RRCAT Newsletter - Issue 1 of 2015

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  From the Convener's Desk

 Accelerator Programme:
A.1: Indus-2 up-gradation with two insertion devices: A step towards 3rd generation regime
A.2: Design, development and installation of beam position indicator for insertion devices in Indus-2
A.3: Control system for beam based alignment in Indus-2
A.4: Probing of chemically and spatially resolved atomic profile at buried interfaces using reflectivity beam line at Indus-1
A.5: Development of power supplies for IRFEL beam transport line magnets
A.6: Up-gradation of Radiation Monitoring Control System (RMCS) for Indus-1
A.7: Electrostatic comb-drive: a powerful tool for microsensing and microactuation fabricated using BL-07 at Indus-2
A.8: Improvement of elemental detection sensitivities in XRF technique by using synchrotron source
A.9: XRD investigations of wurtziteZnOepitaxially grown over (111) oriented cubic Gap substrate
A.10: Electronic structure of Co2MnSn Heusler alloy investigated by RPES using Indus-1 and ab initio calculations
Probing of in-situ growth of gold nanoparticles at Energy Dispersive EXAFS beam-line (BL-8) of Indus-2
A.12: Crystal structure of PepQxc enzyme using protein crystallography beamline (PX-BL21) of Indus-2
A.13: Protection of intellectual property rights on laser welding technology for superconducting radio frequency cavities
A.14: Performance characterization of first 1.3GHz five cell SCRF cavity
A.15: Testing of tuner mechanism with 1.3GHz single-cell SCRF cavity at 2 K
A.16: Physics design of a 5 cell ßg=0.61, 650 MHz superconducting radio frequency cavity
A.17: Development of a ductile niobium-316L stainless steel brazed joint for conducting RF cavities
A.18: Development and installation of 650 MHz RF system at Vertical Test Stand
A.19: Design and development of 476 MHz pulsed RF system for Free Electron Laser (FEL)
A.20: Precision ion chamber electrometers for x-ray detection in Indus 2 beam lines

Laser Programme:

L.1: Laser cutting of yoke assembly triangular blocks of coolant channels in Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors (PHWR)
L.2: Development of ~25 W of eye-safe ytterbium-free erbium-doped fiber laser
L.3: Development of 2 W average power, 18 kHz repetition rate UV source at 255.3 nm by second harmonic generation of Copper-HBr laser
L.4: Laser driven high energy proton acceleration by thin foils
L.5: A new hybrid laser surface treatment rejuvenatesstress corrosion cracking damaged type 304L stainless steel
L.6: Development of long pulse (60 ns) XeCl excimer laser
L.7: All-fiber power amplification of mode-locked Yb-doped fiber laser to ~20W of average power
L.8: Increase of average-powers and pulse-durations of 510.6 and 578.2 nm components of copper bromide vapor laser with addition of hydrogen to neon buffer gas
L.9: Enhancement of magnetic properties of BiFeO3 epitaxial thin films by co-doping of La and Nd
L.10: Raman spectroscopy for detection of urea adulteration in milk
L.11: Mechanical and transport characteristics of tunneling nanotubes in tumor spheroids investigated using optical trap and microbeam
L.12: Development of Lab VIEW based automation of photoconductivity experiments
L.13: Develpoment of precision programmable nano-second time delay generation unit (TDU) for Copper Vapour Lasers (CVL)

I.1: Inauguration of North Gate of RRCAT
I.2: Construction of NISARGRUNA Biogas Plant in RRCAT
I.3: Multipurpose fire tender at RRCAT fire station

 Theme Articles:

T.1: Soft x-ray laser at 46.9 nm from argon plasma
T.2: Cryogenic aspects of testing superconducting RF cavities
T.3: Optics Design of a Bunch Compressor Transfer Line for CLIC Test Facility at CERN

 Publications: Publications from RRCAT during July 2014 - December 2014


N.1: Graduation Function of 14th Batch of BARC Training School at RRCAT
N.2: Vanasancharat RRCAT
N.3: Honours and Awards
N.4: Superannautions
N.5: आरआरकेट में माह जुलाई, 2014 से दिसंबर, 2014 तक की अवधि के दौरान हिन्दी के प्रचार-प्रसार से संबंधित विभिन्न गतिविधियाँ


RRCAT Newsletter - Issue 1 of 2015

  • Dr. Rajeev Khare

Editorial Board:
  • Dr. Vinit Kumar
  • Sh. Shailendra S. Tomar
  • Dr. M. B. Borage
  • Dr. Aparna Chakrabarty
  • Dr. Anand Moorti
  • Dr. Sunil Verma
  • Sh. J. K. Pattnaik
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