1. Prior to booking a beamtime using Indus webportal, kindly discuss your proposal and experiment feasibility with the beamline scientist and get his/her approval and budgetary estimate. (for contact details please click here)

2. Once feasibility of the said experiments is confirmed, user is requested to book for beamtime through the Indus webportal ( click here for online beamtime application)

3. The beamline scientist will confirm the dates for the experiments through the webportal and the user will get email alerts as well

4. After the confirmation of the date, please check with beamline scientist about user entry pass for visiting the Indus beamlines

5. User can now visit RRCAT for the period of approved dates At RRCAT guard house office, the user will get entry pass for visiting the Indus beamline. (click here for entry guidelines)

User is requested to go to user office (Room no.1, Indus-2) located at Indus building. He/she has to then undergo a short training about radiation safety.

7. After the radiation training, a suitable badge for radiation monitoring will be issued to the user , which he/she has to wear while working on beamline

8. User can then proceed to the specific beamline for the planned experiment

9. After the completion of the experiment a document stating the actual hours for the experiment, will be prepared and approved by both the beamline scientist and the user. Based on this, an invoice will be prepared and given to the user

10. The user will be required to transfer the amount to RRCAT account, and the data will be handed over to the user in a mutually agreed format. Project closure report to be completed by the user

List of Contact Persons for Indus-1 and Indus-2 Beamlines

Indus 2 Beamlines
Sr. No. Beamline Name No. Status Contact Persons Email Phone
1. SXAS BL-1 Operational M. Gupta 731-247 2200
2. Engineering Application BL-2 Operational Sanjay Rai 731-244 2502/ 2106
3. Soft x-ray Reflectivity BL-3 Operational Mohammed .H. Modi 731-244 2503/ 2121
4. Imaging beamline BL-4 Operational Ashish Agarwal 731-244 2504
5. X-Ray Lithography BL-7 Operational A.K Srivastava 731-244 2174
6. EXAFS BL-8 Operational Biplab Ghosh 731-244 2116
7. Scanning EXAFS BL-9 Operational Biplab Ghosh 731-244 2116
8. ARPES BL-10 Operational Tapas Ganguli 731-244 2102
9. Extreme conditions AD/ED-XRD BL-11 Operational Velaga Srihari 731-244 2511/ 2585
10. ADXRD BL-12 Operational Archna Sagdeo 731-244 2512/ 2103
11. GIXS BL-13 Operational Satyaban Bhunia 033-2337-5345 extn 3320
12. XPS BL-14 Operational U.K Gautam 731-244 2514/ 2118
13. X-Ray Fluorescence BL-16 Operational M.K. Tiwari 731-244 2516
14. SWAXS BL-18 Operational Avik Das 731-244 2518
15. Protein Crystallography BL-21 Operational Ravi Makde 731-244 2521/ 2175
16. PEEM BL-22 Under Installation U K Goutam 731-244 2522/ 2118

Indus 1 Beamlines
Sr. No. Beamline Name No. Status Contact Persons Email Phone
1. HRVUV BL-1 Operational Shilpa Tripathi 731-244 2533
2. Angle Integrated PES BL-2 Operational Ram J. Choudhary 731-247 2200
3. Angle resolved PES BL-3 Operational Shilpa Tripathi 731-244 2533
4. Soft x-ray Reflectivity BL-4 Operational M. H. Modi 731-244 2534/ 2121
5. Photophysics BL-5 Operational B.N. Rajasekhar 731-244 2535/ 731-248 8141
6. Infrared BL-6 Operational Himal Bhatt
7. PASS BL-7 Operational RK Sharma 731-244 2536/ 2117

Guidelines for Entry Inside RRCAT
  • Inside RRCAT premises do not carry any communication devices, photography/videography devices, or any other electronic gadgets.

  • Apart from sample if any specific items required to carry inside the campus then a separate permission is required (discuss this with beamline scientist)
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