Proton Linac Development Division
Development of Cryostats for Superconducting Magnets

  • Cryostat for Testing of Superconducting Magnets
  • RRCAT is working on development of superconducting insertion devices viz. Superconducting Multipole Wiggler (MPW) and Superconducting Wavelength Shifter (SWLS) for installation in Indus-2. Besides these, RRCAT is also working on development of superconducting magnets for use in XMCD beamline of Indus-2 and superconducting magnets/coils for use in upcoming electron/proton accelerators. For testing and qualification of these magnets at liquid helium temperature (4 K), a test cryostat is being developed. The design work of the cryostat has been completed and process for fabrication has been initiated. The overall envelope of cryostat is 1300 mm (approx.) in diameter and 2400 mm (approx.) in height. The clear aperture required for cryostat helium vessel is 750 mm diameter (approx.).

    CAD model of Magnet test cryostat
    Half section view of Magnet test cryostat
  • Cryostat for Superconducting Wavelength Shifter (SWLS)
  • A Superconducting Wavelength Shifter will be installed as Insertion Device in Indus-2 to deliver hard X-rays to the beamline researchers which are not available from the normal conducting bending magnets. For this a 5 tesla prototype superconducting wavelength shifter is planned to be developed indigenously. The design of cryostat to house the magnet system is highly challenging from point of view of low heat leak-in cryostat, various safety features, space constraint, assembly etc. A preliminary design calculation of the cryostat has been carried out and further engineering design is in progress.

    Basic dimensions of the SWLS cryostat
    CAD model of the SWLS cryostat
    Temperature contour for full system
    Temperature contour for outer vacuum chamber (main vessel)
    Temperature contour for cold mass (magnet core)
    Temperature contour for thermal shield

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