Horticulture Cell

Keeping high tradition of Dr. Homi Bhabha, founder of Department of Atomic Energy, his keen interest and concern  for Environment , Horticulture Cell in  RRCAT is actively involved in the Landscaping activities in the campus since 1986. The activity includes Plantation programmes covering barren rocky terrines/usable lands with trees of commercial, medicinal, ornamental and  bio fuel value using bio   aesthetic Planning  and Gardening activity especially in the working areas using designs/ patterns combining suitable garden elements so as to provide green colourful and dust free environment around. As a part of providing recreation and promoting sports activities in the residential town ship of the campus, parks and a grassed play field  have been provided .

Quality and true to true type plant material is a primary requirement  for developing Landscape which is being managed through a  well equipped Nursery in the campus using scientific skills and practices. The watering needs, which contributes major share in the landscaping  is met through domestic effluent re-circulated process using massive  distribution network in the Residential  and laboratory area. The  rest through making use of Open wells in the campus serving as perennial source of water  round the year. Efforts are also being made to use waste as manure using vermi culture technology, a bio reactor to meet the nutrient requirement  for Plants and upkeep water body known as Sukhniwas lake using fish culture and bioengineering techniques. 

For more details, please contact:

Sh. R. V. Joshi
Head, Horticulture Cell
Construction and Services Division
Project office building, RRCAT, Indore-452 013
Telephone: +91-731-248-8872
E-mail : rjoshi (at) rrcat.gov.in
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