division under Electron Accelerator Group, RRCAT. It is mainly responsible for managing round-the-clock operation of Indus facility This is a national facility comprising of Synchrotron Radiation Sources (SRS) Indus-1 & Indus-2 along with its injector system. Indus facility is operated by licensed crew members pooled from various divisions across Groups. The other major activities of the division are (a) Precision alignment of magnets and other accelerator components (b) Development, installation and maintenance of Radiation Safety Systems for Indus Acclerators (c) Managing Health Physics activities of Indus acclerators and other laboratories of RRCAT (d) Training qualification and Licensing of Indus operation staff (e) Upkeep and maintenance of pneumatic system of Indus complex (f) Building management and services activities of Indus complex.

Fig. 1: Typical User mode operation of Indus-1

Fig. 2: Typical User mode operation of Indus-2

Fig. 3: Operational Performance of Indus Accelerators in recent years

Fig. 4: Improvement in beam lifetime of Indus-2 over the years

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