Laser Development & Industrial Applications Section (LDIAS)

The mandate of LDIAS is to pursue research and developmental work in the area of advanced solid state lasers and their industrial applications such as laser cutting, welding, peening, marking, laser additive manufacturing etc. This involves intricate technological challenges such as laser processing of engineering materials, development of high power solid state lasers pumped by flash-lamps and laser diodes, high power intra-cavity second harmonic generation, fiber lasers in cw and mode-locked regimes to generate ultra-short pulses.

The activities of this division is not only limited to R&D of new laser systems but also upgrade the already existing technologies and to supply the engineered products to end users on turn-key basis. The division is extensively involved in the development of laser material processing techniques, remote controlled tools and fixtures for rejuvenation/ repair of nuclear power reactors. The division is also involved in the usage of high power solid state lasers for industrial applications not limited to development of complex shape components and joining of dissimilar materials by laser additive manufacturing process for applications within as well as outside DAE.

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Dr. K.S. Bindra
Head, Laser Technology Division
Phone: +91-731-2442317(Off)
Email: bindra (at)
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