Laser Components Design & Fabrication Section

Glass & Ceramic Components Development Facility

GCCDF comes under the purview of LCDFS. The facility carries out development and fabrication of various types of UHV compatible glass to metal sealed & ceramic to metal sealed components and devices for use in various labs of RRCAT by using state-of-the-art methods and techniques. A variety of high quality components developed and manufactured in this facility are being used as a import substitutes. The facility is always keen to undergo development of UHV compatible glass & ceramic components and devices as per the user's need and requirement.

Group members:                

Sh. Ajay Kak, Scientific Officer 'E' & Incharge, GCCDF

There are seven associates including Scientific Officer, Scientific Assistant, Foreman and Skilled Technician.





Ajay kak




Foreman D


Santosh Siotole



S. Sowrirajan



Raj Kumar Solanki



Rajesh Kumar Verma

Sr.Tech J



Tech C






Important jobs completed at GCCDF

Hydrogen furnace (capacity: hot zone Ø 450 mm x 600 mm) Manufacturer: Chemco, USA
Glass Annealing Furnace
Useful Capacity 1000mm x500mm x 500mm
Max temperature 1200o C
Producer: Sumitsu, India

Induction heating machine (hot zone size 25 mm - 150 mm)
Manufacturer: Microtech India
Important jobs completed at GCCDF
Important jobs completed at GCCDF
Scientific glass working facility (Glass melting burners, glass working lathes, glass working tables etc.)
Glass to Metal Ceiling Furnace and Hydrogen Furnace (Hot Zone 300x300x300mm) Temperature 1200 C, Manufacturer: Lynn, Germany
Diamond Impregnated Glass Cutting Machine, Producer: Arnold Gmbh, Germany
Glass to Metal Ceiling Furnace (Hot Zone Size: 300mm x 200mm x 200mm), Maximum Temperature: 1100°C.

Components developed in the laboratory

Demountable Hollow Cathode Lamp Multi gas thermionic detector For laser spectroscopy
Multi gas thermionic detector
Double Walled Crystal Growth Cell
Sealed off thermionic detector
UHV Compatible Ceramic-Metal Feedthrough
Multiport glass to metal sealed magneto optic trap chamber
Important jobs completed at GCCDF
Hermetically Sealed Multipin Glass to Metal Seal
MOT. For Multi Window Port UHV Compatible Borosil Glass-Metal Systems
Large Size Glass To Metal Seal For Solar Receiver Tube

Important jobs completed at GCCDF
Hermetically sealed viewports and multipin feedthrough
UHV Compatible Coaxial Ceramic-Metal Sealed RF Power Coupler
Coaxial double walled carbon dioxide discharge tube
Coaxial triple walled carbon dioxide Laser discharge tube
Carbon dioxide laser test set up (length 600 mm x outer diameter 25 mm)
Copper Vapor Laser Tube with Xtrong Flanges (Length 1800 mm x Dia 115 mm)
Carbon monoxide discharge axial tube (Length 600 mm x outer diameter 25 mm, inner tube diameter 12 mm).
Hydrogen Brazing of Coaxial Power Coupler for 325 MHz RFQ
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