Indus Operation Division
Indus Operation Division

Radiation Equipment Maintenance Laboratory (REML)

Indus-1 and Indus-2 are two electron storage rings located at the Indus Accelerator Complex at RRCAT, Indore which serve as synchrotron radiation sources for scientists and researchers in India. Both have common injector system comprising of Microtron and Booster Synchrotron.

At Indus Accelerator Complex, elaborate personnel radiation safety measures are implemented as a mandatory regulatory prerequisite. These include appropriate shielding, continuous radiation monitoring, radiation safety interlocks for machine areas having high radiation and access control system for the areas having regulated entry.

Radiation Equipment Maintenance Laboratory (REML) is responsible for maintaining the radiation monitoring system of Indus Accelerator Complex in healthy condition all the time. This is achieved through regular inspections, preventive checks, and repair of faults and calibration of these instruments. The details are listed next.

Responsibilities of REML:

  1. Upkeep of radiation monitoring & measuring instruments of the Indus Accelerator Complex & other radiation facilities of RRCAT;

  2. Upkeep of the Closed Circuit TV System of Indus Accelerator Complex;

  3. Calibration of radiation measuring instruments at Radiation Instrument Calibration Facility (RICF) set-up for this purpose;

  4. Participation in safety related activities at Indus Accelerator Complex;

  5. Participation in regular radiation surveys by Health Physics Unit;

Fig. 1: REML Lab

For fulfilling the assigned mandate, REML staff attends following regular activities:

  1. Daily monitoring of radiation monitoring system and response check with radioactive source during scheduled machine shutdowns;

  2. Daily monitoring of CCTV system & its monthly inspection and on-call maintenance through contract agency;

  3. Preventive maintenance of radiation monitors and repair of faults;

  4. Calibration checks of radiation monitors at RICF as per requirement;

  5. Participation in round-the-clock operation of Indus facility (as Health Physicist);

Additional Responsibilities:

  1. Attending faulty radiation monitors belonging to user beamlines of Indus facility and other radiation facilities of RRCAT;

  2. Working for the safety issues for Indus Accelerators;

  3. Planning and execution of up-gradation of Radiation Monitoring system and CCTV system of Indus Complex;

Staff details of REML:

  1. D.S. Thakur, SO/G

  2. Ram Bahadur, SO/E

  3. Mukesh Khare, SA/E

  4. Arjun Kumar Meena, Techn/C

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