Photophysics beamline

Beamline overview

The Angle Resolved Photo Electron Spectroscopy (ARPES) beamline on Indus-1 synchrotron radiation source (SRS) covers the photon energy range of 12 to 300 eV to carry out valence band PES measurements in angle integrated as well as angle resolved mode. The experimental station of the beamline has been recently upgraded with 5 axis cryo manipulator, a separate sample preparation chamber to facilitate in-situ PES studies of solid samples including thin films. Measurements can be performed on thin films and pellet samples as well as in Angle Resolved mode on oriented thin film & single crystal samples.

The Beamline
The Beamline

Beamline parameters & Optical layout

Energy Range12- 300 eV
Flux~1010 photons/sec./mm2
Resolving power E/ΔE1,000-5,000
Beam Size1 mm(H) Χ 1 mm (V)
MonochromatorToroidal Grating Monochromator

The Beamline
  1. The beamline optics consists of a pre-focusing mirror, monochromator, and a post-focusing mirror.
  2. All the focusing optical elements are toroidal, coated with platinum on zerodur substrate.
  3. The beamline uses a 1.4-meter toroidal grating monochromator (Jobin Yvon-TGM-1400) for covering the energy range of 12 to 300 eV with three inter changeable gratings (200 Grooves/mm, 600 Grooves/mm and 1800 Grooves/mm)

Experimental station

The experimental station consists of:

  1. Analysis chamber
  2. Preparation chamber
  3. Thin film deposition chamber
  4. Load Lock chamber
Experimental station
Experimental station

A) Analysis chamber
Chamber materialMu metal
Base vacuum< 5x10-11 mbar
Electron analyserMake: Phoibos 150 HSA
Energy resolution: 2 meV (Overall resolution with beamline: 140 meV- 400 meV)
Angular resolution: 0.1°
Flood gunFor insulating sample
Sample manipulatori) 5-axis cryo (CCR based) manipulator (RT to 6 K)
ii) Provision for sample biasing (up to 20 V)
Lab sources:He discharge lamp & Twin anode (Al/Mg) x-ray source

B) Preparation chamber
Base pressure < 5x10-10 mbar
In-situ sample preparation• Ar ion sputtering
• Annealing up to 800° C
• Scrapping & cleaving
LEED/AUGEROperating range: 10 eV- 3000 eV

C) Thin film deposition chamber
Base vacuum < 2x10-9 mbar
Deposition techniquePLD based with Nd:YAG laser
Sample (substrate) transfer facilityIn-situ transfer of thin film sample to analysis chamber

D) Load Lock chamber
Time to achieve base vacuum of ~10-9 mbar after loading sample from atmosphere ~ 8 hours
Sample transferSample can be transferred from atmosphere and in vacuum from PLD chamber (for in-situ PES measurement)
Sample parkingFor 3 samples in load lock chamber and 5 samples in parking

Application Areas

  1. Spectroscopy of buried interfaces
  2. Elemental composition
  3. Chemical state information
  4. Band offset measurement of hetro-junction
  5. Work function measurement
  6. Functional materials, phase transition studies as a function of temperature
  7. Band structure

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Science Highlights

Science Highlights

Science Highlights

Science Highlights

Team members

  1. Dr. Shilpa Tripathi
  2. Shri Mangla Nand
  3. Shri Yogesh Kumar
  4. Smt. Babita Vinayak Salaskar

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