List of Journal Publications from RRCAT in 2014

By Author(A-Z)

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1.         Aasi J.*, Raja S. et al.

Constraints on cosmic strings from the LIGO-Virgo gravitational-wave detectors

Physical Review Letters 112, 131101(1-9) (2014)


2.         Aasi J. *, Raja, S. et al.

            Implementation of a f-statistic all-sky search for continuous gravitational waves in Virgo VSR1 data

            Classical and Quantum Gravity 31, (2014)

3.         Aasi J. *, Raja, S. et al.

Methods and results of a search for gravitational waves associated with gamma-ray bursts using the GEO 600, LIGO, and Virgo detectors

            Physical Review D 89, 122004 (2014)

4.         Aasi J. *, Raja, S. et al.

            First searches for optical counterparts to gravitational-wave candidate events

            The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 211, (2014)

5.         Aasi J. *, Raja, S. et al.

            Gravitational waves from known pulsars: results from the initial detector era

The Astrophysical Journal 785, (2014)

6.         Aasi J. *, Raja, S. et al.

Improved upper limits on the stochastic gravitational-wave background from 2009 2010 LIGO and Virgo data

Physical Review Letters 113, 231101(1-10) (2014)

7.         Aasi J. *, Raja, S. et al.

Search for gravitational radiation from intermediate mass black hole binaries in data from the second LIGO-Virgo joint science run

            Physical Review D 89, 122003 (2014)

8.         Aasi J. *, Raja, S. et al.

Search for gravitational wave ringdowns from perturbed intermediate mass black holes in LIGO-Virgo data from 2005 2010

            Physical Review D 89, 102006 (2014)

9.         Aasi J. *, Raja, S. et al.

            Search for Gravitational Waves Associated with γ-ray Bursts Detected by the Interplanetary Network

            Physical Review Letters 113, 011102(1-8) (2014)

10.       Aasi J. *, Raja, S. et al.

The NINJA-2 project: detecting and characterizing gravitational waveforms modelled using numerical binary black hole simulations

            Classical and Quantum Gravity 31, 115004 (2014)

11.       Aasi J. *, Raja, S. et al.

            Application of a Hough search for continuous gravitational waves on data from the fifth LIGO science run

            Classical and Quantum Gravity 31, 85014 (2014)


12.       Agrawal  S.K., Nakhe S.V.

Design and development of zero voltage switched full bridge 5 kW DC power supply

International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology 3, 2012-2019 (2014)


13.       Ahlawat A., Satapathy S., Bhartiya S., Singh M.K., Choudhary R.J.*, Gupta P.K.

BiFeO3/poly(methyl methacrylate) nanocomposite films: a study on magnetic and dielectric properties

Applied Physics Letters 104, 042902(1-5) (2014)


14.       Ahlawat A.*, Satapathy S., Maan S. *, Sathe V.G.*, Gupta P.K.

            Correlation of structure and spin-phonon coupling in (La, Nd) doped BiFeO3 films

            Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 45, 958-962 (2014)

15.       Ahlawat Sunita, Chowdhury A., Kumar N., Uppal A., Verma R.S., Gupta P.K.

            Polarized Raman spectroscopic investigations on hemoglobin ordering in red blood cells

            Journal of Biomedical Optics 19, 087002(1-9) (2014)

16.       Ajimsha R.S., Das A..K., Joshi M.P., Kukreja L.M.

Band alignment studies of Al2O3/CuGaO2 and ZnO/CuGaO2 hetero-structures grown by pulsed laser deposition

            Applied Surface Science 317, 994-999 (2014)

17.       Ananthakumar S.*, Jayabalan J., Singh Asha, Khan S., Prajapati S., Babu S.M.*, Chari R.

Size-independent peak shift between normal and up conversion photoluminescence in MPA- CdTe       


Pramana: Journal of Physics 82, 353-358 (2014)


18.       Aneesh P.M.*, Jayaraj M.K.*, Reshmi, R., Ajimsha R.S.*, Kukreja L. M., Aldrin A.*, Rojas F.*, Bertomeu

            J.*, Lopez-Vidrier J.*, Hernndez, S.*

Observation of room temperature photoluminescence from asymmetric CuGaO2/ZnO/ZnMgO multiple quantum well structures

            Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 14, 42011 (2014)

19.       Arora V., Chakravarty U., Singh M.P., Chakera J.A., Naik P.A., Gupta P.D.

Spectral analysis of K-shell X-ray emission of magnesium plasma produced by ultrashort high-intensity laser pulse irradiation

Pramana: Journal of Physics 82, 365-371 (2014)


20.       Arora V., Naik P.A., Chakera J.A., Bagchi S., Tayya M., Gupta, P.D.

Study of 1 8 ke V K- x-ray emission from high intensity femtosecond laser produced plasma

            AIP Advances 4, 047106(1-11) (2014)


21.       Arora V., Naik P.A., Chakravarty Uday, Singhal H., Rao B.S., Chakera J.A., Singh M.P., Gupta P.D.

A comparative study of the inner-shell and the ionic line radiation from ultra-short laser-produced magnesium plasma

            Physica Scripta 89, (2014)

22.       Ashutosh R.M.E.*, Verma Y., Rao D.K., Roberts C. J.*, Mahmoud A.M.*, Sangwan V.S.*, Punjabi S.*

            Effect of intraocular pressure and anisotropy on the optical properties of the cornea: a study using polarization

            sensitive optical coherence tomography

            Asia-Pacific Journal of Ophthalmology 3, (2014)






23.       Babu G. A.*, Subramaniyan R.*, Bhaumik I., Ganesamoorthy S.*, Ramasamy P.*, Gupta P.K.

Growth and characterization of undoped and Mn doped lead-free piezoelectric NBT KBT single crystals

Materials Research Bulletin 53, 136-140 (2014)


24.       Babu G. A.*, Raja R.S.*, Bhaumik I., Ganesamoorthy G.*, Ramasamy P.*, Gupta P.K.

Growth and investigation of  0.80Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 0.20K0.5Bi0.5TiO3 lead- free single crystal

Materials Science and Engineering: B 185, 134-137 (2014)


25.       Banik S., Arya A.*, Azzedine B.,*, Maniraj M.*, Thamizhavel A.*,Vobornik I.*, Dhar S.K.*, Deb S.K.

Estimate of the Coulomb correlation energy in CeAg2Ge2 from inverse photoemission and high resolution photoemission spectroscopy

            Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 26, 335502(1-8) (2014)

26.       Barnwal S., Prasad Y.B.S.R., Nigam S., Aneesh K., Sharma M.L., Kushwaha R.P., Tripathi P.K., Naik P.A., Chakera J.A.

            Characterization of the 46.9-nm soft X-ray laser beam from a capillary discharge

            Applied Physics B 117, 131-139 (2014)

27.       Basu S.*, Inamdar D.Y.*, Mahamuni S.*, Chakrabarti A., Kamal C., Kumar G. R.*, Jha S.N., Bhattacharyya D.*

Local structure investigation of cobalt and manganese doped ZnO nanocrystals and its correlation with magnetic properties

The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118, 9154-9164 (2014)


28.       Benerji N.S., Varshnay N., Singh A., Singh B.

Design and performance characteristics of a krypton chloride (λ = 222 nm) excimer laser

Pramana: Journal of Physics 82, 165-171 (2014)


29.       Benerji N.S., Singh A., Varshnay N., Singh Bijendra

Enhanced performance of a repetitively pulsed 130 mJ KrF laser with improved pre-ionization parameters

Pramana: Journal of Physics 82, 153-157 (2014)


30.       Benerji N.S., Singh Bijendra

            Performance of axicon based conical resonator (ABCR) with a xenon chloride (XeCl) excimer laser

            Optics Communications 331, 69-72 (2014)

31.       Bhargava P., Paul C.P., Mundra G., Premsingh C.H., Mishra S.K., Nagpure D., Kumar Atul, Kukreja L.M.

Study on weld bead surface profile and angular distortion in 6 mm thick butt weld joints of SS304 using fiber laser

Optics and Lasers in Engineering 53, 152-157 (2014)


32.       Bhargava P., Paul C.P., Premsingh C.H., Mishra S.K., Kumar Atul, Nagpure D.C., Singh Gurvinderjit, Kukreja L.M.

            Tandem rapid manufacturing of Inconel-625 using laser assisted and plasma transferred arc depositions

            Advances in Manufacturing 1, 305-313 (2014)

33.       Bhatt R.,Bhaumik I., Ganesamoorthy S.*, Karnal A.K., Gupta P.K., Swami M.K., Patel H.S., Sinha A.K., Upadhyay A.

               Study of structural defects and crystalline perfection of near stoichiometric LiNbO3 crystals grown

from flux and prepared by VTE technique

            Journal of Molecular Structure 1075, 377-383 (2014)


34.       Bhaumik I., Ganesamoorthy S.*, Bhatt R., Karnal A.K., Gupta P.K., Takekawa S.*, Kitamura K.*

            Bipolar electro-caloric effect in Srx/Ba (1- x) Nb2O6 lead-free ferroelectric single crystal

            EPL (Europhysics Letters) 107, 47001 (2014)

35.       Biswal R., Agrawal P.K., Prakash O., Mishra G.K., Dixit S.K.,  Nakhe S.V.

Studies on spatial, spectral, and energy characteristics of copper-HBr laser radiations

IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 50, 112-119 (2014)


36.       Biswas D.*, Faruque S.K.A.K. Md*, Sinha A.K., Upadhyay Anuj, Chakraborty S.*

Effect of thermal annealing and oxygen partial pressure on the swelling of HfO2/SiO2/Si metal-oxide-semiconductor

structure grown by rf sputtering: A synchrotron x-ray reflectivity study

            Applied Physics Letters 105, 113511(1-4) (2014)

37.       Bommali R.K.*, Modi M.H., Zhou S.*, Ghosh S.*, Srivastava P.*

Study of growth kinetics and depth resolved composition  of a-SiNx:H thin films by resonant soft X-ray

            reflectivity at the Si L2,3-edge

Applied Surface Science 305, 173-178 (2014)





38.       Chakraborty Arijit, Mishra S.R.

            Anisotropic two-dimensional RF-dressed potentials for ultracold atoms

            Journal of the Korean Physical Society 65, 1324-1335 (2014)

39.       Chakravarty U., Naik P.A., Chakera J.A., Upadhyay A., Gupta P.D.

Estimation of electron density and temperature of semiconductor surfaces excited by ultra-short laser     


Applied Physics A 115, 1457-1467 (2014)


40.       Chakravarty U., Kuruvilla A., Singh Rajpal, Upadhyay B.N., Bindra K.S., Oak S.M.

Linearly polarized intracavity passive Q-switched Yb-doped photonic crystal fibre laser

Pramana: Journal of Physics 82, 379-383 (2014)


41.       Chatterjee S., Kumar Y. Pavan                            

Determination of the surface form error of a spherical mirror with phase shifting Sagnac interferometer

            Applied Optics 53, 3069-3074 (2014)


42.       Chatterjee S., Kumar Y. Pavan

White light differential interference contrast microscope with a Sagnac interferometer

            Applied Optics 53, 296-300 (2014)


43.       Chatterjee S., Kumar Y. Pavan

White light differential interference contrast microscope with a Sagnac interferometer

Virtual Journal of Biomedical Optics 9, 296-300 (2014)


44.       Chaturvedi A., Joshi M.P., Ekta R.,, Ingale A., Srivastava A.K., Kukreja L.M.

On red-shift of UV photoluminescence with decreasing size of silicon nanoparticles embedded in SiO2 matrix

grown by pulsed laser deposition

            Journal of Luminescence 154, 178-184 (2014)

45.       Chaubey S., Kher S., Kishore J., Oak S.M.

CO2 laser-inscribed low-cost, shortest-period long-period fibre grating in B-Ge co-doped fibre for high-sensitivity strain measurement

            Pramana: Journal of Physics 82, 373-377 (2014)

46.       Choubey A., Mondal S.*, Singh R., Upadhyaya B.N., Datta P.K.*, Oak S.M.

Generation of 415 W of p-polarized output power in long pulse operation of Nd:YAG laser using z-fold resonator geometry

Optics and Laser Technology 60, 41-48 (2014)


47.       Choubey A., Mondal S.*, Singh Ravindra, Upadhyaya B.N., Datta P.K.*, Oak S.M.

Enhancement of p-polarized output power in long pulse  single rod Nd:YAG laser using a tilted 90°quartz rotator

Optics Communications 330, 61-70 (2014)


48.       Choubey A., Vishwakarma S.C., Vachhani D.M., Singh Ravindra, Misra P., Jain R.K., Arya R., Upadhyaya B.N., Oak S.M.

Study and development of 22 kW peak power fiber coupled short pulse Nd:YAG laser for cleaning applications

Optics and Lasers in Engineering 62, 69-79 (2014)


49.       Choubey A., Jain R.K., Singh Ravindra, Agrawal D.K., Vishwakarma S.C., Upadhyaya B. N., Oak S. M. 

Study on GRADIUM lens based fiber imaging for reduction of debris during Nd:YAG laser cutting and dismantling

            Materials Focus 3, 149-155 (2014)






50.       Dar T.A.*, Agrawal A.*, Misra P, Kukreja L.M., Sen P.K.*, Sen P.*

Valence and conduction band offset measurements in Ni0.07Zn0.93O/ZnO heterostructure

Current Applied Physics 14,171-175 (2014)


51.       Das A.K., Misra P., Kumar Ravi, Ganguli T., Singh M.K., Phase D.M.*, Kukreja L.M.

Studies on highly resistive ZnO thin films grown by DC-discharge-assisted pulsed laser deposition

            Applied Physics A 114, 1119-1128 (2014)


52.       Das A.K., Ajimsha R.S., Kukreja L.M.

Quantum corrections to temperature dependent electrical conductivity of ZnO thin films degenerately doped with Si

Applied Physics Letters 104, 042112:1-5 (2014)


53.       Das A.K., Ajimsha R.S., Kukreja L.M.

Thickness dependent metal-insulator transition and dimensional crossover for weak localization in Si0.02Zn0.98O thin films

 grown by pulsed laser deposition

Journal of Applied Physics 115, 193705(1-4) (2014)


54.       Das G., Tiwari M.K., Singh A.K., Ghosh H.

            Effect of synchrotron polarization on grazing incidence X-ray fluorescence analysis

            Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 29, 2405-2413 (2014)

55.       Das K., Uppal A., Saini R.K., Varshney          G.K.*, Mondal P., Gupta P.K.

Hyper-Rayleigh scattering from gold nanoparticles: Effect of size and shape

Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular  Spectroscopy 128, 398-402 (2014)


56.       Debnath C., Kar S.,Verma S., Bartwal K.S.

            Investigations on crystalline structure and optical band gap of nearly stoichiometric LiNbO3 nanoparticles

            Optical Materials 37, 804-809 (2014)

57.       Debnath S.K., Verma Y., Gupta P.K.

            White light diffraction phase microscopy        as profilometry tool

Optical Engineering 53, 092008(1-4) (2014)


58.       Dhamgaye V.P., Lodha G.S., Sankar B. Gowri, Kant C.       

Beamline BL-07 at Indus-2: a facility for microfabrication research

Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 21, 1-5 (2014)


59.       Dhamgaye V.P.,Tiwari M.K., Garg C.K.*,Tiwari P., Sawhney K.J.S.*, Lodha G.S.

Development of high aspect ratio X-ray parabolic compound refractive lens at Indus-2 using X-ray lithography

            Microsystem Technologies 20, 2055-2060 (2014)

60.       Dhamgaye V.P., Tiwari M.K., Sawhney K.J.S.*, Lodha G.S.

Microfocussing of synchrotron X-rays using X-ray refractive lens developed at Indus-2 deep X-ray lithography beamline

            Pramana Journal of Physics 83, 119-129 (2014)

61.       Divya M.*, Das C.R.*, Albert, S.K.*,Goyal S.*, Ganesh P., Kaul R., Swaminathan J.*, Murty B.S.*, Kukreja

            L.M., Bhaduri A.K.*

            Influence of welding process on Type IV cracking behavior of P91 steel

            Materials Science and Engineering: A 613, 148-158 (2014)


62.       D'Souza S.W.*, Roy T.B., Barman S.R.*, Chakrabarti Aparna

            Magnetic properties and electronic structure of Mn Ni Ga magnetic shape memory alloys

            Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 26, 506001(1-9) (2014)

63.       Dixit V.K., Porwal S., Singh S.D., Sharma T.K., Ghosh S.*, Oak S.M.

A versatile phenomenological model for the S-shaped temperature dependence of photoluminescence energy for

an accurate determination of the exciton

localization energy in bulk and quantum well structures

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 47, 065103(1-14) (2014)


64.       Dixit V.K., Kumar S., Singh S.D., Khamari S.K., Kumar R., Tiwari P., Phase D.M.*, Sharma T.K., Oak S.M.

Investigation of crystalline and electronic band alignment properties of GaP/Ge(111) heterostructure

Applied Physics Letters 104, 092101 (2014)






65.       Ganesh P., Kaul R., Sasikala G.*, Kumar H., Venugopal S.*, Tiwari P., Rai S., Prasad R.C.*, Kukreja L.M.                                 

Fatigue crack propagation and fracture toughness of laser rapid manufactured structures of AISI 316L stainless steel

Metallography, Microstructure, and Analysis 3, 36-45 (2014)


66.       Ganesh P., Sundar R., Kumar H., Kaul R., Ranganathan K., Hedaoo P., Raghavendra G.*, Kumar S.A.*, Tiwari P.,  

Nagpure D.C.,  Bindra K.S., Kukreja L.M., Oak S M.                                                

Studies on fatigue life enhancement of pre-fatigued spring steel specimens using laser shock peening

            Materials & Design 54, 734-741 (2014)


67.       Garg A.D., Karnewar A.K., Ojha A., Shrivastava  B.B., Holikatti A.C., Puntambekar T.A., Navathe, C.P.                                                    

Design of x-ray diagnostic beam line for a synchrotron radiation source and measurement results

Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research: Section A 754, 15-23 (2014)


68.       Gaur R., Kumar V.

            Field stabilization studies for a radio frequency quadrupole accelerator

            Journal of Instrumentation 9, 42024 (2014)

69.       George J., Bindra K.S., Oak S.M.

LOPUT Laser: a novel concept to realize single longitudinal mode laser

Pramana: Journal of Physics 82, 185-190 (2014)


70.       George J., Thakur P.*, Bindra K.S., Oak S.M.

Demonstration of CW mode locked Cr:forsterite laser using self-shortening and transverse mode degeneracy driven mode  locking

            Applied Optics 53, 7749-7752 (2014)

71.       Gopi D.*, Karthika A.*, Rajeswari D.*, Kavitha L.*, Pramod R.*, Dwivedi J.

Investigation on corrosion protection and mechanical performance of minerals substituted hydroxyapatite coating on

HELCDEB-treated titanium using pulsed electrodeposition method

            RSC Advances 4, 34751-34759 (2014)

72.       Gopi D.*, Sayed El*, Sherif M.*, Rajeswari D.*, Kavitha L.*, Pramod R., Dwivedi J., Polaki S.R.*

Evaluation of the mechanical and corrosion protection performance of electrodeposited hydroxyapatite on the

 high energy electron beam treated titanium alloy

            Journal of Alloys and Compounds 616, 498-504 (2014)

73.       Gupta Prabhat Kumar, Rabehl R.*

Numerical modeling of a 2 K J-T heat exchanger used in Fermilab Vertical Test Stand VTS-1

            Cryogenics 62, 31-36 (2014)


74.       Gupta Rajkumar, Modi M.H., Kumar M., Chakera  J.A., Lodha G.S.

Analysis of higher harmonic contamination with a modified approach using a grating analyser

Review of Scientific Instruments 85, 043107(1-4) (2014)


75.       Gurram S., Kuruvilla A., Singh R., Ekka B., Upadhyay B.N., Bindra K.S., Oak S.M.

Erbium-ytterbium fibre laser emitting more than 13W of power in 1.55 micron region

Pramana: Journal of Physics 82, 143-146 (2014)





76.       Huang Ying-Ying*, Sharma S.K., Yin Rui*, Agrawal T.*,Chiang L.Y, Hamblin M.R.*

            Functionalized fullerenes in photodynamic therapy

            Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology 10, 1918-1936 (2014)





77.       Jain A., Hannurkar P.R., Pathak S.K.*, Biswas A.*, Srivastva M.*

Improved performance of two-way power divider using dielectric resonator

Microwave and Optical Technology Letters 56, 858-861 (2014)


78.       Jain Akhilesh, Gupta Alok K., Sharma Deepak Kumar, Hannurkar P.R., Pathak S.K.*         

Design and analysis of a high-power radial multi-way combiner

International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies 6, 83-91 (2014)


79.       Jain Akhilesh, Sharma D.K., Gupta A.K., Lad M.R., Hannurkar P.R., Pathak S.K.*

System efficiency analysis for high power solid state radio frequency transmitter

Review of Scientific Instruments 85, 024707(1-8) (2014)


80.       Jain B., Uppal A., Das K., Dube A., Gupta P.K.

Conversion of purpurin 18 to chlorin P6 in the presence of silica, liposome and polymeric nanoparticles:a

spectroscopic study

Journal of Molecular Structure 1060, 24-29 (2014)


81.       Jain S.K., Sharma D., Senecha V.K., Naik P.A., Hannurkar P.R.

            Study of microwave components for an electron cyclotron resonance source: simulations and performance

            Sadhana 39, 901-920 (2014)

82.       Jain S.K., Arora V., Rathore R., Bagchi S., Naik P.A.

Copper K-shell x-ray emission induced by the impact of ion beam from an electron cyclotron resonance ion source

            Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 763, 266-271 (2014)

83.       Jain V.K., Sidpara A.*, Balasubramaniam R.*, Lodha G.S., Dhamgaye V.P., Shukla R.,

Micromanufacturing: A review – Part-I,

Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture 228, 973-974 (2014)


84.       Jana A.R., Kumar V.

            On the electromagnetic design of a 650-MHz superconducting radio frequency cavity

            IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 24, (2014)

85.       Jana D., Porwal S., Sharma T.K., Kumar  Shailendra, Oak S.M.

Pump-probe surface photovoltage spectroscopy measurements on semiconductor epitaxial layers

Review of Scientific Instruments 85, 043909(1-9) (2014)


86.       Jayakumar T.*, Babu Rao C.*, Joseph A.*, Parameswaran P.*, Sosamma S.*, Murugesan S.*, Prasad M.V.R.*, Mohandas E.*, Singh M.N., Sinha A.K., Deb S.K., Krishnamurthy R.*

            Chemical and microstructural analysis of a tin coin of Sangam period

            Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals 67, 835-839 (2014)

87.       Jena S., Yadav S., Agrawal R.K., Ghodke A.D., Fatnani P., Puntambekar T.A.

Stabilization of betatron tune in Indus-2 storage ring

Chinese Physics C 38, 067002 (2014)


88.       Jhavar S.*, Jain N.K.*, Paul C.P.

Development of micro-plasma transferred arc ( -PTA) wiredeposition process for additive layer manufacturing applications

Journal of Materials Processing Technology 214, 1102-1110 (2014)


89.       Jhavar S.*, Jain N.K.*, Paul, C.P.

            Enhancement of deposition quality in micro-plasma transferred arc deposition process

            Materials and Manufacturing Processes 29, 1017-1023 (2014)

90.       Jhavar S.*, Paul C.P., Jain N.K.*

            Experimental investigation on geometrical aspects of micro-plasma deposited tool steel for repair applications

            International Journal of Modern Physics: Conference Series 32, 1460347(1-9) (2014)

91.       Joshi M.*, Jathar M.R., Mehrotra S.*

            Designing of Embedded System for Distributed Temperature Monitoring

            International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science 5, 42007 (2014)

92.       Joshi M.P., Mohan S.R., Kolli B.*, Mishra S.P.*, Palai A.K.*, Kanai T.*, Dhami T.S., Kukreja L.M., Samui A.B.*

Second harmonic generation from corona-poled polymer thin films of Y-shape chromophore with different isolation groups

Pramana: Journal of Physics 82, 283-288 (2014)






93.       Kaithwas N.*, Dave M.*, Kar S., Bartwal K.S.

            Investigations on single phase formation of Dy doped Y3Al5O12 Nanoparticles

            Open Journal of Modern Physics 1, 29-33 (2014)

94.       Kale Y.B., Tiwari V.B., Singh S., Mishra S.R., Rawat H.S.

            Velocity selective bipolarization spectroscopy for laser cooling of metastable krypton atoms

            Journal of the Optical Society of America B: Optical Physics 31, 2531-2539 (2014)

95.       Kamal C., Chakrabarti A., Banerjee Arup                

Ab initio investigation on hybrid graphite-like structure made up of silicene and boron nitride

            Physics Letters A 378, 1162-1169 (2014)


96.       Kane S.N.*, Satalkar M.*, Ghosh A.*, Shah M.*, Ghodke N.*, Pramod R., Sinha A.K., Singh M.N., Dwivedi J.

            Electron-irradiation induced changes in structural and magnetic properties of Fe and Co based metallic glasses

            Journal of Alloys and Compounds 615, S324-S327 (2014)

97.       Kar S., Joseph L.A.*,Debnath C., Verma S., Dhamgaye V.P., Lodha G.S., Bartwal K.S.

New scheme for dual readout of dose in polycrystalline Li2B4O7 irradiated with synchrotron X-rays from Indus-2

            Radiation Measurements 67, 55-58 (2014)

98.       Katari V.*, Achary S.N. *, Deshpande S.K.*, Babu P.D.*, Sinha A.K., Salunke H.G.*, Gupta N.*, Tyagi A.K.*

            Effect of annealing environment on low-temperature magnetic and dielectric properties of EuCo0.5Mn0. 5O3

            The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118, 17900-17913 (2014)

99.       Kaur G.*, Gupta S.*, Tiwari M.K., Mittal R.*                                                     

M sub shell X-ray emission cross section measurements for Pt, Au, Hg, Pb, Th and U at 8 and 10 keV synchrotron photons

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 320, 37-45 (2014)


100.     Khamari S.K., Porwal S., Dixit V.K., Sharma T.K.

Temperature dependence of the photo-induced inverse spin  Hall effect in Au/InP hybrid structures

Applied Physics Letters 104, 042102(1-5) (2014)


101.     Khan A.G.*, Kumar Pankaj

            Beam dump for 10 kW 10 Mev LINAC

            Applied Thermal Engineering 70, 541-545 (2014)

102.     Khan K.M., Krishna H., Majumder S.K., Rao K.D., Gupta P.K.

Depth-sensitive Raman spectroscopy combined with optical coherence tomography for layered tissue analysis

            Journal of Biophotonics 7, 77-85 (2014)


103.     Khan M., Krishna H., Majumder S.K., Gupta P.K.

            Detection of urea adulteration in milk using near-infrared Raman spectroscopy

            Food Analytical Methods, 42014 (2014)

104.     Khan, S, Jayabalan J., Singh Asha, Chari R., Pal S., Porwal S., Sharma T.K., Oak S.M.

Coherent oscillations of holes in GaAs0.86P0.14Al0.7Ga0.3  as surface quantum well

Pramana: Journal of Physics 82, 359-364 (2014)


105.     Khan S., Chari R., Jayabalan J., Pal S., Sharma T.K., Sagar A.K., Ansari M.S., Kush P.K.

Modulations in low-temperature transient reflectivity  measurements

            Surface Review and Letters 21, (2014)             


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 Note: ‘*’ indicates author affiliation other than RRCAT, Indore.

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