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Dr. C. P. Paul
Convener, Incubation Centre, RRCAT
Phone: +91 731 248 8396
Mobile: +91 94256 66596

Shri Praveen K. Agrawal
Co-convener, Incubation Centre, RRCAT
Phone: +91 731 248 2419
Mobile: +91 94258 31055

Technologies under Incubation

Incubation of "RRCAT 10 MeV, 10 kW Linac (KIRTI-1010) for process operations in Indian industrial environment"

RRCAT has developed a new, powerful 10 MeV, 10 kW electron linear accelerator (Linac), which is named as KIRTI-1010 (कीर्ति - कीटाणु रहितीकरण त्वरक इकाई). The linac will be used for electron beam radiation processing and has added to the “Atma Nirbhar Bharat” capabilities in this high-tech area. The linac has the highest operating beam power level in the country. The linac has been tested extensively at RRCAT. In order to take this high-tech Indian technology for wider application in the society, it is first necessary to test this system in Indian industrial environment. This is an extremely important step towards building confidence in indigenous technologies and systems. The purpose also includes generating industrial operational feedback and performance data which will be used for refining and ruggedizing the system design and for developing maintenance management systems which are important in such complex technology equipment.  For the above purpose, the expression of interest from industries was invited by the Incubation Centre-RRCAT and Microtrol Sterilization Services Private Limited, Mumbai was chosen for the above incubation.

In the beginning of Signing Ceremony, Dr. C P Paul, Convener Incubation Centre RRCAT welcome all to the ceremony and informed that incubation of linac is being carried out to meet three objectives – long term process operation in Indian industrial environment, development of product recipe based integrated facility operation control system with a single control interface, and ruggedization of fail-prone subsystems.

Dr. S V Nakhe, Director RRCAT and Shri Vikram Kalia, Director Microtrol after signing the incubation agreement.

In the opening remark, Dr. S V Nakhe, Director RRCAT said, “It is a new beginning, where RRCAT is signing agreement with industry for the incubation of high-value high-tech machine for further value addition based on the industrial feedback. It is a unique initiative towards “Atma Nirbhar Bharat”, as the machine will be operated by an industrial partner far away from RRCAT in Bengaluru.  RRCAT developed linac is first of its kind in the country, and the technology and capacity of building such linacs is available with only a few developed countries.” He further informed that RRCAT followed a transparent procedure for identifying the incubatee and certainly Microtrol was the most deserving incubatee.

Shri Jishnu Dwivedi, Head Industrial Accelerator Division, RRCAT informed about the challenges and timeline for the above incubation activity. According to present plan, the machine will be dispatched to Incubatee site at Bengaluru by the end of November 2022 and it will be installed for testing by the end of December 2022. He also highlighted the challenges ahead for the incubation and requested the support of all team members to achieve the goal.

Mr. Vikram Kalia, Director, Microtrol Sterilization Services Private Limited, Mumbai expressed his grateful to Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) for supporting entrepreneurs through the process, from plant design, training of manpower to assured raw material, literally through the life-cycle, “आदि से अंत तक”. He informed to the house that earlier DAE extended gamma radiation technology for radiation processing applications and now they are selected for the incubation of e-beam radiation processing technology. He further expressed those institutions, like – RRCAT will provide appropriate handholding for this growing industry for the successful deployment of these new technologies.

Dr. S V Nakhe and Mr. Vikram Kalia signed the incubation agreement on behalf Incubation Centre-RRCAT and Sterilization Services Private Limited, respectively. This may be noted that linac based electron beam radiation processing offers several advantages including being environmentally friendly, secure and fast (offering quick turnaround time for the processed goods). The linac e-beam technology is extremely useful for sterilization of medical devices. It can sterilize the medical devices in their finally packed condition and leaves no harmful residue in the medical devices. This, not only saves the devices from any chances of reinfection during subsequent handling, but also provides a safer alternative to the presently prevailing sterilization method based on environmentally hazardous, toxic and carcinogenic gas, like ethylene oxide which may also leave a residue in the product. In view of its advantages, the e-beam technology is rising rapidly around the world.

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