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Scanning EXAFS beamline

Beamline overview

The scanning EXAFS beamline is meant for X-ray absorption fine-structure (XAFS) spectroscopy experiments, including X-ray absorption near-edge structure (XANES) and extended X-ray absorption fine-structure (EXAFS) spectral measurements in the energy range of 5 to 25 keV. The key component of the beamline is Double Crystal Monochromator (DCM) which is used for energy selection from the white synchrotron beam.

The Beamline
Beamline view

Beamline parameters & Optical layout

Energy Range4 to 25 keV
Flux109 ph/sec at 10 keV
Resolving power104
Beam Size1 mm x 0.2 mm
MonochromatorSi(111) based Double Crystal monochromator

Beamline parameters & Optical layout
Beamline optics mainly consists of:
  1. Two Rh and Pt coated meridional cylindrical mirrors :
    1. Pre-mirror : Used for collimation, which is horizontally mounted on hexapod.
    2. Post-mirror : Used For focusing the beam vertically at sample position.
  2. Si(111) Double Crystal Monochromator (DCM): Monochromatic radiation is obtained using two Si(111) crystals. First one is plane crystal and second one is mechanically bendable (sagitally) crystal which helps to focus beam horizontally at the fixed sample position.
  3. Higher harmonics are rejected by changing the angle of incidence at the second mirror or by detuning the second crystal of the monochromator.

Experimental station

The experimental hutch is equipped to record EXAFS spectra of the samples in transmission as well as in fluorescence mode.

For measurements in the transmission mode, the sample is placed between two ionization chamber detectors. The first ionization chamber measures the incident flux and the second ionization chamber measures the transmitted intensity. A third ionization chamber is also used where reference metal foils are measured for energy calibration. For dilute samples or thin films, fluorescence is recorded using silicon drift detectors, which is placed in front of the sample in 45º degree geometry.

Experimental station
Sample environment:

1. High temperature cell:

High temperature reaction cells are available for temperature dependent XAFS studies on solid samples. The reaction cell can be used under various gaseous environments for transmission mode of EXAFS measurements. Maximum temperature achievable is 1000 K.

High temperature cell

2. Low temperature XAFS measurement facility

A closed cycle cryostat is installed for measurement in transmission as well as in fluorescence mode. The cryostat is mounted on a motorised stage for aligning the sample remotely from beam line control PC. The lowest temperature achievable with this cryostat is 10 K

Low temperature XAFS measurement facility

Application Areas

  1. The beamline can be used to study local structural properties around a specific element in materials like:
    • liquids/solutions
    • single and poly crystalline materials,
  2. In-situ XAFS studies can be performed e.g.
    • Monitoring growth of nanoparticle in solution phase
    • Battery: charging-discharging
    • Structure-activity correlation of catalyst
  3. Temperature dependent EXAFS studies to probe local structural changes across structural and magnetic phase transition.
  4. The energy range available from the beamline is useful for:
    • K-edge studies of many elements in the range 20 < Z < 47(viz. Ti, Zn, Cu, Ga , Zr, Rb, Sr, Mo etc.).
    • L-edge studies of high Z (Z > 47) elements: (viz. Rare earth elements, Au, Pt, Th, U etc.)

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  3. Shri Ankur Agrawal
  4. Dr. Parasmani Rajput
  5. Dr. Chandrani Nayak
  6. Dr. Ashok Kumar Yadav
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