Incubation Centre – RRCAT

Incubation Centre - RRCAT

For more detail, please contact:

Dr. C. P. Paul
Convener, Incubation Centre, RRCAT
Phone: +91 731 248 8396
Mobile: +91 94256 66596

Shri Praveen K. Agrawal
Co-convener, Incubation Centre, RRCAT
Phone: +91 731 248 2419
Mobile: +91 94258 31055

About us

RRCAT is working in the areas of development and applications of lasers, particle accelerators and related technologies. The activities pursued at RRCAT have resulted in significant development in various advanced technological areas. The technologies developed have very good potential applications in industries and many technologies are transferred to industries for commercial utilization. The Incubation Centre at RRCAT (IC-RRCAT) is established to provide a suitable platform for mentorship to the business incubatees, startups and other industries which are interested in working in the selected high technology areas. At RRCAT, we offer and support to industries in the following four modes:

  1. Technology Transfer – Technology is provided on as-and-is basis.

  2. In-house Technology Incubation – Technology developed at RRCAT is augmented for value addition with industrial partner(s) through incubation.

  3. Collaborative Technology Incubation – Industries/ startups proposes a potential technology concept for incubation in collaboration with RRCAT.

  4. Incubation Services – The spare capacity of high-tech facilities available at RRCAT are shared with Indian industries/ startups to promote technology development and utilization.

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