List of Journal Publications from RRCAT in 2004

By Author(A-Z)

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1.     Amirthapandian, S. ; Panigrahi, B.K.; Srivastava, A. K.; Dhara, S.; 
       Gupta, A.; Sastry, V. S.; Nandedkar, R. V.*; Nair, K. G. M.; Narayanasamy, A. 
        Ion-beam mixing in an immiscible Fe/Ag multilayer film 
        Journal of Applied Physics vol. 95,  no. 10,  p. 5295-5300,  Jul. 2004 


2.      Banerjee, Arup 
         Collective oscillations in two-dimensional Bose–Einstein condensate 
         Physics Letters A vol. 332,  no. 3-4,  p. 291-97,  Nov. 2004 

3.      Bansal, B.; Dixit, V.K.*; Venkataraman, V.; Bhat, H.L. 
         Transport, optical and magnetotransport properties of hetero-epitaxial
         InAsxSb1-x/GaAs(x<=0.06) and bulk InAsxSb1-x(x<=0.05) crystals: experiment 
         and theoretical analysis 
         Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 
         vol. 20,  no. 3-4,  p. 272-77,  Jan. 2004 
4.      Benerji, N.S.; Varshnay, N.; Abhinandan, L.; Nundy, U. 
         A compact spark pre-ionized pulser sustainer TE-CO2 laser 
         Sadhana vol. 29,  no. 3,  p. 297-303,  Jun. 2004 

5.      Bhargava, P.; Kumar, M.; Kumar, H.; Pandit, P.; Pandey, R.; Nath, A.K.* 
         Impulse coupling in laser-driven microtargets 
         Pramana: Journal of Physics vol. 62,  no. 4,  p. 923-32,  Apr. 2004 

6.      Bhatnagar, R.;   Singh, Nageshwar;  Chaube, R.; and H. S. Vora
	 Design of a transversely pumped, high repetition rate, narrow bandwidth dye
         laser with high wavelength stability 
         Review of Scientific Instruments vol. 75,  no. 12,  p. 5126-30, Dec. 2004 

7.      Biswas, C.; Shukla, A.K.; Banik, S.; Barman, S.R.; Chakrabarti, A.* 
         Argon nanobubbles in A1(111): a photoemission study 
         Physical Review Letters vol. 92,  no. 11,  p. 115506 - 1-4,  Mar. 2004 
8.      Branford, W.R.; Clowes, S.K.; Syed, M.H.; Bugoslavsky, Y.V.; Gardelis, S.; 
        Androulakis, J.; Giapintzakis, J.; Grigorescu, C.E.A.; Berenov, A.V.;  Roy, S.B.*; 
        Cohen, L.F. 
         Large positive magnetoresistance in nonstoichiometric NiMnSb thin films on silicon 
         Applied Physics Letters vol. 84,  no. 13,  p. 2358-60,  Mar. 2004 

9.     Branford, W.R.; Roy, S.B.*; Clowes, S.K.; Miyoshi, Y.; Bugoslavasky, Y.V.; 
       Gardelis, S.; Giapintzakis, J.; Cohen, L.F. 
         Spin polarisation and anomalous hall effect in NiMbSb films 
         Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials vol. 272-276,  p. 1399-1401,  May 2004 

10.    Branford, W. R.; Clowes, S. K.;  Bugoslavsky Y. V.; Gardelis, S.; Androulakis, J.;
       Giapintzakis  J.;  Grigorescu C. E. A; . Manea  S. A;  Freitas R. S.;   Roy S. B.;  
       Cohen L. F.
         Thickness dependence of Hall transport in Ni1.15Mn0.85Sb thin films on silicon
         Phys. Rev. B  vol. 69, no. 20, p. 201305-1-4(R)  May 2004 


11.     Chakraborty, A. L.; Kher, S.; Chaubey, S.; Nathan, T. P. S.
         Bidirectional frequency-domain digital filtering to simultaneously improve 
         temperature resolution and eliminate spatial inaccuracy of a distributed  temperature
         Optical Engineering vol. 43,  no. 11,  p. 2724-2729,  Nov. 2004

12.     Chatterjee, S. 
         Measurement of single-pass wavefront distortion of optical components 
         with phase shifting Jamin interferometer 
         Optical Engineeringvol. 43, no. 4,  p. 872-79,  Apr. 2004 

13.     Chatterjee, S. 
         Measurement of surface figure of plane optical surfaces using Fizeau interferometer 
         with wedge phase-shifter  
         Optics & Laser Technology vol. 37,  no. 1,  p. 43-49, 2004

14.     Chattopadhyay, M.K.*; Manekar, M.A.*; Pecharsky,  A.O.; Pecharsky, V.K.; Gschneidner, 
        K.A.; Moore, J. Perkins, G.K.; Bugoslavsky, Y.V.; Roy, S.B.; Chaddah, P.; Cohen, L.F.
         Metastable magnetic response across the antiferromagnetic to ferromagnetic 
         transition in Gd  sub 5/Ge/sub 4/
         Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics) 
         vol. 70,  no. 21,  p. 214421-1-6, 1 Dec. 2004

15.     Chaudhari, S.N.; Rawat, A.; Rajan, A. 
         Cluster Computing for 3D Magnetic Field Simulation of Wiggler Magnets 
         International Journal of System Modeling and Simulation 
         vol. 2,  no. 1,  p. 21-25, Jan. 2004 


16.     Das, K.; Jain, B.; Patel, H. S. 
         Nile Blue in Triton-X 100/benzene/hexane reverse micelles: a fluorescence 
         spectroscopic study 
         Spectrochimica Acta Part A vol. 60,  no. 8-9,  p. 2059-64,  Jul. 2004 

17.     De, A. K.; Murlidhar, K.; Eswaran, V.; Wadhawan, V. K*. 
         Modelling of transport phenomena in a low-pressure CVD reactor 
         Journal of Crystal Growth vol. 267,  no. 3-4,  p. 598-12,  Jul. 2004 

18.     Dube, A.; Jayasankar, K.; Prabhakaran, L.; Kumar, V.; Gupta, P.K. 
         Nitrogen laser irradiation (337 nm) causes temporary inactivation of 
         clinical isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis 
         Lasers in Medical Science vol. 19,  p. 52-56,  2004 

19.     Dixit, V. K.*; Bansal, B.; Venkataraman, V.;  Bhat H. L.; Chandrasekharan K. S. 
        Arora  B. M. 
         Studies on high resolution x-ray diffraction, optical and transport properties 
         of InAsxSb1–x/GaAs (x0.06) heterostructure grown using liquid phase epitaxy
         Journal of Applied Physics vol. 96,  no. 9,  p. 4989-4997, Nov.  2004


20.     Ganesamoorthy, S.; Bhaumik, I.; Karnal, A.K.; Wadhawan, V.K. 
         Optical, thermal and defect studies on PbWO4 single crystals grown by
         the Czochralski method 
         Journal of Crystal Growth vol. 264,  no. 1-3,  p. 320-26,  Mar. 2004 

21.     Ghosh, N.*; Pradhan, A.; Gupta, P.K.*; Gupta, S.; Jaiswal, V.; Singh, R.P. 
         Depolarization of light in a multiply scattering medium: effect of the 
         refractive index of a scatterer 
         Physical Review E vol. 70,  no. 6,  p. 066607-1-7,  Dec. 2004 


22.     Jain, S. K.;  Jain Akhilesh; Hannurkar P. R.
         Indigeneous development of a low cost high power 2kW (CW),2.45GHz
         microwave system
         Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics Vol. 42,  p. 896-901, Dec. 2004


23.     Kar ,S.; Bhatt, R.; Bartwal, K.S.; Wadhawan,V.K 
         Optimisation of chromium doping in LiNbO3 single crystals 
         Crystllography Research and Technology 
         vol. 39, no. 3,  p. 230-34,  Mar. 2004 

24.     Khare, R.; Daulatabad, S.R. 
         A non-mixing technique for enhancement of the tuning range of Rhodamine 
         6G using Rhodamine B 
         Optics and Laser Technology vol. 36,  no. 1,  p. 27-30,  Feb. 2004 

25.     Khattak, B.Q.; Ram sankar, P.; Vyas, S.N.
         UV-visible spectrophotometer a practical theory determined mettalic 
         concentrations of electroplating baths instantaneously 
         Indian Surface Finishing vol. 1, no. 1, p. 92-99,  Jan-Mar. 2004 

26.     Kher, S.; Gurram, S.; Saxena, M. K.; Nathan, T.P.S. 
         Development of distributed fiber optic temperature sensor with sub-metre  resolution 
         Current Science vol. 86,  no. 9,  p. 1202-4,  May. 2004 

27.     Kishinets, A.S.; Korobkin, Yu.V; Romanov, I.V.; Rupasov, A.A.; Shikhanov, A.S.; 
         Moorti, A.*; Naik, P.A.*; Gupta, P.D.* 
         Feasibility of stabilizing vacuum-diode x-ray source with a laser plasma cathode 
         Plasma Physics Reports vol. 30,  no. 3,  p. 235-40,  Mar. 2004 

28.     Krishnagopal, S.*; Kumar, V.*; Maiti, S.; Prabhu, S.S.*; Sarkar, S.K. 
         Free-electron lasers 
         Current Science vol. 87,  no. 8,  p. 1066-78, Oct. 2004 

29.     Kukreja, L.M.*; Rohlfing, A.; Misra, P.*, Hillenkamp, F.; Dreisewerd, K. 
         Cluster formation in UV laser ablation plumes of ZnSe and ZnO studied 
         by time-of-flight mass spectrometry 
         Applied Physics A: Materials Science Processing  vol. 78,  no. 5, p. 641-44,  Mar. 2004 

30.     Kukreja, L.M.; Barik, S.; Mishra, P. 
         Variable band gap ZnO nanostructures grown by pulsed laser deposition 
         Journal of Crystal Growth vol. 268,  no. 3-4,  p. 531-35,  Aug. 2004 

31.     Kumar, Ashwani; Srivastava, A. K.; Tiwari, Pragya; and Nandedkar, R. V. 
         The effect of growth parameters on the aspect ratio and number density of 
         CuO nanorods
         J. of Physics: Condenced Matter vol. 16,  no. 47,  p. 8531-43,  Dec. 2004

32.     Kumar, A.*; Tallarida, M.; Starke, U.; Horn, K. 
         Thin maganese films on Si(111)-(7 x 7) : electronic structure and 
         strain in silicide formation 
         Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics vol. 37,  no. 7,  p. 1083-90,  Apr. 2004 

33.     Kumar, S.*; Jha, S.N.; Jagannath; Ganguli, T.*; Bhaskar Rao, S.V.N.; Das, N.C. 
         Valence bands offset between depleted semiconductors measured by 
         photoelectron spectroscopy 
         Applied Surface Science vol. 229,  no. 1-4,  p. 324-32,  May. 2004 


34.     Lodha, G.S.; Modi, M.H.; Raghuwanshi, V.K.; Sawhney, K.J.S.; Nandedkar, R.V. 
         Soft X-ray reflectometer on Indus-I 
         Synchrotron Radiation News vol. 17,  no. 2,  p. 33-35,  Mar.-Apr. 2004 


35.     Majhar, J.; Shrivastava, A.K.*; Nandedkar R.V.*; Pandey, R.K 
         Strained ZnSe nanostructure investigations by X-ray, AFM, TEM and optical 
         absorption luminisance spectra 
         Nanotechnology vol. 15,  p. 572-, 2004 

36.     Manivannan, S.; Tiwari, S.K.*; Dhanuskodi, S. 
         Spectral, thermal and SHG studies on phase matchable organic NLO material
         EDMP for blue-green laser generation 
         Solid State Communication vol. 132,  no. 2,  p. 123-27, Sept. 2004 
37.     Misra, P.*; Sahoo, P.K.; Tripathi, P.; Kulkarni, V.N.; Nandedkar, R.V.; Kukreja, L.M.
         Sequential pulsed laser deposition of Cd/sub x/Zn sub 1-x/O alloy thin films for 
         engineering ZnO band gap
         Applied Physics A (Materials Science Processing) vol. A78,  no. 1,  p. 37-40, Jan. 2004

38.     Mohanty, S.K.; Gupta, P.K. 
         Laser-assisted three-dimensional rotation of microscopic objects 
         Review of Scientific Instruments  vol. 75,  no. 7,  p. 2320-22,  Jul. 2004 

39.     Mohanty, S.K.*; Andrews, J.T.; Gupta, P.K.* 
         Optical binding between dielectric particles 
         Optics Express vol. 12,  no. 12,  p. 2749-56,  Jun. 2004 
40.     Mohanty, S.K.; Uppal, A.; Gupta, P.K. 
         Self-rotation of red blood cells in optical tweezers: prospects for 
         high throughput malaria diagnosis 
         Biotechnology Letters vol. 26,  no. 12,  p. 971-74,  Jun. 2004 
         (also published Optics and Photonecs News)

41.     Moorti, A.; Raghuramaiah, M.; Naik, P.A.; Gupta P.D.
	 Characteristics of a multi-keV monochromatic point x-ray source based on 
         vacuum diode with laser produced plasma as cathode
         Pramana: J. of Physics 63,  no. 5,  p. 1031-1037,  November 2004

42.     Moorti, A.; Naik, P.A.; Gupta, P.D. 
         High-current-density electron emission from lead zirconium titanate 
         ferroelectric disc under application of short-duration high-voltage pulses 
         IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science vol. 32,  no. 1,  p. 256-61, Feb. 2004 

43.     Mukhopadhyay, P.K.*; Alsous, M.B.; Ranganathan, K.*; Sharma, S.K.*; 
         Gupta, P.K.*; George, J.*; Nathan, T.P.S,* 
         Analysis of laser-diode end-pumped intracavity frequency-doubled, 
         passively Q-switched and mode-locked Nd: YVO4 laser 
         Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics vol. B79,  no. 6,  p. 713-720, Oct. 2004 


44.     Nakhe, S.V. 
         A novel power good indicator circuit for isolated power supplies 
         Electronics World vol. 110,  no. 1816,  p. 43,  Apr. 2004 

45.     Nanda, D.*: Chouhan, H.P.S.; Maiti, B. 
         PVC membrane based potentiometric sensor for uranyl ion using thenoyl 
         trifluoro acetone as ionophore 
         Indian Journal of Chemistry vol. 43A, no. 8, p. 1685-88, Aug. 2004 

46.     Nanda, D.*; Chauhan, H.P.S.; Maiti, B. 
         Transport of uranyl ion (UO22+ across bulk liquid membrane by thenoyl 
         trifluoro acetone (TTA) 
         Indian Journal of Chemical Technology vol. 11,  no. 9,  p. 643-47,  Sept. 2004 

47.     Nandedkar, R.V. 
         History, present status and future plans of Indian synchrotron radiation sources: 
         Indo –US forum on SRS and other sources at Argonne National Lab, US. May 2003 
         Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Radiation vol. 70,  no. 4-5,  p. 589-93,  Jul. 2004 

48.     Nigam, A.K.; Roy, S.B.* 
         Multiple magnetic transactions in Upd2Ge2 
         Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 
         vol. 272-76,  p. 325-26,  May.  2004 



49.     Pandit, P.; Gupta, S.M.; Wadhawan, V.K. 
         Shape-memory effect in PMN-PT(65/35) ceramic 
         Solid State Communication vol. 131,  no. 11,  p. 665-70,  Sept. 2004 

50.     Pathak, S.K.; Karmakar S.; Merkum, S.; Gupta, S.M.; Wadhawan, V.K. 
         Infra-red Laser Transparent Zinc Sulphide - Manufacturing Technique (Hindi)
         Bharatiya Vaigyanik evam Audyogik Anusandhan Patrika 
         vol. 12,  no. 1,  June 2004 


51.     Rai, V.N. 
         Basic concept in plasma diagnostics 
         Bulletin of Laser and Spectroscopy Society of India   vol. 13,  p. 55-71, 2004 
52.     Ranganathan, K.; Sundar R.; Misra, P.; Nathan, T.P.S.
         Highly Efficient Continuous-Wave Operation of a Nd:YAG Rod Laser that is 
         Side Pumped by p-Polarized Diode Laser Bars 
         Applied Optics vol. 43,  no. 31,  p. 5855-5859,  Nov.  2004 

53.     Roy, S.B.*; Perkins, G.K.; Chattopadhyay, M.K.*; Nigam, A.K.; 
         Sokhey, K.J.S.*; Chaddah, P.*; Caplin, A.D.; Cohen, L.F. 
         First order magnetic transition in doped CeFe2 alloys: 
         phase coexistence and metastability 
         Physical Review Letters vol. 92,  no. 14,  p. 147203-1-4,  Apr. 2004 
54.     Roy, S. B.,; Chaddah, P. 
         Experimental study of disorder-influenced first-order transitions in 
         vortex matter and in magnetic systems 
         Phase Transitions vol. 77,  no. 8-10, p. 767-790,  2004


55.     Sahni, V. C.
         Indian contribution to the Large Hadron Collider under construction 
         at CERN, Geneva
         Current Science vol. 87, no. 4,  p. 441-446,  Aug. 2004

56.    Sahu, B.S.; Srivastava, P.; Agnihotri, O.P.; Lee, H.C.; Sekher, B.R.; 
        Mahapatra, S.; Tiwari, M.K.* 
         Dependence of hydrogen and oxygen incorporation on deposition parameters 
         in photochemical vapor deposited mercury free silicon nitride films 
         Thin Solid Films vol. 446, no. 1, p. 23-28, Jan. 2004 

57.     Sen, P.; Sen, P.K.; Bhatt, R.*; Kar, S.*; Shukla, V.*; Bartwal, K.S.* 
         The effect of MgO doping on optical properties of LiNbO3 single crystals 
         Solid State Communications vol. 129,  no. 11,  p. 747-52,  Mar. 2004 

58.     Seth, M.; Ziegler, T.; Banerjee, A.*; Austschbach, J.; Van Gisbergen, S.; Baerends, E. 
         Calculation of the A term of magnetic circular dichroism based on 
         time dependent-density functional theory I. Formulation and implementation 
         Journal of Chemical Physics vol. 120,  no. 23,  p. 10942-54,  Jun. 2004 

59.     Sharma, A.; Sing, G.; Sahoo, G.K.     
         Change in Laslett tune shift due to a dielectric vacuum chamber  
         Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: 
         Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 
         vol. 528, no. 3, P. 661-669, Aug. 2004 

60.     Sharma, A.K.; Naik, P.A.; Gupta, P.D. 
         Estimation of higher order chirp in ultrashort laser pulses using 
         modified spectrum auto-interferometric correlation 
         Optics Communications vol. 233,  no. 4-6,   p. 431-37, Apr. 2004 

61.     Sharma, A.K.; Naik, P.A.; Gupta, P.D. 
         Simple and sensitive method for visual detection of temporal 
         assymetry of ultrashort laser pulses 
         Optics Express vol.  12, no. 7,  p. 1389-1396,  Apr.  2004 

62.     Sharma, M.; Dube, A.; Bansal, H.; Gupta, P.K. 
         Effect of pH on uptake and photodynamic action of chlorin p6 on human 
         colon and breast adenocarcinoma cell lines 
         Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences vol. 3,  no. 2,  p. 231-35,  Feb. 2004 

63.     Shukla, A.*; Ghosh, H.; Mazumdar, S.
         Ultrafast excited state absorption and charge separation in phenylene-based 
         conjugated polymers
         Synthetic Metals vol. 141,  no. 1-2,  p. 59-65,  18  March  2004

64.     Singh, A.; Aswal, D.K.; Gupta, L.C.; Gupta, S.K.; Yakhmi, J.V.; Sahni, V.C.* 
         Magnetization and magnetotransport studies of 
         YBa2Cu3O7-lemda/La1-xPbxMnO3 heterostructures 
         Superconductor Science and Technology vol. 17,  no. 3,  p. 342-46,  Mar. 2004 

65.     Singh, Gurvinderjit; Tiwari, V.S.; Wadhawan, V.K. 
         Dipolar-glass-like behaviour of 0.7PMN-0.3PZ ceramic 
         Solid State Communications vol. 129,  no. 10,  p. 665-70,  Mar.  2004 

66.     Singh, R.; Paily, R.; DasGupta, A.; DasGupta, N.; Misra, P.*; Kukreja, L.M.*
         Laser induced oxidation for growth of ultrathin gate oxide
         Electronics Letters   Volume: 40  Issue: 25   Date: 9 Dec. Page(s):  1606- 1608 2004

67.     Sokhey, K.J.S.; Chattopadhyay, M.K*.; Nigam, A.K.; Roy, S.B.*; Chaddah, P.* 
         Signatures of phase seperation across the disorder broadened first order 
         ferromagnetic to antiferromagnetic transition in doped-CeFe2 alloys 
         Solid state Communications vol. 129,  no. 1,  p. 19-23,  Jan.  2004

68.     Solanki, G.S. 
         Enhanced Fresenel zone plate coded microscopy of large-size objects 
         Journal of the Optical Society of America A 
         vol. 21,  no. 4,  p. 517-22,  Apr.  2004 

69.     Sreeramulu K.*.;  Kulshreshta, P.K.; Laxman, S.; Mangesh, K.
         Development and production of open-type quadrupole
         magnets with advanced techniques for a 2.5 GeV SRS at RRCAT
         IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity        
         vol. 14,  no. 2,  p. 449-52  June  2004

70.     Srivastava, A.K.; Tiwari, P.; Kumar, A.; Nandedkar, R.V. 
         Growth of copper oxide nanorods 
         Current Science vol. 86, no. 1, p. 22-23, Jan. 2004 


71.     Tiwari, M.K.; Sawhney, K.J.S.; Gowri Sankar, B.; Raghuvanshi, V.K.;
        Nandedkar, R.V. 
         A Simple and precise total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectrometer:
         construction and its applications 
         Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy 
         vol. 59, no. 8,  p. 1141-47,  Aug.  2004 


72.     Uppal, A.; Ghosh, N.; Datta, A.; Gupta, P.K. 
         Fluorimetric estimation of concentration of NADH from human blood samples 
         Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry vol. 41,  p. 43-47,  Mar.  2004 


73.     Vadjikar, R.M. 
         Simulation of electrical treeing in solid dielectrics 
         Journal of Materials Science vol. 39, no. 10, p. 3487-92, May. 2004 

Note: In combined authorship with other institutes, only authors with '*' marks are from RRCAT, Indore

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