Accelerator and Beam Physics Section
Accelerator and Beam Physics Section

Homi Bhabha National Institute (HBNI) Activities

ABPS has been participating continually in various academic activities, including programmes of Homi Bhabha National Institute (HBNI), Mumbai. A number of M.Tech. students of HBNI completed their project work in the section and several students either completed or pursuing HBNI PhD programme in the section.

M.Tech. Students

S. No.StudentGuideTopicYear of completion
1Rinky DhingraVinit KumarElectromagnetic design and beam studies for a 10 MeV 10 kW electron linac2012
2Urmila SinghVinit KumarRF voltage program for 1 GeV proton accumulator ring2012
3Mukesh Kumar PalVinit KumarElectromagnetic design studies of low and medium beta TEM class superconducting resonators for 1 GeV proton linear accelerator2013
4Ram PrakashVinit KumarStudies on Modelling of Multipacting in Superconducting Accelerating Cavities 2014
5Sona ChandranVinit KumarStudy of transport of low energy, space charge dominated electron beam in FELs and design of magnets for improved beam transport in IRFEL2014

PhD Students

S. No.StudentGuideTopicYear of completion
1Yashvir KalkalVinit KumarTheoretical studies on electron beam based compact terahertz sourcesCompleted in 2017
2Riyasat HusainVinit KumarOptimization and modeling of Storage Ring Lattices: A case study of Indus-2 Storage RingCompleted in 2020
3Arup Ratan JanaVinit KumarElectromagnetic design and beam dynamics studies in elliptic superconducting radiofrequency (SCRF) cavitiesCompleted in 2021
4Rahul GaurVinit KumarElectromagnetic and nonlinear beam dynamics studies of 3 MeV, 325 MHz RFQ for 1 GeV, 1 MW H- linear acceleratorRegistered since 2015
5Ram PrakashVinit KumarTheoretical studies on multipacting in superconducting cavitiesRegistered since 2017
6Rajnish KumarVinit KumarOptimization study of plasma generation and extraction system for high current multi-cusp H- ion sourceRegistered since 2018
7Rinky DhingraVinit KumarDesign optimization of high power industrial electron linacsRegistered in 2021
8Sona ChandranVinit KumarOptimization of IRFEL operation for Improved Performance and extension of operating wavelength to THz regimeRegistered in 2021

In addition, ABPS staff members are also involved in teaching various courses, such as Electromagnetic Theory, Accelerator Physics and beam Diagnostics, Advanced Accelerator Physics and Advanced Beam Dynamics for the M. Tech and Ph. D. programs of HBNI.
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