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EXAFS Beamline (BL-8)


The Dispersive Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (DEXAFS) beamline has been set up by Applied Spectroscopy Division, BARC at the Indus-2 synchrotron radiation source.
The DEXAFS Beamline (BL08) at Indus-2 is dedicated to X-ray absorption spectroscopy in the transmission mode, using  dispersive optics. In this beamline a bent crystal (Si 111) polychromator is used to select a band of energy from the white synchrotron beam which is horizontally dispersed and focused on the sample. The crystal is bent in the shape of an ellipse in such a way that source & sample positions are at two focii of the ellipse. The transmitted beam intensity from the sample is recorded on a position sensitive CCD detector, thus enabling recording of the whole EXAFS spectrum around an absorption edge in a single shot (typical acquisition time of one spectrum is ~300 msec). A mirror is used prior to the polychromator for vertical focusing and higher harmonics rejection.

Optical layout

Beamline specifications


Bending magnet (2.5 GeV Indus-2 Source)

Energy Range



1.5 mrad horizontal  x  0.2 mrad vertical



Rh coated meridional cylindrical mirror with fixed radius of curvature of 1319m, Horizontally mounted for vertical focusing and higher harmonic rejection


Elliptically bent Si(111) Polychromator
Vertically mounted on a mechanical bender
Mean Radius variable between 2 m to 20 m

Post mirror


Observed Spot size @sample position

250microns(H) x 500microns(V) at 20keV

Observed Resolution

5 x 103 @ 20 keV

7.5 x 103 @13 keV

8.5 x 103 @ 11 keV

Photon flux

1012 photons/sec/1000eV bandwidth

Typical acquisition time for one EXAFS spectrum

300 msec

Sample Environment

Mount available for various forms of samples viz., powder, pellets, liquids etc.
High temperature (450º C) reaction cell to study in-situ kinetics for pellet samples

Experimental station

The experimental station consists of a θ-2θ goniometer with a telescopic 2θ arm on which sample and detector stages are mounted. The polychromator is mounted on the θ axis. Both θ and 2 θ motions are independently controlled through a PC. The telescopic arm moves on a granite slab with pneumatic air pads. Sample and detector stages are provided with remote controlled X-Y-Z and tilt mechanisms. Sample stage has facility to mount 12 samples (maximum sample dia: 25mm) at a time; any sample can be brought into the beam path for transmission measurement remotely. Generally samples in pellet or powder form can easily be mounted on the sample holder. Liquid samples confined in a proper cell with x-ray transmission window can also be mounted. A high temperature (upto 750K) cell, which can accommodate sample up to 12mm dia, is available for temperature dependent EXAFS studies. A low temperature sample environment will also be inducted soon in the beamline.


Angular resolution of goniometer 18arcsec
2 θ range -5 to 45 degree
Sample and detector manipulations X, Y (±15mm), Z (-10 to 35mm), tilts(±50)
Sample environment Air/vacuum
Sample temperature range 300 to 750 K


EXAFS studies of Eu 3+ doping in GaOOH  nanorods


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