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Homi Bhabha National Institute (HBNI) activities

RRCAT is a constituent unit of Homi Bhabha National Institute (HBNI), Mumbai –a deemed to be university Materials Science Section is involved in the academic activities of HBNI where students enroll for their M.Tech, M.Phil and Ph. D. degrees from HBNI.

A list of HBNI faculty members from MSS is given below:

  1. Prof. Tarun Kumar Sharma], Professor, Faculty of Physical Sciences, HBNI
  2. Prof. Vijay Kumar Dixit [], Associate Professor, Faculty of Physical Sciences, HBNI

A list of current PhD students is given below:

Sr#NameResearch TopicGuide Year of Registration
1 Deepesh Nimje High-Density Oxide Layers For High Power Laser Application Prof. V. K. Dixit 2022
2 Rijul Raychaudhari Spectroscopic Investigations on MOVPE grown Gallium Phosphide epi-layers integrated on polar and non-polar substrates Prof. V. K. Dixit 2014
3 Geetanjali* Investigations of optoelectronic properties in semiconductor hetero and quantum structures for infrared applications Prof. V. K. Dixit 2017
4 Durga Prasad Khatua Ultrafast Photoexcited Carrier Dynamics in 2-Dimensional Molybdenum Disulfide Prof. J. Jayabalan 2017

*Ms. Geetanjali also holds a position of scientific Officer/D at RRCAT, Indore

A list of current M.Tech students is given below:

Sr# Name Research Topic Guide Year of Registration
1 Krishnapada Maity Impact of defects and dislocations in GaN epitaxial layers on the performance of visible blind ultra-violet photodetectors Prof. T. K. Sharma 2022
2 Manish K. Singh Deposition and characterization of Titanium nitride thin films on stainless steel substrates for possible applications in UHV chambers Prof. T. K. Sharma 2021

We are constantly looking for motivated students for carrying out research work for a PhD degree. MTech and MSc students who wants to do short term projects are also welcome. Click here for the current opening (

Former HBNI PhD Students
S. No. Name Thesis Title Year Guide
1 Priyabrata Mudi Spectroscopic investigations of Semiconductor Nanostructures using polarized light 2016 Prof. T. K. Sharma
2 Sabina Gurung Static and ultrafast optical response of metal-semiconductor hybrid nanostructure 2015 Prof. J. Jayabalan
3 Abhishek Chatterjee* Electronic Transport Studies on Nitride epitaxial layers and heterostructures 2021 Prof. T. K. Sharma
4 Subhomoy Haldar Growth and magneto-optical transport studies on bulk and quantum structures of semiconductors 2020 Prof. V. K. Dixit
5 Kum. Shweta Verma* Studies on plasmonic responses of metal nanoparticles of varied morphologies and their interaction with semiconductor nanostructures 2019 Prof. J. Jayabalan
6 Ravi Kumar* High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction studies on III-V semiconductors 2019 Prof. T. K. Sharma
7 Dipankar Jana Spectroscopic characterization of AlGaN/GaN heterostructures 2018 Prof. T. K. Sharma
8 Shailesh Khamari* Transport properties of spin polarized carriers in semiconductors 2018 Prof. T. K. Sharma
9 Salahuddin Khan* Effect of surface and interface on the carrier dynamics of quantum wells. 2017 Prof. Rama Chari
*These students also hold a position of Scientific Officer at RRCAT, Indore

Former HBNI M.Tech Students

S. No. Name Thesis Title Year Guide
1 Geetanjali Investigation of structural and optoelectronic properties of InAsxP1-x/InP QWs for the development of infrared detector 2015 Prof. V. K. Dixit
2 Abhishek Chatterjee Electrical Characterization of Nitride Epitaxial Layers 2013 Prof. T. K. Sharma
3 Shailesh Khamari Characterization of MOVPE grown GaAs based p-i-n diodes 2009 Prof. Tapas Ganguli
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