RRCAT Newsletter - Issue 1 of 2009

  From the Director's Desk
  From the Editorial Board

 Accelerator Programme:
A.1: Full energy operation of Indus-2  
A.2: Pulsed injection kicker magnets for Booster Synchrotron of Indus-1 and 2 
A.3: Development of heat exchangers for helium refrigerator/ liquefier  
A.4: Design and development of torque measurement rig for stepper motor at cryogenic temperature
A.5: Development of residual resistivity ratio measurement facility for niobium  
A.6: Development of high reflectance Mo/Si soft x-ray multilayer mirror for normal incidence applications  
A.7: Ultra-capacitor charger power supply 
A.8: Vacuum brazing of 8-cell PWT Linac assembly and collimators of front end   

 Laser Programme:
L.1: High quality relativistic electron beam from laser wake-field acceleration  
L.2: Raman spectroscopy for in vivo diagnosis of oral neoplasia  
L.3: Machine vision system for nuclear reactor fuel pellet inspection
L.4: Nonlinear optics from an excited state in strongly correlated systems  
L.5: Real time in-vivo imaging of Zebrafish brain using optical coherence tomography
L.6: Development of supervisory control for gallium nitride metal organic vapour phase epitaxy (GaN MOVPE) system   
L.7: Multi-keV x-ray dispersionless spectrograph based on the x-ray CCD camera
L.8: Pre-welding laser surface treatment to enhance inter-granular corrosion resistance of gas tungsten arc weldment of type 304 stainless steel
L.9: Dependence of the high order harmonic intensity on the length of the plasma plume
L.10: Development of high power diode-side-pumped CW Nd: YAG laser
L.11: Role of location and orientation of Pockels cell in a laser resonator cavity
L.12: Development of platinum-loaded carbon aerogel catalyst for isotopic exchange of hydrogen and deuterium

I.1: Scientific computing and software development at RRCAT
I.2: Development of information systems at RRCAT
I.3: Development in Networking and Communication at RRCAT
I.4: Modification in power distribution helps in Indus-2 performance improvement

 Theme Articles:
T.1: All Solid State Pulsed Power Supply for Copper Vapour Lasers 
T.2: Precise survey and alignment of accelerator machines  
T.3: Interesting behaviour of superconductors and magnetic materials in magnetic field

Publications from RRCAT during January 2009- June 2009

N.1: Graduation Function of 8th Batch of BARC Training School, RRCAT  
N.2: Advanced Technical Workshops  
N.4: First Aid Training for RRCAT Employees 
N.5: “Best Poster Award” for the RRCAT scientists
N.6: “Best Thesis Award” of the Indian Laser Association for RRCAT scientist
N.7: “Prof. Ramasamy National Award” for RRCAT scientist
N.8: RRCAT team bags a Group Achievement Award
N.9: DAE Special Contribution Award


RRCAT Newsletter - Issue 1 of 2009

Editorial Board:
  • Dr. P. A. Naik
  • Dr. S. B. Roy
  • Dr. G. S. Lodha
  • Sh. Anil Banerji
  • Smt. Alpana Rajan
  • Dr. S. K. Majumdar
  • Dr. Vinit Kumar
  • Sh. J. K. Pattnaik
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