RRCAT Newsletter - Issue 2 of 2005

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 Laser Programme:
  L.1: Development of 40 Watt copper HyBrID laser
  L.2: Photodynamic treatment of oral tumours in hamster cheek pouch model using Chlorine p6, a chlorophyll derivative
  L.3: Observation of spin-independent transverse shift of the centre of gravity of a Reflected Laguerre-Gaussian optical beam
  L.4: Design and fabrication of electro-optic modulator based on LiNbO3
  L.5: Sol-gel based anti-reflection coating on Nd: glass laser rods and wedge-shaped Optics using spin coater
  L.6: Highly stable operation of regenerative amplifier for Table Top Terawatt Nd:glass laser system
  L.7: Laser light scattering and x-ray emission from laser heated gas clusters
  L.8: Setting up of an optical coating plant and some results
  L.9: Advancement in sealed-off nitrogen laser system and uranium analyzer
  L.10: Compact density measurement station
  L.11: Digital speckle metrology
  L.12: pH dependent binding of Chlorin-p6 with lipid membranes: A fluorescence Spectroscopic study
  L.13: Laser welding of automobile transmission gear assemblies
  L.14: Improved mechanical properties of Inconel-625 components by laser rapid manufacturing
  L.15: Efficient 60 W green beam generation by use of an intracavity frequency-doubled diode side-pumped Q switched Nd: YAG rod laser
  L.16: Conduction cooled edge-pumped slab laser
  L.17: Temperature tuned, birefringent filter based 500 mW SLM IR laser
  L.18: Development of laser based system for cutting and welding of bellow lip of a Coolant channel in a pressurized heavy water reactor

 Theme Article 1
  T.1: Indus-2 magnet power supplies

 Theme Article 2
  T.2: RF system for Indus-2

 Accelerator Programme:
  A.1: Assembly and test of beam transfer line-3 meant for electron injection into Indus-2
  A.2: Estimation of elastic couplings in the short straight section of LHC during Alignment involving jack movements
  A.3: Motorizable high precision motion adaptors and jacks for inner triples of LHC
  A.4: Data acquisition system for contact resistance measurement of super conducting Corrector magnets
  A.5: Ferromagnetic shape memory alloys
  A.6: Optical design of XRF microprobe beam line on Indus-2
  A.7: Data acquisition system (DAS) for reflectivity beam line on Indus-1
  A.8: X-ray standing wave characterization of layered materials
  A.9: Development of soft x-ray/ extreme ultra violet Mo/Si multilayer mirrors And their characterization using Indus-1
  A.10: Diffuse reflectance analysis of dyes with FTIR spectrometer

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 Science Day-2005
 Women's Day Celebration in CAT

RRCAT Newsletter - Issue 2 of 2005

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