RRCAT Newsletter - Issue 1 of 2012

  From the Director's Desk
  From the Editor's Desk

 Accelerator Programme:
A.1: Indus-2 operation at 2.5 GeV/100mA
A.2: Deployment of 20 kW and 30kW solid state RF amplifiers for Indus-2
A.3: Development of 1.3 GHz Single cell SCRF cavities with improved performance
A.4: Buffered Chemical Polishing of Niobium half cells
A.5: Electron Beam Irradiation using Accelerators at RRCAT
A.6: Hydrogen ion beam extraction from ECR ion source and beam characterization
A.7: Development of 1kW S Band solid state drive amplifier
A.8: Effect of pressure on the functional properties of Ni-Mn based Heusler alloys
A.9: Studies of spin wave instabilities and garnets for CW ferrite circulators
A.10: New Power Supplier for Transport Line-1 Quadrupole Magnets in Indus
A.11: Parameter Deviation Alarms System (PDAS) for Indus-2
A.12: Transient Data Capture System for Indus-2 MPS Control Diagnostics
A.13: Restoration of Pulsed Septum magnets for Indus-2
A.14: Study of scattered synchrotron radiation dose at SR beam line hutches of Indus-2
A.15: Bremsstrahlung Source Term Measurement for 450MeV Electrons
A.16: Control system and Software Package for Interactive Global COD Correction in Indus-2

 Laser Programme:
L.1: Soft X-ray Lasing achieved in Capillary Discharge Plasmas
L.2: Development of narrow line-width tunable UV radiation source based on second harmonic of CVL pumped dye laser
L.3: Laser Rapid Manufacturing of Porous Structures for Engineering Applications
L.4: Optical Twisters-driven Multi-layered Microrotors
L.5: PHWR nuclear fuel pellets inspection system for NFC fuel fabrication facility
L.6: pH dependent reversible aggregation of Chitosan stabilized silver nanoparticles
L.7: Measurement of absolute diffraction efficiency of a variable line spaced grating using Indus-1 reflectivity beamline
L.8: Development of anti-reflection coating for Ti-sapphire laser rod
L.9: Fiber laser pumped Cr:F based femto-second laser
L.10: Random Lasing in ZnO Nanoparticles
L.11: Photodynamic Action of Rose Bengal Nanoparticle Complex on Breast and Oral Cancer Cell Lines
L.12: Development and integration of High Voltage Pulse Slicer Unit in 7 MeV LINAC for Pulsed Radiolysis Investigations

I.1: Scientific Computing and Software Development at RRCAT
I.2: Development of Information System at RRCAT
I.3: Development in Networking and Communication at RRCAT
I.4: Development in Library & Information Resources at RRCAT
I.5: Construction & Services

 Theme Articles:

T.1: Development of Nondestructive Fast Current Transformers (FCTs) and Monitors for Accelerators at RRCAT
T.2: Optical Coherence Tomography for Tissue Diagnosis
T.3: Resonant Immittance Converters and Their Applications in Power Supplier for Accelerator and Laser Subsystems

 Publications:Publications from RRCAT during July 2011- December 2011


N.1: Graduation Function of 11th Batch of BARC Training School, RRCAT
N.2: CAT-I and CAT-II Stipendiary Training Programme
N.3: IPv6 Technical Meet
N.4: DAE (Excellence in Science, Engineering & Technology) Awards 2010
N.5: Best Poster Award during 26th National Symposium on Plasma Science & Technology (Plasma-2011)
N.6:RRCAT family wishes happy and healthy life on superannuation
N.7: आरआरकेट में माह जुलाई, 2011 से दिसंबर, 2011 तक की अवधि के दौरान हिन्दी के प्रचार-प्रसार से संबंधित विभिन्न गतिविधियाँ


RRCAT Newsletter - Issue 1 of 2012

Chief Editor:
  • Dr. Shovan K. Majumder

Editorial Board:
  • Dr. Vinit Kumar
  • Dr. Tapas Ganguli
  • Dr. Christ P. Paul
  • Sh. Shailendra S. Tomar
  • Sh. J. K. Pattnaik
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