RRCAT Newsletter: January - December 2003

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  Editorial desk

 Accelerator Program
  A.1: 750 kV DC Accelerator
  A.2: Prevention of potato sprouting by surface irradiation
  A.3: Vacuum testing of Indus-2 dipole chambers
  A.4: Batch production of UHV components
  A.5: Grazing incidence hard x-ray reflectometer
  A.6: Total reflection x-ray fluorescence spectrometer
  A.7: Linac and undolator development
  A.8: RF cavity for Indus-1 storage ring
  A.9: Chemical cleaning of dipole chambers for Indus-2
  A.10: Indus-2 LCW plant control
  A.11: Indus-2 control systems
  A.12: VME based fast ADC
  A.13: Planner transformer
  A.14: Development of fast closing shutter
  A.15: Magnetic measurements of Indus-e magnets

 Theme Article 1
  T.1: Synchrotron Radiation Source Indus-1

 Theme Article 2
  T.2: Research using Indus-1

 Laser Program
  L.1: Miniature N2 laser
  L.2: Laser aided land leveler
  L.3: 20kW CO2 laser
  L.4: Laser welding for Brachytherapy capsule
  L.5: Multirod CW Nd:YAG laser
  L.6: Fibre Optic distributed temperature sensor
  L.7: Pulse front tilt and duration measurements of femtosecond laser
  L.8: Time-resolved optical shear interferometer for laser-produced plasmas
  L.9: ZnO quantum dots by LPD
  L.10: IGBT based power supply for CVL
  L.11: Laser diode driver
  L.12: Drop tower furnace
  L.13: Cylindrical polishing machine

 Infrastructure Facilities

 List of Publications

 Other activities/ News and Snippets

January - December 2003

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