RRCAT Newsletter - Issue 2 of 2012

  From the Director's Desk
  From the Editor's Desk

 Accelerator Programme:
A.1: Commissioning of low emittance electron beam optics in Indus-2
A.2: Development of a High pressure XRD setup at the ADXRD beamline on Indus-2
A.3: Synchrotron induced total reflection X-ray fluorescence measurements on Indus-2
A.4: Design and Development of Digital Low Level RF system
A.5: Upgradation in the Indus-2 Control software
A.6: Development of longitudinal coupled bunch mode measurement system for Indus-2
A.7: Development of webpage for on-line access of Indus-2 front-end parameters
A.8: Indigenous development of triode electron gun with test stand for 10 MeVLinac
A.9: High Stability DC Power Supply for Field Mapping of Electromagnets
A.10: Development of 2 K Cryostat for Characterization of SCRF Cavities
A.11: Development of 1.3 GHz solid state RF power source for testing SCRF cavities in RRCAT Vertical Test Stand (VTS)
A.12: Electromagnetic Design of βG =0.9, 650 MHz Superconducting Radio Frequency Cavity
A.13: Copper deposition of Stainless steel Radio Frequency Quadrupole Chamber
A.14: Development and Characterization of Mass spectrometer dipole magnets for BARC
A.15: Very large refrigerant capacity at room temperature and modeling the hysteretic response in Fe-Rh based alloys.

 Laser Programme:
L.1: Bose Einstein Condensation of 87Rb atoms
L.2: Development of Erbium: Ytterbium co-doped fiber laser emitting 10 Watts near 1.55 µm in eye-safe region
L.3: Demonstration of a simple electro-optic laser pulse shaping technique
L.4: Diffusion of Chlorin-p6 across a lipid bilayer probed by second harmonic generation
L.5: Laser micromachining milling process
L.6: Life extension of partly fatigue-damaged spring steel specimens through Laser Shock peening
L.7: Development of usable GaAs p-i-n photodetectors and γ-ray irradiation effect on its characteristics:
L.8: Isotopically selective OG spectroscopy of Europium using CW ring dye laser
L.9: Design, fabrication, testing and installation of a vacuum chamber for pulse compressor of a 50 TW laser system

I.1: Scientific Computing and Software Development at RRCAT
I.2: Development of Information Systems at RRCAT
I.3: Development in Networking and Communication at RRCAT
I.4: Development in Library & Information Resources at RRCAT
I.5: Construction & Services

 Theme Articles:

T.1: Microfabrication using Indus-2 Soft and Deep X-ray lithography beamline
T.2: Growth, characterization and application of LiNbO3 and Li2B4O7 single crystals
T.3: Optical manipulation of microscopic objects


Publications from RRCAT during January 2012-June 2012


N.1: RRCAT celebrated 28th Foundation Day
N.2: National Science Day at RRCAT
N.3: SERC School on Laser Physics and Technology
N.4: 1st Interaction Meeting on Synchrotron Utilization
N.5: Theme Meeting on Atomic and Molecular Science using Indus Synchrotron Facility
N.6:Interaction Meeting on Micro Fabrication using Indus-2: Possible Structures and Devices
N.7:Director HBNI visited RRCAT
N.8:Women’s Day celebrated at RRCAT
N.9:Best Thesis Awards
N.10:Best Poster awards during DAE-BRNS National Laser Symposium
N.11:Best Poster Award during DAE-Solid State Physics Symposium
N.12:RRCAT family wishes happy and healthy life on superannuation
N.13: राजा रामन्ना प्रगत प्रोद्योगिकी केन्द्र द्वारा जनवरी 2012 से आयोजित हिन्दी की विभिन्न गतिविधियाँ:


RRCAT Newsletter - Issue 2 of 2012

Chief Editor:
  • Dr. Shovan K. Majumder

Editorial Board:
  • Dr. Vinit Kumar
  • Dr. Tapas Ganguli
  • Dr. Christ P. Paul
  • Sh. Shailendra S. Tomar
  • Sh. J. K. Pattnaik
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