Construction and Services Division

Construction and Services Division is dedicated towards providing of the following

  • Planning, Design and Construction of Laboratories, offices, hostels, Guest house, School, Hospital, Residential buildings and various other public buildings inside RRCAT premises including public health, Electrical, Air conditioning and ventilation and telecommunication works.
  • Design and commissioning of electrical power distribution systems for various facilities of the centre.
  • Operation and maintenance of 132/11KV substation and other load centre substation and provides adequate and reliable power supply to the centre.
  • To carry out maintenance in all types of buildings and housing and assist the end users in solving basic problems with a view to achieve comfort, functional efficiency and increasing the life of building and equipment. The nature of activities carried out by Construction and Services Division includes all aspects of maintenance management, preventive maintenance, planning and scheduling, root cause analysis etc.
  • Efficient and prompt operation, maintenance and upkeep of various services such as water supply, electricity, air conditioning and ventilation, drainage, lifts, garbage, roads etc.
  • Maintenance of gardens to give staff and residents a clean and green environment.


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