RRCAT Newsletter - Issue 1 of 2011

  From the Director's Desk
  From the Editorial Board

 Accelerator Programme:
A.1: Operational improvements in Indus-2
A.2: Study of soft x-ray optical response of Indium Phosphide using Indus-1 Reflectivity Beamline
A.3: Qualitative Estimation of Thin Film Composition by Soft X-ray reflectivity Analysis
A.4: Soft and Deep X-Ray Lithography beamline on Indus-2:Commissioning Trials
A.5: Growth of Short period(<2nm) x-ray multilayer mirror
A.6: Control Integration of Indus-2 BL-21 Front End
A.7: New Power Supplies for Transport Line-2Quadrupole Magnets in INDUS
A.8: Further testing of 1.3 GHz Single cell SCRF cavities
A.9: Development of Centrifugal Barrel Polishing Machine
A.10: Electron beam irradiation for quarantine disinfestation of seeds

 Laser Programme:
L.1: Fusion neutron generation in deuterated polyethylene target using 10 TW Laser
L.2: Fatigue and Fracture Characteristics of Laser Rapid Manufactured Inconel 625
L.3: Studies on Copper vapour laser pumped narrow line-width Rh 110 dye laser
L.4: A Pulsed XeCl laser driven by All Solid Exciter
L.5: Optical Trapping of Spermatozoa using Laguerre Gaussian Laser Modes
L.6: Development of 30kV,22J /pulse Solid State Pulse Power Supply for Pulsed xenon chloride excimer laser repetitively pulsed gas Laser
L.7: Development of 300J pulse energy long pulse Nd:YAG Laser
L.8: Long distance axial trapping with Laguerre-Gaussian beams
L.9: Development of 1200V,6kJ/sec constant current capacitor charging Power supply for pulsed discharge excimer laser
L.10: Development of underwater laser cutting technique for steel and Zircaloy for nuclear applications
L.11: A Comparative Evaluation of Raman and Fluorescence Spectroscopy for Optical Diagnosis of Oral Neoplasia

I.1: Scientific Computing and Software Development at RRCAT
I.2: Development of Information Systems at RRCAT
I.3: Development in Networking and Communication at RRCAT

 Theme Articles:

T.1: India's First Indigenously Developed Helium Liquefire
T.2: High repetition rate ,narrow line-width, tunable dye laser activity at RRCAT
T.3: Studies on Yb-doped double-clad CW and pulsed fiber lasers

 Publications:Publications from RRCAT during Jul. 2010-Dec 2010


N.1: Graduation Function of 10th Batch of BARC Training School, RRCAT
N.2: National Laser Symposium (NLS-19) at RRCAT
N.3: I-IIFC Interaction Meeting at RRCAT
N.4: Topical conference on EM interaction with atoms, molecules, and clusters
N.5: 8th DAE-Vision for Information Exchange held at RRCAT
N.6:DAE Excellence Awards
N.7: Award of Excellence to RRCAT Scientist
N.8: Best Poster Award during Plasma 2010 Symposium
N.9:Best Poster Award during NLS-19 Symposium
N.10:RRCAT family wishes happy and healthy life on superannuation


RRCAT Newsletter - Issue 1 of 2011

Chief Editor:
  • Dr. Shovan K. Majumder

Editorial Board:
  • Dr. Vinit Kumar
  • Dr. Tapas Ganguly
  • Dr. C. P. Paul
  • Sh. Shailendra S. Tomar
  • Sh. J. K. Pattnaik
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