List of Journal Publications from RRCAT in 2000

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1. Angel-Kalinin D.*; Singh G.* 
     Emittance measurements of microtron beam 
     Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics vol.38, no. 5,
      p. 296-300, May, 2000 

2. Arora V.*; Kumbhare S.R.*; Naik P.A.*; Gupta P.D.* 
     A simple high-resolution on-line X-ray imaging crystal spectrograph for
     laser-plasma interaction studies 
     Review of Scientific Instruments vol.71, no. 7, p. 2644-50, Jul, 2000 
3. Arya R.*; Thomas J.M.; Bhujle A.G.*; Bhawalkar D.D.* 
     Arbitrary wave-form-pulsed power source for flash-lamp-pumped solid-state lasers 
     Review of Scientific Instruments vol.71, no. 7, p. 2589-97, July, 2000 
4. Arya R.*; Thomas J.M.; Bhujle A.G.*; BhawalkarD.D.* 
     Effects of simmer current on flashlamp impedance and their combined influence on the
     output of a quasi-CW Nd:YAG laser 
     IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics vol.36, no. 7, p. 872-8, Jul, 2000 


5. Banerjee A.*; Harbola M.K.* Response to Comment on Frequency-dependent polarizabilities, hyperpolarizabilities, and excitation energies from time-dependent density-functional theory based on the quasienergy derivative method Journal of Chemical Physics vol.112, no. 15, p. 6939, 2000 6. Benerjee A*; Harbola M.* Hydrodynamics approach to time-dependent density functional theory; response properties of metal clusters Journal of Chemical Physics vol.113, no. 14, p. 5614-23, Oct, 2000 7. Bhar G.C.; Kumbhakar P.*; Satyanarayana D.V.*; Banerjee N.S.*, Nundy U.*,Chao C.G. Third harmonic generation of CO2 laser radiation in AgGaSe2 crystal Pramana, Journal of Physics vol.55, no. 3, p. 405-12, Sept, 2000


8. Castellanos-Guzman A.G.; Reyes-Gomez J.; Czank M.; Kumar A.*; Singh G.*; Tiwari V.S.*; Wadhwan V.K.* Calorimetric, optical and anti-phase domain studies on the ferroelectric-ferroelastic Ni/sub 3/B/sub 7/O/sub 13/Cl boracite Ferroelectrics vol.237, no. 1-4, p. 89-96, 2000 9. Chaddah P.* Calculation of spatially resolved energy dissipation in the critical-state model:Supercooling and metastable states Physical Review B (Condensed Matter) vol.62, no. 9, p. 5361-3, Sept, 2000 10. Chaddah P.*; Chaudhary S.*; Roy S.B.*; Babu P.K.; Nagarajan R.; Gupta L.C. Are history effects common to all peak effects in superconductors Solid State Communications vol.115, no. 8, p. 445-8, 2000 11. Chaddah P.*; Roy S.B.* Supercooling across first-order phase transitions in vortex matter Pramana Journal of Physics vol.54, no. 6, p. 857-62, June, 2000 12. Chakrabarti A.* Role of NiAs phase in pressure-induced structural phase transitions in IIA-VI chalcogenides Physical Review B vol.62, no. 3, p. 1806-14, July, 2000 13. Chandvankar S.S.; Sharma T.K.*; Shah A.P.; Chandrasekaran K.S.; Arora B.M.; Kapoor A.K. Indium thallium phosphide: experiments versus predictions Journal of Crystal Growth vol.213, no., p. 250-258, 2000 14. Chaudhary S.*; Rajarajana A.K.*; Singh K.J.*; Roy S.B.*; Chaddah P.* History dependence of peak effect in CeRu2 and V3Si: an analogy with the random field ising systems Solid State Communications vol.114, no. 1, p. 5-8, Mar, 2000 15. Chaudhary S.*; Roy S.B.*; Chaddah P.* Vortex matter phase transition in the C15-Laves-phase superconductor CeRu/sub 2/:comparison with Bi-2212 Physica B vol.280, no. 1-4, p. 229-30, 2000 16. Chaudhary S.*; Roy S.B.*; Chaddah P.*; Babu P.K.; Nagarajan R.; Gupta L.C. Peak effect in the superconducting mixed state of bulk Mo-Re alloys: a dc magnetization study Philosophical Magazine B (Physics of Condensed Matter: Statistical Mechanics Electronic Optical) p. 1, Dec., 2000 17. Chengxiang Z.; Dasgupta C.; Singh M.P.* Retrieval properties of a Hopfield model with random asymmetric interactions Neural Computation vol.12, p. 865-80, 2000


18. Datta S.; Arora B.M.; Kumar S.* Bound exciton effect and carrier escape mechanisms in temperature-dependent surface photovoltage spectroscopy of a single quantum well Physical Review B vol.62, no. 20, p. 13604-11, Nov., 2000 19. Datta S.*; Gokhale M.R.; Shah A.P.; Arora M.; Kumar S.* Temperature dependence of surface photovoltage of bulk semiconductors and the effect of surface passivation Applied Physics Letters vol.77, no. 26, p. 4383-4385, Dec., 2000 20. Desai T.*; Pant H.C.* Control of Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities in laser accelerated seeded targets Laser and Particle Beams vol.18, p. 119-128, 2000 21. Dube A.*; Bansal H.*; Gupta P.K.* Dye-mediated photodynamic inactivation of Bacillus subtilis cells: Involvement of singlet oxygen and superoxide radicals Indian Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics vol.37, no. 8, p. 245-50, Aug, 2000 22. Dubey V.K.* ; Rao J. P.*; Saxena P.* Programmable source powers dc micromotors EDN Magazine p. 132, Mar., 2000


23. Ganeev R.A.; Chakera J.A.*; Raghuramaiah M.*; Sharma A.K.*; Gupta P.D.* Polarisation characteristics of the harmonics & reflected radiation upon the interaction of 100-GW picosecond pulses with aluminium films Quantum Electronics vol.30, no. 11, p. 970-974, Nov, 2000 24. Gupta P.*; Atrey M.D.* Performance evaluation of counter flow heat exchangers considering the effect of heat in leak and longitudinal conduction for low-temperature applications Cryogenics vol.40, p. 469-474, 2000 25. Gupta S.M.*; Furman E.; Colla E. Xu Z.; Viehland D. Relaxational polarization in polar dielectric barium magnesium niobate Journal of Applied Physics vol.88, no. 5, p. 2836-42, Sept, 2000


26. Harbola M.*; Banerjee A.* Density-functional theory of optical response Indian Journal of Chemistry vol.39A, no.p. 9-21, Jan-Mar, 2000 27. Haridas G.*; Thakker K.K.*; Pradhan S.D.*; Nayak A.R.; Bhagwat A.M.* Response of monitoring instruments to high-energy photon radiation Nuclear instruments and methods in physics research A :(Accelerators Spectrometers Detectors and Associated Equipment) vol.449, p. 624-628, 2000


28. Kapoor R.*; Agarwal G.S. Theory of electromagnetically induced waveguides Physical Review A (Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics) vol.61,no. 5, p. 053818/1-4, May, 2000 29. Kohli R.*; Gupta P.K.*; Dube A.* Helium-neon laser preirradiation induces protection against UVC radiation in wild-type E. coli strain K12AB1157 Radiation Research vol.153, no. 2, p. 181-5, 2000 30. Koul D.K.; Nambi K.S.V.; Gupta P.K.*; Bhat C.L. Can quartz remember and manifest its firing temperature through thermoluminescence? Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics vol.38, no. 4, p. 243-7, Apr, 2000 31. Krishnagopal S.* Energy transparency and symmetries in the beam-beam interaction Physical Review Special Topics-Accelerators and Beams vol.3, no. 2, p. 4, Dec, 2000 32. Kumar V.*; Krishnagopal S.* Growth of transverse coherence in SASE FELs Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics ResearchSection A :(Accelerators Spectrometers Detectors and Associated Equipment) vol.445, no. 1-3, p.77-83, 2000


33. Lodha G.*; Paul A.; Vitta S.; Gupta A.; Nandedkar R.*; Yamashita K.; Kunieda H.; Tawara Y.; Tamura K.; Haga K. O.K Study Of Pt/c X-ray Multilayer Structure As A Function Of Layer Period Using X-ray Scattering Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Supplement suppl vol.38-1, p. 289-92, 2000


34. Mallik K.* Nonuniform doping of the collector in avalanche transistors to improve the performance of Marx bank circuits Review of scientific instruments vol.71, no. 4, p. 1853-61, April, 2000 35. Majumdar S.K.*; Mohanty S.K.*; Ghosh N.*; Gupta P.K.*; Jain D.K.; Khan F. A pilot study on the use of autofluorescence spectroscopy for diagnosis of the cancer of human oral cavity Research Communications vol.79, no. 8, p. 1089-94, Oct., 2000 36. Majumdar S.K.*; Gupta P.K.* Synchronous luminescence spectroscopy for oral cancer diagnosis Laser in Life Sciences vol.9, no. 9, p. 143-52, 2000 37. Manekar M.*; Chaudhary S.*; Cahttopadhyay M.K.*; Singh K.S.*; Roy S.B.*; Chaddah P.* First-order metamagnetic transition in CeFe2-based pseudobinary alloys Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter vol.12, no. 25, p. 9645-55, 2000 38. Manekar M.*;Roy S.B.*; Chaddah P.* First-order transition from ferromagnetism to antiferromagnetism in CeFe2-based pseudobinary alloys Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter vol.12, no. 25, p.L409-415, 2000 39. Mishra K.K.*; Khardekar R.K.*; Chouhan, R.*; Gupta P.K.* A simple and effecient levitation technique for noncontact coating of inertial confinement fusion targets Pramana, Journal of Physics vol.55, no. 5-6, p. 919-925, Nov-Dec, 2000 40. Mishra S.R.*; Rawat H.S.*; Mehendale S.C.*; Rustagi K.C.*; Sood A.K.; Bandyopadhyay R.; Govindaraj A.; Rao CNR. Optical limiting in single-walled carbon nanotube suspensions Chemical Physics Letters vol.317, no. 3-5, p. 510-14, Feb., 2000 41. Mukhopadhyay I.* Internal Axis Molecular Parameters Torsional Energies And Matrix Elements Of Methyl Mercaptan-d/sub 2/ Spectrochimica Acta Part A (Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy) vol.56A, no. 4, p. 739-46, 2000 42. Mukhopadhyay I.*; Yun-Bo Duan; Wu X.T.; Takagi K. High resolution spectral analysis of /sup 13/CH/sub 3/OH in the excited torsional states Spectrochimica Acta Part A (Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy) vol.56A, no. 1, p. 19-28, 2000 43. Murali Krishna C.*; Bose B.*; Gupta P.K.* N/sub 2/ laser-induced oxidation of hemoproteins in red blood cell lysate Radiation Research vol.153, no. 4, p. 411-15, 2000


44. Naik P.A.* Understanding non-diagram x-ray lines through energy diagrams Physics Education vol.17, no. 3, p. 253-260, Oct-Dec, 2000 45. Naik P.A.*; Sharma A.K.* Calculation of higher order group velocity dispersion in a grating pulse stretcher/ compressor using recursion method Journal of Optics vol.29, no.3, p. 105-113, 2000


46. Petwal V.C.*; Bemalkhedkar M.M.*; Soni H.C.* Radial dose distribution from a suitable bremsstrahlung target of optimum thickness for radiotherapy accelerator Journal of Medical Physics vol.25, no. 3, p. 130-131, Mar, 2000 47. Prakash O.*; Dixit S.K.*; Jain R.*; Nakhe S.V.*; Bhatnagar R.* Single Pulse Time Resolved Studies On The Characteristics Of A Transverse Pumped Hmp-gig Dye Laser And The Role Of Pump Beam Divergence Optics Communications vol.176, no. 1-3, p. 177-89, Mar., 2000 48. Prasad Y.B.S.R.*; Senecha V.*; Pant H.C.*; Kamath M.P.*; Solanki G.S.* Scaling of x-ray emission and ion velocity in laser produced Cu plasmas Pramana, Journal of Physics vol.55, no. 5-6, p. 797-802, Nov-Dec, 2000


49. Radzyner Y.; Roy S.B.*; Giller D.; Wolfus Y.; Shaulou A.; Chaddah P.*; Yeshurun Y. Metastable vortex states in YBa2Cu3O7- crystal Physical review B vol.61, no. 21, p. 14362-65 1, Jun, 2000 50. Rai V.N.*; Shukla M.*; Pant H.C.* Density oscillations in laser produced plasma decelerated by external magnetic field Pramana, Journal of Physics vol.55., no. 5-6, p. 773-779, Nov, 2000 51. Ramakrishna S.A.*; Rao K.D.* Estimation of light transport parameters in biological media using coherent backscattering Pramana, Journal of Physics vol.54, no. 2, p. 255-67, Feb, 2000 52. Ramesh T.; Ahuja B.L.; Sharma B.L.; Chaddah P.*; Roy S.B.*; Sakura Y.; Sakai N. Temperature dependent magnetic cromtonprofiles of CeFe2 Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences vol.7, p. 451-455, Oct-Dec, 2000 53. Roy S.B.*; Chaddah P.*; Chaudhary S.* Peak effect in CeRu2: history dependence and supercooling Physical Review B vol.62, no. 13, p. 9191-9, Oct., 2000


54. Sailaja S.*; Naik P.A.*; Arora V.*; Gupta P.D.* Occurrence of half integral diffraction orders in XUV-soft X-ray spectra using a free-standing transmission grating Journal of X-ray Science and Technology vol. 8, p.231-239, 2000 55. Sawhney K.J.*; Lodha G.S.*; Kataria S.K.; Kulshreshtha S.K. Chemical effects in x-ray fluorescence by study of Fe, Pt and U compounds X-ray Spectrometry vol.29, p. 173-77, 2000 56. Senecha V.K.*; Prasad Y.B.S.R.*; Kamath M.P.*; Joshi A.S.*; Solanki G.S.*; Kulkarni A.P.*;Gupta S.*; Pareek R.*; Pant H.C.* Volume effect of laser produced plasma on x-ray emissions Pramana, Journal of Physics vol.55, no. 5-6, p. 789-795, Nov-Dec, 2000 57. Sharma T.K.*; Arora B.M.; Gokhale M.R.; Rajgopala S. Characterization of InGaP/GaAs heterointerfaces grown by metal organic vapour phase epitaxy Journal of Crystal Growth vol.221, p. 509-514, 2000 58. Sharma T.K.*; Gokhale M.R.; Arora B.M. Long-wavelength photoluminescence from InGaP/GaAs heterointerfaces grown by metal organic vapour-phase epitaxy Journal of Crystal Growth vol.213, no. 3-4, p. 241-9, 2000 59. Shukla M.*; Bandhyopadhyay S.*; Rai V.N.*; Kilpio A.V.; Pant H.C.* Multiple charge states of titanium ions in laser produced plasma Pramana, Journal of Physics vol.55, no. 5-6, p. 781-787, Nov-Dec, 2000 60. Shukla R.P.; Kumar S.; Chowdhary A.*; Gupta P.D.* Interferometric measurement of thickness of thin films of formvar deposited on glass plates Journal of Optics vol.29, no. 2, p. 85-93, 2000 61. Shukla S.K.*; Yadav D.P.*; Sridhar R.*; Pathak L.N.*; Bhavsar S.T.*; RajaRao A.S.* Ultra high vacuum system for Indus-2 IVS Bulletinp. 5-16, June, 2000 62. Sreedhar N.*; Nigam S.*; Prasad Y.B.S.R.*; Senecha V.K.*; Navathe C.P.* A dedicated data acquisition system for ion velocity measurements of laser produced plasmas Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences vol.7,p. 122-26, Jun, 2000


63. Verma S.*; Singh M.K.*; Wadhawan V.K.*; Suresh C.H. Growth morphology of zinc tris(thiourea) sulphate crystals Pramana Journal of Physics vol.54, no. 6, p. 879-88, June, 2000

Note: The authors '*' marked are from RRCAT, Indore

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