Ultra High Vacuum Technology Section

Areas of Expertise

  • Design, Development, Testing, Installation, Commissioning, Operation, Maintenance and 24 X 365 days availability of complete vacuum systems for large accelerators such as Microtron, Booster, Indus-1, Indus-2, IRFEL, Industrial Linacs dedicated as national R&D facilities

  • Structural, thermal and Pressure Profile Simulation of Accelerator Vacuum Chambers and associated components

  • Design, Development, Erection and commissioning of large coating setup based on DC Magnetron Sputtering Technique

  • Design, development, testing and deployment of customised UHV chambers, photon absorbers, rf-shielded bellows, NEG coated insertion device chambers and Ti coated Alumina UHV Chambers for accelerator application

  • Evaluation of specific outgassing rate of vacuum materials

  • Development of non-evaporable getter (NEG) and Titanium coatings for accelerator UHV application

  • UHV qualification and Residual Gas Analysis

  • Design and development of UHV compatible brazed joints (OFHC Cu-OFHC Cu, OFHC Cu-SS, Glidcop-OFE Cu, Alumina-Cu, Alumina-Ti and Alumina-Kovar)

  • UHV Lab facilities such as Large & small NEG Coating setups, Controlled atmosphere advanced laboratory furnace, Calibration setups for BAG controllers and RGAs, Outgassing measurement setup, Pumping speed measurement setup of different pumps, UPS system for lab instruments, small engineering workshop etc.

  • Design, Planning & execution of Electrical and Hot water bake outs of UHV components of Indus-1, Indus-2, NEG coated & uncoated chambers.

  • Development of thin film Polymide heaters for baking & NEG activation up to 2000c for UHV Chambers & upcoming future accelerators.

  • Design, Development, Fabrication and Calibration facility of Thermocouple (K Type, R Type & S Type) sensors for critical UHV components of Indus accelerators and in various UHV experimental setups.

  • Design, development & operation of Titanium sublimation Pump (TSP) Power controllers for large accelerators.

  • Procurement, Installation & Commissioning of 3-phase online static UPS systems up to 100 kVA rating with back up of up to 2 hours at full load with VRLA battery banks for uninterrupted conditioned power to critical loads.

  • Production, testing and deployment of Sputter Ion Pumps for RRCAT Accelerator requirements

  • Operation on 24x7 basis and maintenance of more than 100 nos. of SIP power supplies functioning in Indus accelerators and Industrial linacs.

  • Design, development, mass production, operation and maintenance of nearly 60 nos. of BAG controllers, Penning gauge controllers, 21 nos. of 8 channel Temperature Monitoring Units, 30 nos. of Valve Controllers, 48 channel of temperature controller units for baking, in Indus accelerators.

  • In house fabrication of high radiation compatible thermo couple sensors for use in high radiation field facilities.

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