Switch Mode Power Converter Section (SMPCS)
Students’ Projects

Students from various institutes and universities from all over India have carried out project works at Switch Mode Power Converter Lab towards partial fulfilment of their post graduate degree. Given below is a list of thesis titles pertaining to the project works:
  1. Analysis, Design and Development of Two-Switch Forward Converter and Effect of Transformer Winding Capacitance.
  2. Design and Development of Quadrupole Magnet Power Converter for TL-2 of Indus-1. 
  3. Full Bridge Zero-Voltage-Switching Converter for Wide Load Range Applications.
  4. Performance Enhancement of High Frequency Switching Converters Using Passive Techniques.
  5. Analysis, Design and Implementation of Lossless Turn-off and Turn-on Snubber in High-Power High-Frequency Dual Buck Inverter.
  6. Design of High-Power AC-to-DC and DC-to-DC Converters.
  7. Design and Development of 25 kW Buck Converter.
  8. Analytical and Experimental Studies on Various Electronics Subsystems Used in a Magnet Power Supply.
  9. Sensitivity Analysis of Resonant Immittance Converters.
  10. Analysis, Design and Simulation of Interleaved Series Input Parallel Output (ISIPO) Forward Converters.
  11. Studies on Switch Mode Power Supplies for Electromagnets in Particle Accelerators.
  12. Performance Evaluation and Reliability Analysis of a 20 kW Electromagnet Power Supply.
  13. Analysis and Design of Current-Fed Symmetrical Capacitor-Diode Voltage Multiplier.
  14. Design and Development of FPGA Based Digital Controller for Magnet Power Supplies.
  15. Design and Characterisation of Feedback Control Loop for Magnet Power Supply in Particle Accelerators.
  16. Development of Two-Quadrant Converter and its Application in Characterization of Inductors.
  17. Study and Simulation of Average Current Mode Control for Power Converters.
  18. Analysis, Design and Development of Fast-ramped, Switch-mode Power Converter for Inductive Load.
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