Materials Science Section


  1. Clean Room Facilities
    Materials Synthesis and Device fabrication facilities of MSS are installed inside clean room of Class 10K and 1K respectively. There are two clean room laboratories having an area of about 400 Sq. meters. Ultrafast laser facilities are housed in class 100 clean room tents.

  2. Materials Synthesis Facility
    1. AIX200 MOVPE System for conventional Arsenides/Phosphides
    2. Nitride MOVPE System
    3. Wet chemical synthesis facility for semiconductor quantum dot and metal-semiconductor hybrid nanostructures
    4. Thin film deposition of metallic nanoparticles using Spin Coater
    5. DC and RF Sputtering System with load lock facility

  3. Materials Characterization Facility
    1. HRXRD facility (X’Pert Pro)
    2. Scanning Probe microscopy (AFM, STM, KPFM,MFM) – Bruker Multimode-8
    3. Spectroscopy Lab (PL, PR, SPV), 10 K to RT
    4. Electronic Transport Measurement Facility (IV, CV, Hall: 40K to RT) and ECV profiler
    5. Magneto-optics Measurement Facility, 1.4 K to RT, 8 Tesla
    6. Micro-Photoluminescence Measurement Facility
    7. Optical Nonlinearity Measurement Facility
    8. FTIR system
    9. UV-VIS -NIR Transmission/Reflection Spectrophotometer

  4. Device Fabrication Facility
    1. Quintel Q4000 Photolithography for 2” wafers
    2. Indigenously developed Maskless Photolithography
    3. Thermal and e-beam Evaporation facility
    4. Thermosonic Wire Bonder
    5. Manual Scriber
    6. Chemical Wet Benches
    7. RTA for III-V
    8. RTA for Nitrides
    9. RIE System
    10. Surface Profiler

  5. Device Testing Facility
    1. LI test for laser diodes
    2. Spectral measurements for laser diodes and photodetectors
    3. Photoresponse measurements for photodetectors
    4. NEP measurements for photodetectors

  6. Ultrafast Lasers related facilities
    1. High stability high rep-rate tunable femtosecond laser system
    2. Ultrafast UV-VIS-NIR tunable high-power OPA system
    3. High power 35 fs Laser amplifier system
    4. Pulse Compressor/Stretcher
    5. Facilities for the characterizer for Ultrafast pulses (CUP & FROG)

  7. Ultrafast Spectroscopic techniques
    1. Pump-probe Absorption Spectroscopy
    2. Transient Reflectance Spectroscopy
    3. Time-resolved Photoluminescence Measurements
    4. Time-resolved Spin Dynamics Measurements
    5. De-coherence measurements on 2D materials.

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