List of Journal Publications from RRCAT in 1994

By Author(A-Z)

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1.      Bhagwat, K.V.; Chaddah, P.*
         Flux penetration in spheroid samples-critical state
         model with field-dependent critical current density 
         Physica C vol.224, no.1-2 p.155-67, 20 April 1994 

2.	Bhagwat, K.V.; Nair, S.V.; Chaddah, P.*
	 Mutually perpendicular magnetic fields parallel to
	 a slab. A test case for the critical state model 
	 Physica C vol.227, no.1-2 p.176-82, 20 June 1994

3.	Bhatnagar, P.*; Singh, B.*; Nundy, U.*
	 Low-pressure 50-mJ KrF laser 
	 Optical Engineering vol.33, no.6 p.1905-7, June 1994


4. Chaddah, P.*; Roy, S.B.*; Kumar, S.*; Pradhan, A.K.*; Prasad, R.; Soni, N.C. Granularity effects in the AC magnetisation of ceramic superconductors Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics vol.32, no.7 p.541-7, July 1994 5. Chowdhury, A.*; Naik, P.A.*; Kumbhare, S.R.*; Chakera, J.A.*; Gupta, P.D.* Gain enhancement in Nd:glass laser amplifiers using electro-polished aluminium reflectors Optics and Laser Technology vol.26, no.6 p.413-17, 1994


6. Desai, T.* Inertial confinement fusion-part I Physics Education p.379-388, Jan.-Mar. 1994 7. Desai, T.*; Pant, H.C.*; Khan, M.; Sarkar, S.; Chakraborty, B. Specular reflection as a probe for diagnostics of laser-produced plasmas Journal of Plasma Physics vol.51, pt.2 p.211-19, April 1994 8. Dixit, S.K.*; Singh, B.*; Mittal, J.K.*; Choube, R.*; Bhatnagar, R.* Analysis of the temporal and spatial characteristics of the output from short-inversion-time self-terminating lasers with various resonators Optical Engineering vol.33, no.6 p.1908-20, June 1994


9. Harbola, M.K.* A density-functional method for calculating atomic polarizabilities: application to negative ions International Journal of Quantum Chemistry vol.51, no.4 p.201-9, 5 Aug. 1994 10. Harbola, M.K.* Electric dipole polarizabilities for helium-like ions from correlated wavefunctions. A density-functional approach Chemical Physics Letters vol.217, no.4 p.461-5, 21 Jan. 1994 11. Harbola, M.K.* Electronic structure of small metal particles within the local-density approximation Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics vol.32, no.7 p.624-9, July 1994


12. Joshi, A.; Pati, A.K.; Banerjee, A.* Geometric phase with photon statistics and squeezed light for the dispersive fiber Physical Review A (Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics) vol.49, no.6 p.5131-4, June 1994


13. Krishnagopal, S.*; Sessler, A.M. Generation of harmonic radiation using the multi-cavity free- electron laser Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research, Section A (Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment) vol.341, no.1-3 p.331-4, 1 March 1994 14. Kukreja, L.M.*; Hess, P. Time evolution of laser-induced polymer ablation studied by attenuation of a probe HeNe laser beam Inst. of Phys. Chem., Heidelberg Univ., Germany Applied Surface Science vol.79-80 p.158-64, May 1994 15. Kukreja, L.M.*; Hess, P. Photoacoustic detection of the decomposition kinetics of polymers: interpretation of acoustic signals Applied Surface Science vol.79-80 p.399-402, May 1994 16. Kumar, M.*; Nath, A.K.* Optimization study of an ultraviolet preionized TEA CO/sub 2/ laser Optical Engineering vol.33, no.6 p.1885-8, June 1994


17. Lodha, G.S.*; Yamashita, K.; Suzuki, T.; Hatsukade, I.; Tamura, K.; Ishigami, T.; Takahama, S.; Namba, Y. Platinum/carbon multilayer reflectors for soft-X-ray optics Applied Optics vol.33, no.25 p.5869-74, 1 Sept. 1994


18. Mehendale, S.C.* Dependence of laser intensity on cavity losses for a detuned, single-mode laser Applied Optics vol.33, no.36 p.8330-2, 20 Dec. 1994 19. Mishra, S.R.*; Rawat, H.S.*; Joshi, M.P.*; Mehendale, S.C.* The role of non-linear scattering in optical limiting in C/sub 60/ solutions Journal of Physics B (Atomic, Molecular and Optcal Physics) vol.27, no.8 p.L157-63, 28 April 1994 20. Mukherjee, S.; Ranganathan, R.; Roy, S.B.* Linear and nonlinear ac susceptibility of the canted-spin system: Ce(Fe/sub 0.96/Al/sub 0.04/)/sub 2/ Physical Review B (Condensed Matter) vol.50, no.2p.1084-9, 1 July 1994 21. Mukhopadhyay, I.* Assignments and predictions of optically pumped far-infrared laser lines in [/sup 13/C] methanol and associated high-resolution spectra Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy vol.166, no.1 p.107-19, July 1994 22. Mukhopadhyay, I.* High resolution spectroscopy and identification of optically pumped far infrared laser lines of methanol-D/sub 1/ Optics Communications vol.110, no.3-4 p.303-8, 15 Aug. 1994


23. Naik, P.A.*; Gupta, P.D.*; Kumbhare, S.R.* Spectral distribution of X-Ray yield of the M-shell emission from laser produced gold plasma IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science vol.22, no.1 p.53-7, Feb. 1994 24. Nath, A.K.*; Abhinandan, L.*; Choudhary, P.* Operational characteristics of a pulse-sustained dc-excited transverse-flow cw CO/sub 2/ laser of 5-kW output power Optical Engineering vol.33, no.6 p.1889-93, June 1994 25. Navathe, C.P.*; Ansari, M.S.* A data-acquisition system for a high-power Nd:glass laser chain Measurement Science & Technology vol.5, no.8 p.883-8, Aug. 1994 26. Nigam, A.K.; Roy, S.B.*; Chandra, G. Ferromagnetic-to-antiferromagnetic transition in UCu/sub 2/Ge/sub 2/: magnetoresistance study Physical Review B (Condensed Matter) vol.49, no.2 p.1127-30, 1 Jan. 1994


27. Park, J.-G.*; Roy, S.B.*; Coles, B.R.* Electrical and magnetic properties of (U/sub 1-x/R/sub x/)Ru/sub 2/Si/sub 2/ alloys Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter vol.6, no.30 p.5937-48, 25 July 1994 28. Patel, R.J.*; Ratnakala, K.C.*; Pandiyar, M.L.*; Bhavsar, S.T.*; Ramamurthi S.S.* UHV Activities in RRCAT Indian Vacuum Society Bulletin vol.25, no.4 p.45-51, Dec. 1994 29. Pradhan, A.K.*; Roy, S.B.*; Chaddah, P.*; Chen, C.; Wanklyn, B.M. Anomalous low field magnetic properties of single crystal BSCCO Physica C vol.235-240, pt.3 p.1947-8, Dec. 1994 30. Pradhan, A.K.*; Hazell, S.J.; Hodby, J.W.; Chen, C.; Hu, Y.; Wanklyn, B.M. Dissipative behaviour in single crystal Y/sub 0.85/Pr/sub 0.15/Ba/sub 2/Cu/sub 3/O/sub 7-Y/ Physica C vol.218, no.1-2 p.208-12, 1 Dec. 1993 31. Pradhan, A.K.*; Roy, S.B.*; Chaddah, P.*; Chen, C.; Wanklyn, B.M. Fluctuation phenomena in excess conductivity and magnetization of single-crystal Bi/sub 2/Sr/sub 2/CaCu/sub 2/O/sub 8+y/ Physical Review B (Condensed Matter) vol.50, no.10 p.7180-3, 1 Sept. 1994 32. Pradhan, A.K.*; Chaddah, P.*; Roy, S.B.*; Chen Changkang Magnetic anomaly in a Pb/sub 2/Sr/sub 2/Y/sub 1-x/Ca/sub x/Cu/sub 3/O/sub 8+y/ single crystal Superconductor Science & Technology vol.7, no.6 p.372-7, June 1994 33. Pradhan, A.K.*; Roy, S.B.*; Chaddah, P.*; Chen, C.; Wanklyn, B.M. Magnetic anomaly in Y/sub 1-x/Pr/sub x/Ba/sub 2/Cu/sub 3/O/sub 7-y/ Physica C vol.225, no.3-4 p.369-73, 20 May 1994 34. Pradhan, A.K.*; Roy, S.B.*; Chaddah, P.*; Chen, C.; Wanklyn, B.M. Magnetic properties of single-crystal-Bi/sub 2/Sr/sub 2/CaCu/sub 2/O/sub 8+y/: experimental evidence for a dimensional crossover Physical Review B (Condensed Matter) vol.49, no.18 p.12984-9,0 1 May 1994


35. Radha, S.; Roy, S.B.*; Nigam, A.K.; Chandra, G. Magnetoresistance and magnetization studies of the Laves-phase compound Ce(Fe/sub 0.92/Al/sub 0.08/)/sub 2/ Physical Review B (Condensed Matter) vol.50, no.10 p.6866-70, 1 Sept. 1994 36. Rai, V.N.*; Shukla, M.* A high-voltage pulser circuit with subnanosecond rise time Review of Scientific Instruments vol.65, no.6 p.2134-6, June 1994 37. Rai, V.N.*; Shukla, M.* Simple probes and attenuators for measurement of high-voltage sub-nanosecond pulses Measurement Science & Technology vol.5, no.11 p.1396-401, Nov. 1994 38. Rai, V.N.*; Shukla, M.*; Khardekar, R.K.* A transistorized Marx bank circuit providing sub-nanosecond high-voltage pulses Measurement Science & Technology vol.5, no.4 p.447-9, April 1994 39. Roy, S.B.*; Pradhan, A.K.*; Chaddah, P.* Anomalous low-field magnetic behaviour of polycrystalline URu/sub 2/Si/sub 2/ Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter vol.6, no.1 p.253-8, 3 Jan. 1994 40. Roy, S.B.*; Coles, B.R. Anomalous magnetization of superconducting CeRu/sub 2/ Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter vol.6, no.44 p.L663-5, 31 Oct. 1994 41. Roy, S.B.*; Pradhan, A.K.*; Chaddah, P.* Magnetic properties of polycrystalline UNi/sub 2/Ge/sub 2/: irreversibility and metastable behaviour Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter vol.6, no.27 p.5155-60, 4 July 1994 42. Roy, S.B.*; Hossain, Z.; Pradhan, A.K.; Mazumdar, C.; Chaddah, P.; Nagarajan, R.; Godart, C.; Gupta, L.C. Magnetization studies on YNi/sub 2/B/sub 2/C Physica C vol.228, no.3-4 p.319-22, 20 July 1994 43. Roy, S.B.*; Pradhan, A.K.*; Chaddah, P.* Possibility of a magnetic transition in ZrV/sub 2/ Solid State Communications vol.91, no.3 p.227-9, July 1994 44. Roy, S.B.*; Pradhan, A.K.*; Chaddah, P.* Study of magnetic relaxation in the C15 superconductor CeRu/sub 2/ Superconductor Science & Technology vol.7, no.8 p.602-5, Aug. 1994 45. Roy, S.B.*; Kumar, S.*; Pradhan, A.K.*; Chaddah,P.*; Prasad, R.; Soni, N.C.; Adhikari, K. Study of minor hysteresis loops and harmonic generation in granular samples of BSCCO Physica C vol.235-240, pt.5 p.3193-4, Dec. 1994 46. Roy, S.B.*; Kumar, S.*; Pradhan, A.K.*; Chaddah, P.*; Prasad, R.; Soni, N.C. Study of minor hysteresis loops of YBaCuO: DC and AC hysteresis effects in granular samples Physica C vol.218, no.3-4 p.476-84, 15 Dec. 1993


47. Sastry, K.V.L.N.; Vanderlinde, J.; Donovan, D.; Mukhopadhyay, I*.; Gupta, P.K.* Determination of the dipole moment of /sup 13/C methanol by microwave Stark spectroscopy Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy vol.168, no.2 p.374-83, Dec. 1994 48. Sawhney, K.J.S.*; Nandedkar, R.V.* Optical design of a toroidal grating monochromator based beam line on Indus-1 Pramana, Journal of Physics vol.42, no.1 p.49-64, Jan. 1994 49. Shukla, R.P.; Chowdhury, A.*; Dass Gupta, P. Interferometric determination of thickness of free-standing submicron Formvar films Optical Engineering vol.33, no.6 p.1881-4, June 1994 50. Singh Rajvir*; Singh S.N.*; Raja Rao, A.S.* Design and fabrication of a clean vacuum degassing furnace IVS Bulletin vol.25, no.2 p.3-6, June 1994 51. Slamet, M.; Sahni, V.; Harbola, M.K.* Force field and potential due to the Fermi-Coulomb hole charge for nonspherical-density atoms Physical Review A (Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics) vol.49, no.2 p.809-17, Feb. 1994


52. Tripathi, A.K.; Gupta, N.M.; Chatterjee, U.K.; Bhawalkar, D.D.* Development of a sealed-off cw CO/sub 2/ laser using a supported gold catalyst Review of Scientific Instruments vol.65, no.12 p.3853-5, Dec. 1994


53. Verma, Adu*; Sawhney, K.J.S.*; Nandedkar, R.V.* Electromagnetic actuator in UHV for synchrotron radiation beam viewer Indian Vacuum Society Bulletin vol.25, no.4 p.23-25, Dec. 1994

Note: The authors '*' marked are from RRCAT, Indore

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