Proton Linac Development Division
Low Energy Beam Transport system

The Low Energy Beam Transport (LEBT) is a low energy component of 1 GeV proton linac. It provides transverse phase space matching between ion source and RFQ and chop the beam for matching with RFQ. Fig. 1 shows the CAD model of LEBT. The major components of LEBT are two solenoid magnets, two steering magnets, vacuum chamber, vacuum pumps and gauges, and beam diagnostic instruments. All these components are installed on a strong support structure. Before connecting to ion source, these components were aligned with the help of 7 axes portable arm CMM. A compact vacuum chamber (Fig. 3) connects the ion source with the LEBT and also provides vacuum differential between ion source and LEBT. The H- ion beam has been transported till end of LERBT. Fig. 4 shows the measured beam current and beam spot at the end of LEBT.

Fig. 1: CAD model of LEBT
Fig. 2: Assembled LEBT
Fig. 3: Compact vacuum chamber to connect Ion Source with LEBT
Fig. 4: Measured beam current and beam spot at the end of LEBT

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