List of Journal Publications from RRCAT in 2009

By Author(A-Z)

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1.	Aditya L., Nanda J.*,  Samajdar I.*, Venkataramani N.*, Prasad S.*

	Correlation of grain boundary nature with magnetization in RF-sputtered lithium zinc ferrite thin films

	Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 321, 3373-79 (2009)

2.	Alimardani M.*, Toyserkani E.*, Huissoon J.P.*, Paul C.P.

	On the delamination and crack formation in a thin wall fabricated using laser solid freeform fabrication process: an experimental-numerical investigation

	Optics and Lasers in Engineering 47, 1160-1168 (2009)

3.	Arora P., Chattopadhyay M.K., Roy S.B.                      

	Magnetic properties and large magnetocaloric effect of DyPt2                                        

	Journal of Applied Physics 106, (2009)

4.	Arora, P., Tiwari P., Sathe V.G., Chattopadhyay M.K.        

	Magnetocaloric effect in DyCu2              

	Journal of Magnetism & Magnetic Materials 321, 3278-84 (2009)


5.	Bakshi A.K., Dhabekar B. Rawat N.S.*, Singh S.G.*, Joshi V.J.*, Kumar Vijay*                                                     

	Study on TL and OSL characteristics of indigenously developed CaF2 phosphor                                          

	Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section 267, 548-53 (2009)    

6.	Babu Reddy J.N.*, Elizabeth S.*, Bhat H.L.*, Karnal A.K.                                                     

	Development of a versatile high temperature top seeded solution growth unit for growing cesium lithium borate crystals                                          

	Review of Scientific Instruments 80, (2009)    

7.	Bakshi A.K., Dhabekar B. Rawat N.S.*, Singh S.G.*, Joshi V.J.*, Kumar Vijay*                           

	Study on TL and OSL characteristics of indigenously developed CaF2 phosphor               

	Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section 267, 548-53 (2009)                      

8.	Balamurugan S.*, Ramasamy P.*, Sharma S.K., Inkong Y.*, Manym P.*

	Investigation of SR method grown (001) directed KDP single crystal and its characterization by high-resolution X-ray diffractometry (HRXRD), laser damage threshold, dielectric, thermal analysis, optical and hardness studies

	Materials Chemistry and Physics 117, 465-470 (2009)

9.	Banerjee Arup                                                   

	Dipole oscillations of a Bose-Fermi mixture: effect of  unequal masses of Bose Bose and Fermi particles.         

	Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics 42, 235301-1-6 (2009)

10.	Banerjee Arup, Chakrabarti A., Ghanty T.K.*                   

	Time-Dependent density functional theory calculation of  van der waals coefficient of potassium clusters

	International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 109, 1376-84 (2009)

11.	Banerjee Arup, Harbola M.K.*, Chakrabarti A., Ghanty T.K.*                   

	Time-Dependent density functional theory calculation of  van der waals coefficient of potassium clusters

	Journal of Chemical Physics (AIP Conference Proceeding Series 1108) 1, 114-28 (2009)

12.	Bartwal K.S., Ryu H.*, Brik M.G.*, Sildos I.*

	Photoluminescence in MgxSr1-xAl2O4: Eu2+, Nd3+and electron-vibrational interaction in the Eu2+ 5d states

	Physica B 404, 3440-3444 (2009)

13.	Bartwal K.S., Ryu H.*, Brik M.G.*, Sildos I.*

	Studies of electron-vibrational interaction and crystal field splitting in 5d states of Eu2 in CaAI2O4 co-doped with Eu2and Er3                      

	Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 42, 245401-1-5 (2009)

14.	Begum G.*, Dube A. Joshi P.G.*, Gupta P.K., Joshi N.B.* 

	Chlorin p6 preferentially localizes in endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi apparatus and inhibits Ca2 release from intracellular store        

	Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology 95, 177-84 (2009)                                           


15.	Bhalerao G.M., Sinha A.K., Srivastava H.

	Synthesis and studies of growth kinetics of monodispersed iron oxide nanoparticles using ferrocene as novel precursor.                                               

	Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing 95, 373-80 (2009)                                   


16.	Bhawsar V., Arya R., Oak S.M.

	Automation control and interface for diode-pumped solid-state lasers with adjustable parameters

	Journal of Instrument Society of India 39, 253-255 (2009)


17.	Borage M., Nagesh K.V.*, Bhatia M.S.*, Tiwari S.           

	Characteristics and design of an asymmetrical duty-cycle-controlled LCL-T resonant converter.                     

	IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 24, 2268-75 (2009)                                            


18.	Borage M., Nagesh K.V.*, Bhatia M.S.*, Tiwari S.            

	Design of LCL-T resonant converter including the effect of transformer winding capacitance

	IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 56, 1420-27 (2009)



19.	Chakrabarti A., Barman S.R.*

	Theoretical prediction of shape memory behavior and ferrimagnetism in Mn2NiIn

	Applied Physics Letters 94, 161908 (2009)

20.	Chakravarty U., Naik P.A., Kumbhare S.R., Gupta P.D.

	Efficient keV X-ray generation from irradiation of in-situ produced silver clusters by Ti:sapphire laser pulses

	Journal of the Optical Society of Korea 13, 80 (2009)  

21.	Chaliha R.S.*, Annapurna K.*, Tarafder A.*, Tiwari V.S., Gupta P.K., Karmakar B.*

	Luminescence and dielectric properties of nano-structured Eu3K2O Nb2O5-SiO2glassore ceramics

	Solid State Communications 11, 1325-32 (2009)   

22.	Chatteree K.*, Ghodke D.V., Chandra A.*, Al-Haddad K.*

	Simple controller for STATCOM-based var generators

	Journal of Power Electronics (formerly IEE) 2, 103-114 (2009)


23.	Chatterjee S., Kumar Pavan Y.

	External measurement of dihedral right angles with cyclic optical configuration                                  

	Applied Optics 48, 1598-605 (2009)

24.	Chatterjee S., Pavan Kumar Y.                                

	Polarization phase-shifting Fizeau interferometer with a cyclic path optical configuration             

	Optical Engineering 48, 115601-1-6 (2009)


25.	Chatterjee S., Kumar Pavan Y.                                

	Simple technique for the generation of white-light Haidinger fringes with cyclic optical configuration

	Optics Letters 34, 1291-303 (2009)


26.	Chattopadhyay M.K., Arora P., Roy S.B.                      

	Magnetic properties of the field-induced ferromagneticstate in MnSi                                        

	Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 21, 296003-1-5 (2009)

27.	Choubey R.*, Trivedi R.*, Das M.*, Sen P.K.*, Sen P.*, Kar S., Bartwal K.S., Ganeev R.* 

	Growth and study of nonlinear refraction and absorption in Mg doped LiNbO3 single crystals  

	Journal of Crystal Growth 311, 2597-2601 (2009)


28.	Das A.K., Misra P., Kukreja L.M.                          

	Effect of Si doping on electrical and optical properties of ZnO thin films grown by sequential pulsed laser deposition

	Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 42, 165405-1-7 (2009)

29.	Das K., Uppal A., Jain B., Bose B., Gupta P.K.            

	Light induced toxicity of merocyanine 540-silica nanoparticle complex                              

	Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 9, 5642-5 (2009)


30.	Desale G.R.*, Paul C.P., Gandhi B.K.*, Jain S.C.*

	Erosion wear behavior of laser clad surfaces of low carbon austenitic steel

	Wear 266, 975-987 (2009)

31.	Dhaka R.S.*, D'Souza S.W.*, Maniraj M.*, Chakrabarti A., Schlage D.L.*, Lograsso T.A., Barman S.R.        

	Photoemission study of the (100) surface of  Ni2 MnGa and Mn2NiGa ferromagnetic shape memory alloys

	Surface Science 603, 1999-04 (2009)


32.	Dinakaran S.*, Verma S., Raj C. J. *, Linet J.M. *, Krishnan S.*, Das S. J. *

	Growth of a bulk organic single crystal of benzoylglycine by unidirectional crystal growth method

	Crystal Growth Design 9, 151-55 (2009)

33.	Dixit V.K., Neishi K.*, Koike J.*

	Electronic transport properties of Cu/MnOx/SiO2/p-Si MOS devices

	Materials Research Society D4 11, (2009)

34.	Dutta Majumdar J.*, Manna I.*, Kumar A.*, Bhargava P., Nath A.K.

	Direct laser cladding of Co on Ti-6Al-4V with a compositionally graded interface 

	Journal of Material Processing Technology 209, 2237-243 (2009)


35.	Fox N.E.*, Sharma T.K., Sweeney S.J.*, Hosea T. J. C.*

	Room temperature characterisation of novel InGaAlAs quantum well laser structures using electro-modulated  reflectance and surface photovoltage spectroscopy

	Physica Stat. Solidi (a) 206, 796 (2009


36.	Ganeev R.A.*, Singhal H., Naik P.A., Kulagin I.A., Redkin P.V., Chakera J.A., Tayyab M., Khan R.A.,Gupta P.D.                                              

	Enhancement of high-order harmonic generation using a two olor pump in plasma plumes

	Physical Review A 80, 033845-1-8 (2009)            


37.	Ganeev R.A.*, Singhal H., Naik P.A., Chakera J.A., Srivastava A.K., Dhami T.S., Joshi M.P., Gupta P.D.                                                     

	Influence of C60 morphology on high-order harmonic generation enhancement in fullerene-containing plasma 

	Journal of Applied Physics 106, 103103-1-7 (2009)

38.	Ganeev R.A.*, Singhal H., Naik P.A., Chakera J.A., Tayyab M.*, Baba M.*, Kuroda H.*, Gupta P.D.

	Variation of harmonic spectra in laser-produced plasmas at variable phase modulation of femtosecond laser pulses of different bandwidths

	Journal of the Optical Society of America B 26, 2143 (2009)

39.	Ganesh P., Kaul R., Mishra S., Bhargava P., Paul C.P., Singh P., Tiwari P., Oak S.M., Prasad R.C.*       

	Laser rapid manufacturing of bi-metallic tube with Stellite-21 and austenitic stainless steel 

	Transactions of The Indian Institute of Metals 62, 169-74 (2009)


40.	Ganguli T., Mazher J.*, Polian A.*, Deb S.K., Pages O.*, Firszt F.*                                      

	An EXAFS study of the structure of the Zn1- xBexSe alloy system                  

	Journal of Physics: Conference Series 190, 012064-1-4 (2009)

41.	Gaur A.*, Sharma D.K.*, Singh K.S.*, Singh Nageshwar                                      

	Laser-induced multiphoton photoconductivity in direct and indirect band gap crystals using Z-scan technique                  

	Modern Physics Letters B 23, 2783-2789 (2009)

42.	George J., Seihgal S., Oak S.M., Mehendale S.C.             

	Beam quality degradation of a higher order transverse mode beam due to spherical aberration of a lens

	Applied Optics 48, 6202-06 (2009)


43.	Ghodke D.V., Sreeraj E.S.*, Chatterjee K.*, Fernandes B.G.*                                         

	One-cycle-controlled bidirectional AC-to-DC converter with constant power factor                              

	IEEE Transations on Industrial Electronics 56, 1499-510 (2009)


44.	Gupta P., Sokhey K.J.S., Rai S., Choudhary R.J.*, Phase D.M.*, Lodha G.S.                             

	Pulsed laser ablated off-stoichiometric thin films of the Heusler alloy Co2TiSn on Si (100) substrate

	Thin Solid Films 517, 3650-55 (2009)            

45.	Gupta P.K., Kush P.K., Tiwari A.*                           

	Experimental research on heat transfer coefficients for  cryogenic cross-counter-flow coiled finned-tube heat exchangers

	International Journal of Refrigeration 32, 960-72 (2009)


46.	Irimpan L.*, Deepthy A.*, Krishnan B.*, Kukreja L.M., Nampoori V.P.N.*, Radhakrishnan P.*

	Effect of self assembly on the nonlinear optical characteristics of ZnO thin films 

	Optics Communications 281, 2938-43 (2008)


47.	Jain A., Sharma D.K., Gupta A.K., Hannurkar P.R.           

	Design of high power radio frequency radial combiner for proton accelerator                                      

	Review of Scientific Instruments 80, 016106-1 (2009)

48.	Jain B., Uppal A., Gupta P.K., Das K.                      

	Spectroscopic investigations on the binding of the photosensitizer chlorin p6 with amine-modified silica nanoparticles in aqueous media  

	Photochemistry and Photobiology 85, 927-33 (2009)                                             


49.	Jayabalan J., Singh A., Chari R., Khan S., Srivastava H., Oak S.M.

	Transient absorption and higher-order nonlinearities in silver nanoplatelets

	Applied Physics Letters 94, 181902-1-3 (2009)



50.	Kailath B.J.*, DasGupta A.*, DasGupta N.*, Singh B.N., Kukreja L.M. 

	Growth of ultra-thin SiO2 by laser-induced oxidation

	Semiconductor Science & Technology 24, 105011 - 6 (2009)


51.	Kamal C., Ghanty T.K., Banerjee Arup, Chakrabarti A.

	Ab initio study of stoichiometric gallium phosphide clusters

	Journal of Chemical Physics 130, 024308-1-8 (2009)

52.	Kamal C., Ghanty T.K.*, Banerjee A., Chakrabarti A.        

	The van der Waals coefficients between carbon nanostructures and small molecules: A time-dependent  density functional theory study                   

	Journal of Chemical Physics 131, 164708-1-11 (2009)                                            

53.	Kanter E.*, Vargis E.*, Majumder S.K., Keller M.D.*, Woeste E.*, Rao G.G.*,  Mahadevan-Jansen A.*

	Application of Raman spectroscopy for cervical dysplasia diagnosis

	Journal of Biophotonics 2, 81-90 (2009)

54.	Kanter E.M.*, Majumder S.K., Kanter G.J.*, Woeste E.M.*, Mahadevan-Jansen A.*

	Effect of hormonal variation on Raman spectra for cervical disease detection

	Am. J. Obstet. Gynecol. 200, 512.e1-512.e5 (2009)

55.	Kanter E.M.*, Majumder S.K., Kanter G.J.*, Woeste E.M.*, Mahadevan-Jansen A.*

	Multi-class discrimination of cervical pre-cancers using Raman spectroscopy 

	Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 40, 205-211 (2009)

56.	Kar S, Verma S., Shaikh M.W.*, Bartwal K.S.

	Effect of proton exchange and annealing on diffraction efficiency of Fe:LiNbO3 crystals

	Physica-B 404, 3507-3509 (2009)

57.	Kar S, Verma S., Khan M.S..*, Bartwal K.S.

	Growth and optical homogeneity investigations on Fe and Fe:Mn codoped LiNbO3 crystals

	Crystal Research & Technology 44, 1303-1307 (2009)

58.	Kar S., Verma S., Bartwal K.S.

	Structural and optical investigations on Mn doped Li2B4O7 crystals

	Crystal Research & Technology 44, 305-308 (2009)

59.	Kaul R., Parvathavarthini N.*, Ganesh P., Mulki S.V.*, Samajdar I.*, Dayal R.K.*, Kukreja L.M.            

	A novel preweld laser surface treatment for enhanced  intergranular corrosion resistance of austenitic stainless steel weldments.                               

	Welding Journal 8812, 233-1-10 (2009)            

60.	Keller M.D.*, Majumder S.K., Mahadevan-Jansen A.*

	Spatially offset Raman spectroscopy of layered soft tissues

	Optics Letters 34, 926-928 (2009)

61.	Khare R., Shukla P.K., Mishra G.K., Mukherjee C., Talwar S., Dubey V.K., Saxena P., Mittal J.K.     

	A novel confocal optical pulse stretcher for laser pulses

	Optics Communications 282, 3850-53 (2009)

62.	Kratzer P.*, Chakrabarti A, Liu Q.K.K.*, Scheffler M.*

	Theory of shape evolution of InAs quantum dots on In0.5Ga0.5As/InP(001) substrate

	New Journal of Physics 11, 073018 (2009)

63.	Kukreja L.M., Misra P., Fallert J.*, Sartor J.*, Kalt H.*, Klingshirn C.*

	Nano - ZnO in photonics landscape (Invited Paper)

	IEEE Proc. Photonics Global, 1- 6 (2009)

64.	Kukreja L.M., Das A.K.*, Misra P. 

	Studies on nonvolatile resistance memory switching in ZnO thin films (invited paper)

	Bulletin of Material Science 32, 247 - 252 (2009) 

65.	Kumar Pavan Y., Chatterjee S.                                

	Technique for the focal-length measurement of positive lenses using Fizeau interferometry

	Applied Optics 48, 730-36 (2009)                


66.	Kumar S.*, Petwal V.C, Kaul A., Beher A.*, Pramod R., Bapna S.C., Soni S.C., Sharma Arun*

	Sprout inhibition in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) with low energy electrons

	Journal of Food Science and Technology 46, 50-53 (2009)                                                    

67	Kumar V., Kim Kwang-Je*                                      

	Electron beam requirements for Smith-Purcell backward  wave oscillator with external focusing      

	Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams 12, 070703-1-7 (2009)

68.	Kumar V.                                                         

	Undderstanding the focusing of charged particle beams in a solenoid magnetic field.                               

	American Journal of Physics 77, 737-41 (2009)   

69.	Kuroda D.G.*, Singh C.P., Peng Z.*, Kleiman V.D.*          

	Mapping excited-state dynamics by coherent control of a  Dendrimer's photoemission efficiency          

	Science, 326(5950),263-67 (2009) 


70.	Late D.J.*, Misra P., Singh B.N., Kukreja L.M., Joag D.S.*, More M.A.* 

	Enhanced field emission of pulsed laser deposited nanocrystalline ZnO thin films on Re and W

	Applied Physics A 95, 613 - 620 (2009)


71.	Mahakud R., Prakash O., Dixit S.K., Mittal J.K.

	Analysis on the laser beam pointing instability induced  fringe shift and contrast dilution from different interferometers used for writing fiber Bragg grating   

	Optics Communications 282, 2204-11 (2009) 

72.	Majumdar J.D.*, Manna I.*, Kumar A.*, Bhargava P., Nath A.K.*                                              

	Direct laser cladding of Co on Ti-�A1-4V with a compositionally interface                        

	Journal of Materials Processing Technology 209, 2237-2243 (2009)                                       

73.	Majumder S.K., Gupta A.* Gupta S.*

	Non-linear multi-class pattern recognition for laser-induced fluorescence diagnosis of oral cavity cancer

	Photo/Electrochemistry & Photobiology in the Environment, Energy and Fuel 95-114, 2009

74.	Manhas S., Swami M.K., Patel H.S., Uppal A., Ghosh N., Gupta P.K.                                       

	Polarized diffuse reflectance measurements on cancerous and noncancerous tissues

	Journal of Biophotonics 2, 581-87 (2009)

75.	Markna J.H.*, Vachhani P.S.*, Kuberkar D.G.*, Shah N.A.*, Misra P, Singh B.N., Kukreja L.M., Rana D.S.

	Nano-engineering by implanting Al2O3 nano particle as sandwiched scattering centers in between the La0.5Pr0.2Sr0. 3MnO3 thin film layers

	Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 9, 5687 (2009) 

76.	Masanta M.*, Ganesh P., Kaul R., Nath A.K., Roy Choudhury A.*

	Development of a hard nano-structured multi-component ceramic coating by laser cladding

	Materials Science & Engineering A 508, 134-140 (2009) 


77.	Misra P., Sharma T.K., Kukreja L.M.

	Temperature dependent photoluminescence processes in ZnO thin films grown on sapphire by pulsed laser deposition

	Current Applied Physics 9, 179-83 (2009)        

78.	Modi M.H., Rai S.K., Thomasset A.*, Lodha G.S., Idir M.*                                                      

	Effect of surface roughness on multilayer film growth

	The European Physical Journal 168, 27-32 (2009)         


79.	Modi M.H., Mercere P.*, Idir M.*                            

	High precision surface metrology using a phase retrieval method                                           

	Journal of Physics: Conference Series 186, 012068-1-3 (2009)                                              

80.	Mondal P., ManekarM., Srivastava A.K., Roy S.B.           

	Bulk critical state and fundamental length scales of superconducting nanocrystalline Nb3AI in Nb-AI matrix                                              

	Physical Review B 80, 024502-1-8 (2009)         

81.	Mukhopadhyay P.K., Oezgoren K.*, Buduno�glu L.*, Iday O.*

	All-fiber low-noise high-power femtosecond Yb-fiber amplifier system seeded by an all-normal dispersion fiber oscillator

	IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 15, 145-52 (2009)



82.	Nautiyal P.B.*, Bisht K.S.* Bindra K.S., Oak S.M.

	Effects of thickness of beta barium borate and angle of non-collinearity on the fs pulse generation by optical parametric amplification

	Journal of Optics and Laser Technology 41, 539, (2009)

83.	Neishi K.*, Dixit V.K., Aki S.*, Koike J.* Matsumoto K.*, Sato H.*, Itoh H.*, Hosaka S.* 

	Adhesion and Cu diffusion barrier properties of a MnOx barrier layer formed with thermal MOCVD

	Material Research Society, D4.10, 2009



84.	Pandian C.            

	Identification of a dormant thermally-stimulated defect in an optical fibre using a Raman sensor

	Insight -Non-Destructive Testing and Condition Monitoring 51, 568-569 (2009)                                              

85.	Pandit P., Satapathy S., Gupta P.K., Sathe V.G.            

	Effect of coalesce doping of Nd and La on structure, dielectric, and magnetic properties of BiFeO3

	Journal of Applied Physics 106, 114105-1-7 (2009)                                              

86.	Pavan Kumar, Y., Chatterjee S.                                

	Simultaneous measurement of refractive index and wedge angle of optical windows using Fizeau interferometry and a cyclic path optical configuration                   

	Applied Optics 48, 4756-61 (2009)              


87.	Prasad N.V.*, Subraymanyam J.*, Murty P.N.*, Karmakar S.*, Gupta S.M.                                      

	Impedance measurements on PZT and La0.75Bi3.25Ti3O12 ceramics                                             

	International Journal of Modern Physics B 23, 3881-93 (2009)


88.	Raj B.*, Jayakumar T.*, Mahadevan S.*, Rai S.K.

	X-ray diffraction based residual stress measurements for assessment of fatigue damage and rejuvenation process for undercarriages of aircrafts

	Journal of Non-Destructive Evaluation 28, 157-162 (2009)   

89.	Raj Mohan S., Joshi M.P., Singh M.P.

	Negative electric field dependence of mobility in TPD doped Polystyrene.                                       

	Chemical Physics Letters 470, 279-84 (2009)   

90.	Ram Sankar P., Tiwari P., Kumar R., Ganguli T., Mukherjee C., Srivastava A.K., Oak S.M., Pathak R.K.*

	Synthesis and characterization of cadmium selenide nanostructures on porous aluminum oxide templates by high frequency alternating current electrolysis

	Applied Surface Science 256, 2097-2103 (2009)

91.	Rao B. Tirumala, Ittoop M.O., Kukreja L.M.                                

	A power ramped pulsed mode laser piercing technique for improved CO2laser profile cutting.           

	Optics & Lasers in Engineering 47, 1108-16 (2009)                                                 

92.	Rao D., Aneesh A.*, Verma Y., Sreeja T.*, Gupta P.K.

	Real-time in vivo imaging of adult Zebrafish brain using optical coherence tomography 

	Journal of Biophotonics 2, 288-291 (2009)

93.	Reddy B.*, Elizabeth S.*, Bhat H.L.*, Karnal A.K.

	Development of a versatile high temperature top seeded solution growth unit for growing cesium lithium borate crystals

	Review of Scientific Instruments 80, 013908 (2009)

94.	Roy S. B., Chattopadhyay M.K.

	Contrasting the magnetic response between a magnetic glass and a reentrant spin glass

	Physical Review B 79, 052407-1-4 (2009)

95.	Roy G.B.                                                         

	Synthesis and study of physico-chemical properties of a new chiral Schiff base ligand and its metal complex.     

	Inorganica Chemica Acta 362, 1709-14 (2009)    

96.	Roy S.B., Myneni G.R.*, Sahni V.C.                          

	The influence of chemical treatments on the superconducting properties of technical niobium materials and their effect on the performance of superconducting radio frequency cavities                         

	Superconductor Science Technology 22, 105014-1-6   (2009)                                            

97.	Ryu H.*, Bartwal K.S.

	Defect structure and its relevance to photoluminescence in SrAl2O4: Eu2+, Nd3+

	Physica B 404,  1714-1718 (2009)

98.	Ryu H.*, Bartwal K.S.                                        

	Doping optimization of Eu and Ho activator ions in polycrystalline CaAi2O4

	Journal of Alloys and Compounds 480, 966-69 (2009)                                                  

99.	Ryu H.*, Singh B.K.*,  Kityk I.V.*, Bartwal K.S.

	Growth of multiwalled carbon nanotubes on Cu/MgO and their features

	Advances in Condensed Matter Physics, 71-80 (2009)

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	Enhancement in photoluminescence on Mg substitution in MgxSr1-xAl2O4: Eu, Nd 

	Open Applied Physics Journal 2, 1-4 (2009)

102.	Ryu H.*, Bartwal K.S.

	Preparation of crystalline fibres of codoped BaAl2O4:Eu2+: Cr3+

	Crystal Research & Technology 44, 69-73 (2009)

103.	Ryu H.*, Bartwal K.S.

	Exploration and optimization of Dy codoping in polycrystalline CaAl2O4: Eu

	Journal Alloys & Compd. 476, 379-382 (2009)


104.	Sadhana K., Shinde R.S., Murthy S.R.

	Synthesis of nanocrystalline YIG using microwave-hydrothermal method

	International Journal of Modern Physics B 23, 3637-3642 (2009)                                    

105.	Sahu K., Bansal H., Mukherjee C., Sharma M., Gupta P.K.

	Atomic force microscopic study on morphological alterations induced by photodynamic action of Toluidine Blue O in Staphy lococcus aureus and Escherichia coli

	Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology 96, 9-16 (2009)                                    

106.	Sahu K., Mohanty S.K., Gupta P.K.

	He-Ne laser (632.8 nm) pre-irradiation gives protection against DNA damage induced by a near-infrared trapping beam

	Journal of Biophotonics 2, 140-144 (2009)

107.	Saravanan K.*, Panigrahi B.K.*, Amirthapandian S.*, Kalavathi S.*, Srivastava A.K., Nair K.G.M.

	Structure and photoluminescence properties of ion beam synthesized SiC nanoparticles in Si

	Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 9, 5523-5526 (2009)

108.	Satapathy S., Gupta P.K.,  Varma K.B.R.*

	Enhancement of nonvolatile polarization and pyroelectric sensitivity in lithium tantalite (LT)/Poly (vinylidene fluoride) PVDF nano composite

	Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 42, 055402 (2009)

109.	Sharma A., Abdurrahim Shri, Ghodke A.D., Singh G.          

	Optics design and second order longitudinal dispersion minimization in a bunch compressor transfer line for CTF3

	Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research: Section A 602, 342-51 (2009)                    

110.	Sharma T.K., Hosea T.J.C.*                                          

	A method of obtaining simultaneous complementary spectroscopic information on self-assembled quantum dots

	Physical Review B 80, 165403-1-11 (2009)    

111.	Sharma T.K., Jangir R., Porwal S., Kumar R., Ganguli T. Zorn M.*, Zeimer U.*, Bugge F.*, Weyers M.*, Oak S.M.                                            

	Compositional dependence of the bowing parameter for highly strained InGaAs/GaAs quantum wells         

	Physical Review B 80, 165403-1-11 (2009)    

112.	Sharma T.K., Fox N.*,  Hosea T.J.C.*

	Fourier transform infrared surface photovoltage spectroscopy for the investigation of mid-infrared semiconductor lasers

	Physica Stat. Solidi 206, 808 (2009)


113.	Sharma V.K., Chattopadhyay M.K., Chouhan A., Roy S.B.

	Temperature and magnetic field induced strain in Ni50Mn34In16 alloy

	Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 42, 185005 (2009)

114.	Singh B., Subramaniam V.V., Daultabad S.R., Chakraborty A.                                          

	Efficient, high rep rate, large-bore kinetically enhanced copper vapor laser with low (<1 kW/1) specific input power using new thermal assembly

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