RRCAT Newsletter - Issue 2 of 2010

  From the Director's Desk
  From the Editorial Board

 Accelerator Programme:
A.1: Indus-2 operates in round the clock mode at 2 GeV & 100Ma 
A.2: Terahertz Spontaneous Emission Observed in CUTE-FEL
A.3: Development of 1.3 GHz Single cell SCRF cavities
A.4: Development of Solid State RF Amplifiers at 352 MHz and 505.8 MHz
A.5: Investigation on Failed Septum Magnet Coils of Indus-2
A.6: Machining of Septum Magnet Coils for Indus-2
A.7: EPICS Based Control System for Microtron
A.8: Indus-1 Beamlines Gate Value Authorisation system
A.9: Indus-1 LCW Plant Control System Automation A.10: Development of Online Bunch Filling Pattern Measurement System in Indus-1 A.11: Development of 2K Cryostat A.12: Prototype solid state bouncer modulator designed and developed by RRCAT 12 has been commissioned at CERN

 Laser Programme:
L.1: Study of nano-ripple formation on different band-gap semiconductor 14 surfaced using femtosecond pulses
L.2: Alow cost, sensitive and high dynamic range CW laser power meter
L.3: High energy electron beam from sub-mm size laser-plasma accelerator
L.4: Development of 2.5J, 7ns Oscillator and Amplifier system
L.5: 3D simulation of relativistic electrons from laser driven wakefield acceleration

I.1: Scientific Computing and Software Development at RRCAT
I.2: Development of Information Systems at RRCAT
I.3: Development in Networking and Communication at RRCAT

 Theme Articles:

T.1: Commissioning of Angle Dispersive X-ray Diffraction beamline on Indus-2
T.2: Properties of Nanomaterials from First Principles Study
T.3: Laser colling and trapping of Rb atoms

 Publications:Publications from RRCAT during (Jan. 2010-June 2010)


N.1: Best Poster Presentation Prize at the SRMS-7 conference
N.2: RRCAT wins Best Landscape Rose Garden and Princess of Show Award 2010
N.3: Sports events by RRCAT Staff Club
N.4: RRCAT family wishes happy and healthy lives on superannuation
N.5: राजा रामन्‍ना प्रगत प्रौद्योगिकी केन्‍द्र द्वारा माह जनवरी, 2010 से जून, 2010 तक आयोजित हिन्‍दी की विभिन्‍न गतिविधियां


RRCAT Newsletter - Issue 2 of 2010

Chief Editor:
  • Dr. Shovan K. Majumder

Editorial Board:
  • Dr. Vinit Kumar
  • Dr. Tapas Ganguly
  • Dr. C. P. Paul
  • Sh. Shailendra S. Tomar
  • Sh. J. K. Pattnaik
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