RRCAT Newsletter - Issue 2 of 2004

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  Editorial desk

 Laser Program
  L.1: High-current-density pulsed electron emission from ferroelectric discs
  L.2: New techniques for sensitive detection and estimation of chirp and pulse asymmetry of femtosecond laser pulses
  L.3: Towards new giant magneto caloric materials
  L.4: Laser rapid manufacturing of colmonoy-6 bushes
  L.5: Enhancement of intergranular corrosion resistance of 316 (N) weld metal by laser surface resolidification
  L.6: Improved cut quality in titanium with modulated CO2 laser beam
  L.7: Characterization of magneto-optic trap
  L.8: Highly efficient diode-side-pumped CW:YAG laser
  L.9: Compact efficient intracavity frequency doubled Nd: YAG laser producing 30 W average green power
  L.10: 200mW SLM green laser at 532 using ICSHG technique
  L.11: Locking of external resonant cavity to 1064nm using HCD scheme
  L.12: End plate cutting of nuclear fuel bundle

 Theme Article 1
  T.1: Functional Magnetic Materials: Synergy Between Basic Science And Evolving Technology

 Theme Article 2
  T.2: Experience with RF Cavity for Synchrotron Storage Ring Indus-1

 Accelerator Program
  A.1: Magnetic Measurements on Indus-2 Quadrupole Magnets
  A.2: Commissioning of 10 Mev, 10kw Electron Linac for Irradiation of Food and Medical Products
  A.3: Calibration System for Indus-2 Beam Position Indicators
  A.4: Versatile driver for laser diodes
  A.5: Treatment of Electroplating Effluent by Ion Exchange Method
  A.6: Electron Gun Test Setup for Indus-2 crotch assemblies
  A.7: Development of System for Synchrotron Optics Cleaning
  A.8: Series Testing of Super conducting Magnets using SC Switch
  A.9: The DAE-CERN Collaboration for the Testing and Evaluation of Super-conducting Magnets of the LHC

 Infrastructure Facilities


 List of Publications

 Vision Meeting
 National Science Day
 National Scientist Research Program-2004
 Super Conducting Decapole - Octupole Corrector Magnets for CERN
 CAT-KEK-Sokendai School

RRCAT Newsletter - Issue 2 of 2004

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