List of Journal Publications from RRCAT in 2012

By Author(A-Z)

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1.	Achary S.N.*, Patwe S.J.*, Tyagi A.K.*, Bose P.P.*, Mittal R.*, Shinde A.B.*, Krishna P.S.R.*, Chaplot S.L.*, Narayana C.*, Pradhan G.K.*, Banik S.*, Deb S.K.

	Pressure and temperature dependent structure of zircon type ThGeO4

	Journal of Physics: Conference Series 377, 012031-5 (2012)                     

2.	Ahlawat A.*, Sathe V.G.*, Ganesan V.*, Phase D.M.*, Satapathy S.                                    

	Synthesis and signature of M-E coupling in novel self-assembled CaCu3Ti4O12 NiFe2O4 nanocomposite structure

	Journal of Applied Physics 111, 1-6 (2012)


3.	Ahlawat S., Dasgupta R., Verma R.S., Kumar V.N.*, Gupta P.K.                                              

	Optical sorting in holographic trap arrays by tuning the inter-trap separation

	Journal of Optics 14, 1-12 (2012)     


4.	Ansari M.S., Ravindranath S.V.G.*, Bhatia M.S.*, Patidar R.K., Navathe C.P.         

	Application of wavelet transform for analysis of radiated electromagnetic interference in a high power terawatt laser setup

	Indian Journal of Science and Technology 5, 3647-3650 (2012)


5.	Arora P., Chattopadhyay  M. K., Sarat Chandra L.S., Sharma V. K., Roy S.B.

	Multiple magnetic transitions in Ag-substituted DyPt2 

	Journal of Applied Physics 112, 1-11 (2012)                                             


6.	Arora V., Naik P.A., Rao B.S., Gupta P.D.

	A comparative study of the ionic keV X-ray line emission from plasma produced by the femtosecond, picosecond and nanosecond duration laser pulses

	Pramana: Journal of Physics 78, 277-288 (2012)


7.	Babua G.A.*, Subramaniyan R.R.*Karunagarana N.*, Ramasamy R.P.*, Ramasamya  P.*, Ganesamoorthy S.,Gupta P.K.                  

	Growth improvement of AgGaSe2 single crystal using the vertical Bridgman technique with steady ampoule rotation and its characterization

	Journal of Crystal Growth 338, 42-46 (2012)   


8.	Bagchi S., Prem Kiran P.*, Wang W.M.*, Sheng Z.M.*, Bhuyan M.K.*, Krishnamurthy M.*, Ravindra Kumar G.*

	Surface-plasmon-enhanced MeV ions from femtosecond laser irradiated, periodically modulated surfaces

	Physics of Plasmas 19, 030703-4 (2012)      


9.	Banerjee Arup, Ghanty T.K.*, Chakrabarti Aparna, Kamal C.

	Nonlinear optical properties of Au19M (M = Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs, Cu, Ag) clusters

	The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116, 193-200 (2012)


10.	Banik S., Bendounan A.*, Thamizhavel A.*, Arya A.*, Risterucci P.*, Sirotti F.*, Sinha A.K., Dhar S.K.*, Deb, S.K.                                            

	Electronic structure of EuCu2Ge2 studied by resonant photoemission and x-ray absorption spectroscopy 

	Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 86, 085134-8 (2012)


11.	Banik S., Barman S.*, Rai S.K., Phase D.M.*, Srivastava A.K., Das G.P.*, Deb S.K.

	Electronic structure of buried Co-Cu interface studied  with photoemission spectroscopy

	Journal of Applied Physics 112, 103702 (2012) 

12.	Bansod T., Sindal B.K., Kumar K.V.A.N.P.S., Shukla S.K.

	Evaluation of Ti-Zr-V (NEG) Thin Films for their pumping speed and pumping capacity

	Journal of Physics: Conference Series 390, 012023(1-6) (2012)            


13.	Basu S.*, Varma S.*, Shirsat A.N.*, Wani B.N.*, Bharadwaj S.R.*, Chakrabarti Aparna, Jha S.N., Bhattacharyya D.*                                       

	X-ray absorption spectroscopy of doped ZrO2 systems                                               

	Journal of Applied Physics 111, 1-9 (2012)     


14.	Bhagat M.S., Biswas A.K., Rana L.B., Kukreja L.M.

	Impedance matching in RF excited fast axial flow CO2 laser: the role of the capacitance due to laser head                                         

	Optics and Laser Technology 44, 2217-2222 (2012)


15.	Bhalerao G.M.*, Singh M.K., Sinha A.K., Ghosh H. 

	Optical redshift in the Raman scattering spectra of Fe-doped multiwalled carbon nanotubes: experiment and theory

	Physical Review B 86, 1-6 (2012)             


16.	Bhatt R., Ganesamoorthy S., Bhaumik I., Karnal A.K., Gupta P.K.

	Optical bandgap and electrical conductivity studies on near stoichiometric LiNbO3 crystals prepared by VTE process

	Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 73, 257-261(2012)


17.	Bhatt R., Bhaumik I., Ganesamoorthy S., Karnal A.K., Swami M.K., Patel H.S., Gupta P.K.

	Urbach tail and bandgap analysis in near stoichiometric LiNbO3 crystals

	Physica Status Solidi A, 209, 176-180 (2012)


18.	Biswal R., Agrawal P.K., Mishra G.K., Dixit S.K., Nakhe S.V.

	Analysis of pulsed discharge characteristics of solid-state switch (Igbt) based 16 Khz repetition rate, 100w average power copper Hbr lasers

	Journal of Russian Laser Research 33, 319-335 (2012) 


19.	Biswal R., Agrawal P.K., Dixit S.K., Nakhe S.V.

	Study on the purification of hydrogen bromide gas by fractional distillation technique and its effect on improvement of copper hydrogen bromide laser performance

	Optical Engineering 51, 114203-8 (2012)        


20.	Bommali R.K.*, Singh S.P.*, Rai S.K., Mishra P., Sekhar B.R.*, Prakash G. V.*, Srivastava P.                                          

	Excitation dependent photoluminescence study of Si-rich a SiNx:H thin films 

	Journal of Applied Physics 112, 123518 (2012)

21.	Borage M., Tiwari S.

	AC analysis of resonant converters using PSpice: a quicker approach                                        

	Asian Power Electronics Journal 6, 7-12 (2012)   


22.	Borage M., Nagesh K.V.*, Bhatia M.S.*, Tiwari S.

	Approximate equivalent-Circuit modeling and analysis of  type-II resonant immittance converters

	Journal of Power Electronics 12, 317-325 (2012)



23.	Chakrabarti Aparna, D Souza S.W.*, Barman S.R.*

	Electronic structureofFe2CrSn

	Physica B 407, 3547-3550 (2012)


24.	Chakravarty U., Naik P.A., Gupta P.D.

	Electric field enhancement at multiple densities in laser irradiated nanotube plasma.                              

	Pramana - Journal of Physics 79, 443-456 (2012) 


25.	Chakravarty U. , Arora V., Naik P.A., Chakera J.A., Srivastava H., Srivastava A., Varma G.D.*, Kumbhare  S.R., Gupta P.D.

	Enhancement of Kα emission through efficient hot electron generation in carbon nanotubes on intense laser pulse irradiation

	Journal of Applied Physics 112, 1-6 (2012)      


26.	Chatterjee S., Kumar Y. Pavan

	Self-referenced technique for the determination of  meridional figure errors of a toroidal mirror with a sagnac interferometer 

	Applied Optics 51, 7308-7313 (2012)            


27.	Chatterjee S., Kumar Y. Pavan, Singh Rishipal

	Simple technique for fabrication of Nd-phosphate laser glass rods for high power lasers

	Journal of Optics 41, 187-197 (2012)


28.	Chatterjee S., Kumar Y. Pavan

	Simple technique for the accurate internal measurement of a right angle with a polarization phase-shifting, lateral shearing, cyclic path optical configuration 

	Optical Engineering 51, 073601-6 (2012)         


29.	Chandra S.S., Chattopadhyay M.K., Roy, S.B., Sahni V.C., Myneni G.R.*

	Magneto thermal conductivity of superconducting Nb with intermediate level of impurity

	Superconductor Science and Technology 25, 1-12 (2012)                                                     


30.	Chattopadhyay M.K., Arora P., Roy S.B.

	The magnetotransport properties of the intermetallic compound GdCu6

	Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 24, 1-8 (2012)                                                      


31.	Chattopadhyay M.K., Morrison K.*, Dupas A.*, Sharma V.K., Chandra L.S. Sharath, Cohen L.F.*, Roy, S.B.

	Study of the dynamical features of the austenite- martensite phase transition in the Ni50 (Mn,1%Fe)34In16 alloy using scanning hall probe imaging

	Journal of Applied Physics 111, 1-8 (2012)


32.	Chouksey S.

	Development of beamline radiation shielding hutch for Indus-2 synchrotron radiation source

	Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics 50, 782-784 (2012)   


33.	Chowdhury P.*, Kulkarni P.D.*, Krishnan M.*, Barshilia H.C.*, Sagdeo A., Rai S.K., Lodha G.S., Sridhara Rao D.V.*                                     

	Effect of coherent to incoherent structural transition on magnetic anisotropy in Co/Pt multilayers       

	Journal of Applied Physics 112, 1-8 (2012)      


34.	D'Souza S.W.*, Rai A.*, Nayak J.*, Maniraj M.*, Dhaka R.S.*, Barman S.R.*, Schlagel D.L.*, Lograsso T.A. *, Chakrabarti Aparna

	Coexistence of charge-density wave and ferromagnetism in Ni2MnGa

	Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 85, 085123- (2012)


35.	D'Souza S.W., Nayak J.*, Maniraj M.*, Raia Abhishek*, Dhaka R.S.*, Barman S.R.*, Schlagel D.L.*, Lograsso T.A.*, Chakrabarti Aparna

	Ni2MnGa(100) ferromagnetic shape memory alloy: a surface study

	Surface Science 606, 130-136 (2012)         

36.	Das A., Gupta R.K., Modi M.H., Mukherjee C., Rai S.K., Bose A., Ganguli T., Joshi S.C., Lodha G.S.,    Deb S.K.                                                

	Fine structures in refractive index of sapphire at the L11,111 absorption edge of aluminum determined by soft X-ray resonant reflectivity.          

	Applied Optics 51, 7402-7410 (2012)            


37.	Das A.K., Misra P., Ajimsha R.S., Bose A., Joshi S.C., Phase D.M.*, Kukreja L.M.

	Studies on temperature dependent semiconductor to metal transitions in ZnO thin films sparsely doped with Al.    

	Journal of Applied Physics 112, 103706 (2012)  

38.	Dasgupta R.

	Optical tweezers: light for manipulating microscopic world

	Journal of Physics: Conference Series 365, 2-6 (2012)


39.	Dasgupta R., Ahlawat S., Gupta P.K.

	Microfluidic sorting with a moving array of optical traps

	Applied optics 51, 4377-4387 (2012)          

40.	Dasgupta R., Verma R.S., Gupta, P.K.

	Microfluidic sorting with blinking optical traps

	Optics Letters 37, 1739-1741 (2012)           


41.	Detty A.P.*, Kukreja L.M., Singh B.N., Sathe V.G.*, Shripathi T.*, Pillai V.P.M.*

	Correlation of Raman and photoluminescence spectra of Al 2O3 capped silicon nanoparticles grown by reactive pulsed laser deposition.               

	Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics 3, 323-329 (2012)                                           


42.	Dixit V.K., Kumar S., Singh S.D., Porwal S., Sharma T.K., Oak S.M.

	Band alignment and quantum states of InAsxP1~x/InP surface quantum wells investigated from ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy and photoluminescence

	Materials Letters 87, 69-72 (2012)             


43.	Dixit V.K., Khamari S.K., Tyagi T., Singh S.D., Porwal S., Kumar R., Mukherjee C., Mondal P, Srivastava A.K., Sharma T.K., Oak S.M.

	Evaluation of electronic transport properties and conduction band offsets of InAs/InxGa1~xAs/GaAs dot-in-well structures 

	Journal of physics D: Applied Physics 45, 365104 (2012)                                       


44.	Dwivedi R.*, Verma A.*, Prasad R.*, Bartwal K.S.

	Effect of microwave on distribution of Zr4+ and Ti4+ during sol~gel synthesis of  ZrTiO4 nanoparticles 

	Optical Materials 35, 33-37 (2012)              


45.	Ganeeva R.A.*, Naik P.A., Singhal H., Chakera J.A., Kumar M., Chakravarty U., Gupta P.D.

	Use of carbon-containing materials for efficient high-order harmonic generation of laser radiation

	Optics Communications 285, 2934-2941 (2012)


46.	GaneshP., Sundar R., Kumar H., Kaul R., Ranganathan K., Hedaoo P.*, Tiwari P., Kukreja L.M., Oak S.M., Dasari S.*, Raghavendra G.* 

	Studies on laser peening of spring steel for automotive applications 

	Optics and Lasers in Engineering 50, 678-686 (2012)


47.	Ganesh P., Giri R.*, Kaul R., Sankar P.R., Tiwari P., Atulkar A.*, Porwal R.K.*, Dayal R.K.*, Kukreja L.M.                                  

	Studies on pitting corrosion and sensitization in laser rapid manufactured specimens of type 316L stainless steel

	Materials and Design 39, 509-521 (2012)          


48.	Garg A.*, Nathwani R.K., Holikatti A.C., Karnewar A.K., Tyagi Y., Yadav S., Puntambekar T.A., Navathe C.P.                      

	Measurement of bunch length in Indus-1 storage ring using fast photodiode

	Review of Scientific Instruments 83, 113304 (2012)


49.	Gaur A.*, Gaur P.*, Sharma D.*, Sharma D.K.*, Singh N., Malik B.P.*

	Study of transmittance dependence closed-aperture Z-scan curves in the materials with nonlinear refraction and strong absorption

	Optik 123, 1583-1587 (2012)    


50.	Gaur P.*, Sharma D.*, Singh Nageshwar, Malik B.P.*, Gaur A.* 

	Determination of nonlinear absorption and refraction in direct and indirect band gap crystals by Z-scan method  

	Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 97, 45-49 (2012)                      


51.	Gautam P.*, Dhokale B.*, Shukla V., Singh C.P., Bindra K.S., Misra R.* 

	Optical limiting performance of meso-tetraferrocenyl porphyrin and its metal derivatives 

	Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 239, 24-27 (2012) 


52.	Ghodke A.D., Husain R., Kumar P., Yadav S., Puntambekar T.A.

	Measurement of parameters in Indus-2 synchrotron  radiation source

	Review of Scientific Instruments 83, 103303 (2012)                                              


53.	Ghodke D.V., Chatterjee K.*, Fernandes B.G.*

	Modified soft-switched three-phase three-level DC-DC converter for high-power applications having extended duty cycle range

	IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 59, 3362-3372 (2012) 


54.	Ghosh H., Purwar H.

	Elementary and collective excitations as probes for order parameter symmetry in Fe-based superconductors

	Europhysics Letters 98, 57012-6 (2012)          


55.	Gupta P., Ganguli T., Gupta A.*, Sinha A.K., Deb S.K., Svec Jr. P.*, Franco, V.*

	Influence of isochronal annealing on the microstructure and magnetic properties of Cu-free HITPERM Fe40.5Co40.5Nb7B12 alloy

	Journal of Applied Physics 111, 113518 (2012)                                             


56.	Gupta P.K., Singh A., Sharma S.K., Mukhopadhyay P.K., Bindra K.S., Oak S.M.                               

	Note: Self Q-switched Nd:YVO4 laser at 914 nm 

	Review of Scientific Instruments 83, 046110-3 (2012)  

57.	Gupta S.K., Chouksey S.

	Vacuum system design for twenty-cell PWT linac structure

	Journal of Physics: Conference Series 390, 12062(1-7) (2012)


58.	Haridas.G, Verma D., Sahani P.K., Nayak M.K, Thakkar K.K., Sarkar P.K.

	Experimental determination of Bremsstrahlung dose rate due to accidental beam loss in Indus-1 storage ring

	Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics 50, 462-464 (2012)



59.	Jain Akhilesh, Hannurkar P.R., Sharma D.K., Gupta A.K., Tiwari A.K., Lad M., Kumar R., Gupta P.D., Pathak S.K.

	Design and characterization of 50 kW solid-state RF amplifier

	International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies 4, 595-603 (2012) 


60.	Jain Akhilesh, Hannurkar P.R., Sharma D.K., Gupta A.K., Tiwari A.K., Lad M.R., Badapanda M.K., Gupta P.D.

	Modular 20 kW solid state RF amplifier for Indus-2 syncrotron radiation source

	Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 676, 74-83 (2012)        


61.	Jain D.*, Chandra L.S.S., Nath R.*, Ganesan V.

	Low temperature thermal windowing (TW) thermally stimulated depolarization current (TSDC) setup

	Measurement Science and Technology 23, 025603-9 (2012)


62.	Jangir R., Porwal S., Tiwari P., Mondal P., Rai S.K., Ganguli T., Oak S.M., Deb S.K.  

	Photoluminescence study of b-Ga2O3 nanostructures annealed in different environments

	Journal of Applied Physics 112, 034307 (2012)                                              


63.	Jayabalan J., Singh Asha, Khan S., Chari R.       

	Third-order nonlinearity of metal nanoparticles: isolation of instantaneous and delayed contributions

	Journal of Applied Physics 112, 1035241-7 (2012)



64.	Kar S., Bairagi S.*, Debnath C., Verma S., Bartwal K.S.

	Thermoluminescence studies on c-irradiated Mn:Li2B4O7 single crystals 

	Applied Physics Letters 101, 1-4 (2012)         

65.	Kaithwas N.*, Dave M.*, Kar S, Bartwal K.S.

	Structural featuresofCedopedYAGnanoparticlessynthesized by modifiedsol gelmethod

	Physica E 44, 1486-1489 (2012)

66.	Kak A., Kulshreshtha P., Lal S., Kaul R., Ganesh P., Pant K.K., Abhinandan L.

	Brazing of photocathode RF gun structures in Hydrogen atmosphere: Process qualification, effect of brazing on RF properties and vacuum compatibility

	Journal of Physics: Conference Series 390, 012053(2012)

67.	Kak A., Kher A., Vishwakarma S.C., Kumar Abhay, Gandhi M., Radheshyam P., Kumar Ajay, Abhinandan L.

	Fabrication of an ultra high vacuum compatible Faraday cup for qualification of electron gun for 10 kW Industrial LINAC

	Journal of Physics: Conference Series 390, 012069(1-5) (2012)


68.	Kamal C., Banerjee A., Ghanty T.K.*, Chakrabarti Aparna       

	Interesting periodic variations in physical and chemical properties of homonuclear diatomic molecules

	International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 112, (2012)                                                   


69.	Kaur K.*, Deep K.*, Bansal M.*, Tiwari M.K., Mittal R.*                                    

	Peak energy shift with fertilization in mint plants: EDXRF measurements with synchrotron photon source

	Archives of Applied Science Research 4, 2152-2160 (2012)                                                  


70.	Kaushik V.K.*, Ganguli T., Kumar R., Mukherjee C., Sen P.K.*

	Growth and characterization of ZnO and Mgx Zn1~x O thin films by aerosol assisted chemical vapor deposition technique            .         

	Thin Solid Films 520, 3505-3509 (2012)


71.	Khan S., Nayak M.K., Haridas G., Sarkar P.K. 

	Evaluation of ozone concentration for a white beam line hutch at Indus-2 synchrotron radiation source    

	Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics 50, 840-842 (2012)

72.	Khandelwal A., Sharma V.K., Sharath Chandra L.S., Arora P., Chattopadhyay M.K., Roy S.B.    

	The magnetic properties across the martensitic transition in the Co38Ni34AI28 alloy

	Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 324, 729-734 (2012)                                      


73.	Khare G., Pathy D., Rajan A., Jain A., Rawat A.

	Performance analysis of web based applications on single and multi core servers

	UACEE International Journal of Computer Science and its Applications 2, 34-38 (2012)


74.	Kher S., Chaubey S., Kashyap R.*, Oak S.M.

	Turnaround-point long-period giber gratings (TAP-LPGs) as high-radiation-dose sensors

	IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 24, 742-744 (2012) 


75.	Kohli D.K., Singh Rashmi, Singh M.K., Singh Ashish, Khardekar R.K., Sankara P.Ram, Tiwari P., Gupta P.K.                                              

	Study of carbon aerogel-activated carbon composite electrodes for capacitive deionization application 

	Desalination and Water Treatment 49, 130-135 (2012)


76.	Kolli B.*, Mishra S.P.*, Joshi M.P., Raj Mohan S., Dhami T.S., Samui A.B.*

	Click chemistry-based synthesis of azo polymers for  second-order nonlinear optics

	Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry 50, 1572-1578 (2012)                              


77.	Kolli B.*, Mishra S.P.*, Joshi M.P., Mohan S. Raj, Dhami T.S., Samui A.B.*   

	Synthesis and characterization of linear polymers for non linear optics through click chemistry route             

	Advanced Materials Research 584, 8-12 (2012)       


78.	Krishna H, Majumder S.K., Gupta P.K.       

	Range-independent background subtraction algorithm for recovery of Raman spectra of biological tissue			   

	Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 43, 1884-1894 (2012)                                                


79.	Krishnan S., Shuklal V, Bindra K.S., Bhanage V.P., Oak S.M.         

	Development of a stepper motor driven laser ablation system                                                  

	Journal of the Instrument Society of India 42, 1-3 (2012)                                                


80.	Kulkarni N.S                                                     

	Design of a 10 MeV, 352.2 MHz drift tube linac

	Pramana - Journal of Physics 79, 263-274 (2012)


81.	Kumar A.S.*, Sundar R., Raman G.S.*, Kumar H.*, Gnanamoorthy R.*, Kaul R., Ranganathan K., Oak M.S., Kukreja L.M.

	Fretting wear behavior of laser peened Ti-6Al-4V        

	Tribology Transactions 55, 615-623 (2012)       


82.	Kumar Atul, Paul C.P., Pathak A.K., Bhargava P., Kukreja L.M.

	A finer modeling approach for numerically predicting single track geometry in two dimensions during laser rapid manufacturing

	Optics and Laser Technology 44, 555-565 (2012)


83.	Kumar K.V.A.N.P.S., Bansod T., Mukherjee C., Singh G., Tiwari P., Sindal B.K., Shukla S.K.

	Characterization of titanium-zirconium-vanadium non evaporable getter coated vacuum chambers

	Journal of Physics: Conference Series 390, 012064 (2012)

84.	Kumar Mukesh

	New expression for the current induced in a strip for th fringe field effect in a circular cross-section stripline

	Journal of the Korean Physical Society 60, 1469-1472 (2012)

85.	Kumar S.A.*, Sundar R., Raman S.G.S.*, Kumar H., Gnanamoorthy R., Kaul R., Ranganathan K., Oak S.M., Kukreja L.M.

	Fretting wear behavior of laser peened Ti-6Al-4V

	Tribology Transactions 55, 615-623 (2012)


86.	Kushwaha S.K.*, Maurya K.K.*, Vijayan N.*, Kumar B.*, Bhatt R., Ganesamoorthy S. Bhagavannarayana G.*  

	Crystalline perfection, Raman, UV-VIS-NIR and prism coupler investigations on Cz-grown pure and Zn-doped LiNbO3 single crystals

	Crystal Engineering Communication 14, 3297-3305 (2012)


87.	Kukreja L.M., Misra P., Fallert J.*, Phase D.M.*, Kalt H.*

	Correlation of spectral features of photoluminescence with residual native defects of ZnO thin films annealed at different temperatures

	Journal Applied Physics 112, 013525; 1-10 (2012)

88.	Kumar S., Mukherjee C.

	Role of plasmons in improved photovoltaic devices : Nano clusters of Sn and SnO x in SnO 2 films

	Journal of Physics: Conference Series 365,  012008 (2012)


89.	Lal S., Paul C.P., Singh, C.H. Prem, Bhargava P., Mishra  S.K., Raghuvanshi V.K., Kukreja L.M., Deb S.K.                                                

	Parametric dependence and characterization of laser brazed copper-stainless steel joints

	Advances in Materials and Processing 585, 450-454 (2012)


90.	Mahakud R., Prakash O, Kumar J., Nakhe S.V., Dixit S.K.

	Analysis on the effect of UV beam intensity profile on the refractive index modulation in phase mask based fiber Bragg grating writing

	Optics Communications 285, 5351-5358 (2012)   


91.	Mahakud R., Kumar J., Prakash O., Vora H.S., Nakhe S.V., Dixit S.K.

	An experimental study and theoretical analysis of the mode characteristics of a narrow line-width, pulsed dye laser oscillator at different pump powers

	Optics & Laser Technology 44, 412-420 (2012)  

92.	Mahakud R., Prakash O., Nakhe S.V., Dixit S.K.

	Analysis on the saturation of refractive index modulation in fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) written by partially coherent UV beams 

	Applied Optics 51, 1828-1835(2012)


93.	Mane M.L.*, Dhage V.N.*, Shirsath S.E.*, Sundar R., Ranganathan K., Oak S.M., Jadhav K.M.*           

	Nd:YAG laser irradiation effects on electrical properties of polycrystalline Li0.5Fe2.5O4

	Journal of Alloys and Compounds 511, 31-34 (2012)


94.	Mane M.L.*, Dhagea V.N.*, Shirsatha S.E.*, Sundar R., Ranganathan K., Oak S.M., Jadhav K.M.*                                                        

	Nd:YAG laser irradiation effects on the structural and magnetic properties of polycrystalline cobalt ferrite 

	Journal of Molecular Structure 1035, 27-30 (2012)


95.	Manekar M., Sharma V.K., Roy S.B.

	Thermo-magnetic history effects in the giant magnetostriction across the first-order transition and minor hysteresis loops modeling in Fe0.955Ni0.045Rh alloy      

	Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 24, 216004 (2012)


96.	Misra P., Sharma T.K., Porwal S., Kukreja L.M.

	Response to Comment on Room temperature photoluminescence from ZnO quantum wells grown on (0001) sapphire using buffer assisted pulsed aser deposition

	Applied Physics Letters 101, 256102 (2012)     


97.	Modi M.H., Rai S.K., Mourad I,*, Schaefers F.*, Lodha G.S.

	NbC/Si multilayer mirror for next generation EUV light sources

	Optics Express 20, 15114-15120 (2012)          


98.	Modi M.H., Gupta R.K., Singh A., Lodha G.S.

	Quantitative determination of higher harmonic content in the soft x-ray spectra of toroidal grating monochromator using a reflection multilayer

	Applied Optics 51, 3552-3557 (2012)


99.	Mondal S., Barma J.D.*, Paul C.P., Bandyopadhyay A.*, Pal P.K.*

	Multi-objective optimization in laser cladding process using utility theory coupled with Taguchi method

	International Journal of Advances in Science and Technology 4, 67-73 (2012)



100.	Naidu R.V.M.*, Subrahmanyam A.*, Verger A.*, Jain M.K.*, Rao Bhaskara S.V.N., Jha S.N., Phase D.M.*.                                    

	Grain boundary carrier scattering in ZnO thin films: a study by temperature-dependent charge carrier transport measurements

	Journal of Electronic Materials 41, 660-664 (2012) 

101.	Naik P.A., Arora V., Bagchi S., Prasad Y.B.S.R., Barnwal S., Gupta P.D.

	Laser induced shock studies at RRCAT, Indore

	Journal of Physics: Conference Series 377, 012052-5(2012)

102.	Nakhe S.V., Raju D.V.S.                                       

	Booster circuit enables reliable solenoid operation

	EDN Magazine 57, 50-51 (2012)                  


103.	Nath S.K., Dhawan R., Rai S., Lodha G.S., Sokhey K.J.S.                                                   

	Structural and superconducting properties of ion beam sputtered Nb thin films and Nb/Cu bilayers

	Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications 472, 21-28 (2012)                                   

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Note: ‘*’ indicates author affiliation other than RRCAT, Indore.

Compiled by RRCAT SIRC